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GOP: State budget plan is short-sighted

Letter by André M. Peñalver, Puyallup on March 5, 2012 at 3:58 pm with 15 Comments »
March 5, 2012 4:02 pm

Hidden in Mitt Romney’s win in the Washington caucus was the strong performance by Ron Paul, who came in second with about a quarter of Saturday’s vote. This buried fact should tell us plenty about our state’s GOP.

Ron Paul is by all accounts a fringe candidate. He promises to eliminate Social Security, Medicare, drug laws, the IRS, the EPA, the Civil Rights Act, foreign aid (including aid to Israel), and the Department of Education (among others). Paul is a reductio ad absurdum running for President. And, yet, in Washington, he won a respectable second.

At the same moment that Paul was placing second, our state’s GOP senators were pulling off a coup to push their own budget plan. In the spirit of Ron Paul, it balances the budget at the expense of the deserving poor, cutting hundreds of millions from social services for children, the working poor, and the temporarily disabled.

And, as if that were not distasteful enough, the GOP budget stunts our future job creators by cutting tens of millions of dollars in investment from K-12 and higher education.

The GOP budget plan is short-sighted and unchristian, but in a party that honors the radical worldview of Ron Paul, it comes as no surprise.

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  1. Pacman33 says:

    Short-sighted union-lap-dog-Dems who granted their goonion cronies these budget-busting kickback pension packages, without considering how to pay for them, is what got us into this mess that the GOP, along with the handful of rational Democrats, are attempting to right.

  2. Vox_clamantis_in_deserto says:

    Must be March Madness time, based on the desperation shot this letter-writer just took.

    Spending two-thirds of you letter, Andre’, trying to connect a less than 25% caucus vote for Ron Paul to the passage of a responsible, bi-partisan state budget – the first in 25 years – is just plain desperate.

    I guess Andre’ would have preferred the democrat strategy of kicking the can down the road again, rather than making the tough fiscal moves necessary to reach a truly balanced budget.

    The non-hysterical description of how that will be done:

    22 Republicans and three Democrats passed a budget written by Senate Republican budget chief Joe Zarelli. The budget makes $722 million in cuts, leaves a half-billion-dollar reserve, and it avoids entirely the shift in expenses to the next budget. It assumes changes in state-employee pension programs that will save the state $133 million in the short term and $2.3 billion over the long haul. Most education spending is spared. The budget preserves the Basic Health Plan, the state’s subsidized health insurance program for the working poor, but it eliminates the Disability Lifeline, the state’s medical assistance program for unemployable adults.

    So what, Andre” are you disappointed that the DL program got axed?

    I have a good friend who is a physician in this state. He tells me that in the past year he’s seen 2-3 people who really benefitted from the program as it was intended – to help uninsured temporarily disabled workers survive while they recover, until they were able to return to work. The mishmash of the rest included a huge number of folks who migrated to WA State from Idaho, Oregon and California to get money for nothing, as well as the usual system abusers who were taking advantage the program to support their dependent lifestyles.

    I am sorry for the 2 – 3 folks who would have benefitted, but to the rest; good riddance. As usual, it’s the abusers who ruin good things for everyone else. And, as usual, it’s the democrats who cannot pull the plug on any social program – no matter how pervasive the abuse.

    Andre’ should remember that lying is “un-Christian” – not doing ones job.

  3. Dave98373 says:

    Andre- There is plenty of blame to go around for our budget woes. That includes ALL members in Olympia. Your opin does have something in common with our ineffective elected officials–it is also short-sighted.

  4. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    The Democrats are entitled to their majorities in Olympia, but they are not entitled to suppress other ideas. Until Friday night, their ten years of one-party control have silenced any thoughts contrary to their special interests and made Democrats oblivious to the notion that there might be a better solution to the challenges Washington citizens face.

    Friday night was our system of government working as it was intended. The best ideas win the day by gaining a majority of votes in a bipartisan fashion. The Democrats call it an abuse of power, when in fact it was simply a rare instance when they didn’t get their way.

    They should stop whining and pass abudget without gimmicks and kicking the can down the road.

  5. aislander says:

    So…are the “deserving poor” the Democrat majority, who were the sole beneficiaries of the fraud that was being perpetrated?

    Perpetrated, that is, until the Republicans and three brave Dems injected some honesty into the process…

    That majority is poor, all right, but not in the sense the letter writer means.

    Here’s the scam: the majority was trying to delay until month’s end so that the budget would show a balance for February, but doubling the deficit for March.

    It’s like waiting to pay the mortgage so that you don’t have to show the payment in the current month, thereby “balancing” one’s budget. Trouble is, you’ll owe TWO payments next month.

    Tell me again how this piece of chicanery helps the poor, deserving or otherwise…

  6. Any budget that reduces actual state government spending now instead of later is irresponsible. Jobs will be lost and economic recovery will be slowed. Of course that is what republicans and unknowing Democrats want.

  7. aislander says:

    So…Publico…when is “later”–three days from “now?”

    That Keynesian stuff is the “sky fairy” of the left…

  8. ampenalver says:

    Aislander, that Keynesian stuff is pretty standard economics.

  9. Vox_clamantis_in_deserto says:

    So…Publico…when is “later”

    The next biennium… and then the next… and then the next… and then the next… until either the economy has recovered to the extent that revenues resemble those of 2006, or until they can figure out a way to increase taxes and save their majority – or (more likely) both.

  10. André-I have to agree with your letter. Paul’s promises and this latest WA GOP budget stunt are a continuation of the class war the Right has been waging against lesser fortunate Americans.

  11. Lynnwoodfats says:

    It’s too bad that you have no concept of freedom & liberty, Unable to think outside of the box. If you want to pay for Isreal, the drug war, the other illegal wars, the decline of our rights & freedoms… then go ahead, but don’t hold me up at gunpoint and tell me that I have to pay for it too.

    “In America, we have freedom of religion. Where we can worship the god of our choice and make everybody else do it too.”

  12. Lynnwoodfats says:

    “Ron Paul is by all accounts a fringe candidate.”

    So says the Military-industrial-complex owned mass media. Looks like you have swallowed their propaganda hook, line,& etc. The polls show that a majority of people think that Ron Paul has a better chance of beating Obama than Romney. I’ll bet the media that you listen to forgot to tell you about that one.
    You call Ron Paul, “radical”. I say it’s radical to take money from poor people in a rich country, (ours), and give it to rich people in a poor country. (theirs)

    Let’s face it you’ve been told what to think by the talking heads on TV & radio. Try and open your mind to new possibities.
    What made this country great was the free market…What we have now is what comes after the demise of said free market.

    We’ve got to break this two party system, that has a death grip on our government…two parties, both beholden to the same master, having abandoned the people they are supposed to represent.

  13. commoncents says:

    taxed..I would put myself on the opposite side of your political beliefs but I have to admit that your post at 6:38 pm last night was spot on. I was actually impressed at how things came down.

  14. aislander says:

    “…that Keynesian stuff is pretty standard economics.”

    …which explains a lot about the straits in which we find ourselves. Hasn’t Europe been doing exactly what you guys would have us do more? What kind of shape is the EU in?

  15. alindasue says:

    Lynnwoodfats said, “So says the Military-industrial-complex owned mass media.”

    I’m afraid you lost me with that piece of jingo-ism.

    “The polls show that a majority of people think that Ron Paul has a better chance of beating Obama than Romney. I’ll bet the media that you listen to forgot to tell you about that one.”

    The “media” didn’t make up the election/caucus results. Although poll information can be manipulated, there is enough evidence that the majority of the “independent” and “undecided” people who place the deciding votes for president in the general election tend to gravitate toward the more centrist candidates. Ron Paul is not a centrist candidate.

    I say that as an independent voter who refuses any party affiliation.

    “We’ve got to break this two party system, that has a death grip on our government…two parties, both beholden to the same master, having abandoned the people they are supposed to represent.”

    That statement would make sense in this context… IF Ron Paul wasn’t running as a Republican. If he wants to be thought of as an independent or “third party” candidate, he should run as such. Currently, Ron Paul is also “beholden to the same master”.

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