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PROTESTS: Davis’ criticism unfounded

Letter by Patricia R. Sweeney, Tacoma on Feb. 29, 2012 at 11:17 am with 8 Comments »
February 29, 2012 11:45 am

Richard S. Davis rightly commends George Washington for his humility, temperateness, and sincerity (column, 2-22). What a contrast to Davis himself, who intemperately accuses the Occupy protesters of lack of patriotism, and asserts with no trace of evidence that their minds have been poisoned by the textbooks they read in high school.

I would simply like to remind Davis that the Occupy movement began on Wall Street in New York City as a protest against the punishing and unpunished behavior of financial behemoths who have effectively held the little people under their boot heels for the past eleven years.

I say, “Bravo, Occupiers!” You have reminded the powerful that the little people do exist and that, in the democracy that George Washington helped create, our freedom to assembly can be used to bring important issues to public consciousness.

Watching the local group struggle through Tacoma’s winter in their tents, with minimal comfort, I was reminded of the soldiers at Valley Forge. Now that they have peaceably disbanded and gone home, I’d like to thank everyone involved for their temperateness and forbearance. Tacoma seems to be a good place to live.

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  1. Pacman33 says:

    The #Occupists haven’t made an effort to demonstrate outside of Fannie or Freddie, despite these government institutions being the main factor in the distortion of the home loan market and a most significant cause of economic collapse. If anything, Fannie and Freddie are precisely the types of government institutions that the protesters believe should be a more pervasive component of the American economy.

    The #Occupists are far from the second coming of the Founding Fathers. The Founders placed a premium on individual liberty. The protesters are statists whose outrage is selectively directed at private industry and who seek a vastly expanded role for the federal government.
    Occupist’s political prescriptions: the radical redistribution of wealth, the exacerbation of class tensions, and the abolition of debts; represent ideas that the Founding Fathers held in contempt and in fact, wanted to prevent.

  2. aislander says:

    Patricia R. Sweeney writes: “…the Occupy movement began on Wall Street in New York City as a protest…”

    I heard Van Jones being interviewed by Ed Schultz in May 2011 foreshadowing the Occupy “movement.” It was all planned from the top down, and, unlike the Tea Party, really WAS and IS AstroTurf…

  3. “Fannie or Freddie, despite these government institutions being the main factor in the distortion of the home loan market and a most significant cause of economic collapse.”

    This is a lie and a right wing myth:


  4. It is your individual liberty against the Super PAC millions’ individual liberty. The Founding Fathers, in their prophetic wisdom, anticipated this of course, so democracy is well.

  5. “unlike the Tea Party, really WAS and IS AstroTurf”

    So multiple citations in


    are all fake, then.

    I also clearly remember Fox News organizing at least one of the early big Teaparty events.

  6. Pacman33 says:

    LOL. roousir deposits a link titled “A project of mediamatters”.

    Now that is funny.

  7. Pacman33 says:

    Fannie on November 10, 2008 for the first time admitted:
    ―We apply these classification criteria [for subprime and Alt-A] loans in order to determine our Alt-A and subprime loan exposures; however, we have other loans with some features that are similar to Alt-A and subprime loans that we have not classified as Alt-A or subprime because they do not meet our classification criteria.‖
    The original meaning of Alt-A was: ―Alternative to Agency‖ or to GSE underwriting standards. Fannie and Freddie ultimately purchased nearly 60% of all known Alt-A production.

    As of June 30, 2008 over 70% of the 26.7 million NTMs with weak or high risk characteristics55—19.25 million loans–were owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Fred Mac.

    After 15 years of unrelenting efforts by government agencies and enterprises to replace traditional underwriting standards with ones that were flexible and innovative, the housing finance system (with the notable exception of FHA) has once again largely returned to traditional standards, thereby confirming the validity of these standards. This is further evidence that the government’s efforts served to promote unsafe, unsound and unsustainable lending was a misguided policy and harmed the individuals it was intended to help along with large swaths of the homeowner population and did great harm to the economy.

    The SEC charged six former executives of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with securities fraud Friday, saying they misled the public about the companies’ exposure to subprime loans during the mortgage meltdown.


    Why haven’t any executives of private firms been charged with anything?

    Because, despite the lies of leftists like mediamatters and Occurcry the economic crisis was caused by government “Fair Housing Policies” and government institutions(GSEs).

  8. I understand and regret that the page I referenced was tldr, but you dismissed it at the source; pathetic.

    It is a review of *other* sources supporting the thesis, only if you scrawl down a few pages.

    You reference wrong doing by FM&FM, however I do not deny that. It may have contributed, but was not the primary or even a major factor in the mortgage meltdown. Nothing in what you wrote or linked supports they were the primary cause as you stated.

    Based on this, your comments are shown to be demagoguery.

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