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BIRTH CONTROL: Give power of choice to policy holders

Letter by Carl J. Olsen, Puyallup on March 5, 2012 at 3:27 pm with 12 Comments »
March 5, 2012 3:44 pm

I have watched the debate over contraceptives accelerate, but no one seems to be speaking to the real issue. The issue is not about whether or not contraceptives should be available to all. The real issue is about who must pay for them and whether or not the insurance companies must offer coverage by government mandate .

The use of contraceptives is, in my opinion, a strictly private issue and the government should not be involved. If the government mandates insurance companies include contraceptive benefits, it is guaranteed insurance premiums will be adjusted upward to cover the cost thus forcing all policy holders to to pay for them, even if they would never use contraceptives themselves.

It seems to me a much better approach is for insurance companies to offer a contraceptive rider at an appropriate additional premium to those policy holders who desire them. Thus, all policy holders are given the power of choice.

Why should senior citizens have to pay for the contraceptives likely used only by those of a child-bearing age? Those who do not use contraceptives should not be required to pay for those who do and those who want coverage may choose to have it. Problem solved!

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  1. “Why should senior citizens have to pay for the contraceptives likely used only by those of a child-bearing age? Those who do not use contraceptives should not be required to pay for those who do and those who want coverage may choose to have it. Problem solved!”

    Why should a childless property owner have to pay property tax levies that go directly for the support of K-12 education. The childless property owner has no kids in those schools. Some things are for the overall good of society, and the direct benefits to each and every individual are not readily apparent.

  2. muck – do you know anything about the Pill? Many women (of all ages) have to take it for many reasons other than the prevention of pregancy.

    by you

  3. Mr Olson? Isn’t viagra available under insurance? Why should THAT be covered by my insurance company for others when my husband has NO problem in that area?

  4. xring, What is your problem? You comment at 5:29 PM makes no sense at all, and the “by you” tag I suppose is some kind of personal attack. I might be offended by it, except that it comes off as total nonsense.

    Nothing I wrote in my comment on this topic has anything at all to do with “the pill.”

    Are you turning into pacman33?

  5. bobcat1a says:

    I hope those senior citizens not worried about birth control aren’t worried about erectile dysfunction.

  6. Two ignorant letters the same day on the same topic must be a record. I’ll write it again. “Free BC” reduces overall healthcare costs. It is to the advantage of insurance companies to offer it. They will never tell anyone that of course.

  7. Pacman33 says:

    The muck spittles –
    “Are you turning into pacman33?”

    Muck, every time you click “Submit Comment” one can almost hear the collective “Huh?” across the Greater Pierce County Area.

  8. to wit:

    muckibr has agreed with my assessment that the “Obama compromise” has removed any requirement for Church-owned businesses to pay for contraceptive benefits and placed them upon Insurers (who actually save money by doing so) and that continued attacks on this aren’t based in freedom of religion but on attacking Obama.

    Yet he continues this wallpaper….

  9. drummerswidow says:

    Mr. Olsen – insurance is about shared risk. Women premium-payers pay for male premium-payers who may avail themselves of coverage for viagra or cialis. And conversely, men pay for women who use birth control pills, whether for contraception or for other medical reasons (polycystic ovary syndrome, for instance). That’s how insurance works. Your suggestion neither solves a problem nor reduces costs.

  10. fbergford says:

    Man this is BS! If women will be getting free birth control pills from Uncle Sam (mind you they will be made by the CHEAPEST BIDDER so my money is that they don’t work or have some sort of chemical that will make them sick) I want free party hats!!! This is totally sexist!

  11. Muckie,
    Wrong and wrong.

    The Pill is just the most widely used form of birth control currently used in the US and is also prescribed to treat numerous medical problems such as irregular or server menstrual cycles and ovarian cysts.

    ‘by you’ is a remnant of a comment concerning your logic which I decided not to include.

    Pac33 – I feel the same way about fbergford.

  12. xring, your comments about “the pill” are still nonsense.

    Nice to see that you are “bonding” with pacadoodle33. You two have more in common than you know.

    beerBoy, (Kardy Jr.?) I didn’t agree with you. I posted my comments about the president’s compromise totally independent of anything you wrote. In fact, I don’t have a clue where you stand on any of this anymore. You used to be a common sense commenter, but you lost that demeanor somehow. Why?

    Here’s The Obama Compromise, I have posted on other threads, without any input from you.

    “The new compromise is that religious employers themselves will have no responsibility to either pay for this coverage or to communicate with employees about it; instead, those burdens will shift to insurance companies, at no additional cost to consumers.”


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