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BUDGET: Legislators still have work to do

Letter by Sheryl Wood, Tacoma on Feb. 28, 2012 at 1:51 pm with 5 Comments »
February 29, 2012 3:39 pm

Both House and Senate budget proposals have made protecting our most vulnerable citizens a priority. Both include funding for Initiative 1163 and stop cuts to long-term care. Clearly, lawmakers recognize the will of Washington voters and the devastating effect further cuts would have on vulnerable residents receiving home care in Washington.

Lawmakers still need to work to ensure the final budget protects our seniors and people with disabilities, and that they will receive safe, quality care.

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  1. alindasue says:

    Hi, Sheryl. I don’t know if you remember me. We met at the “clients day” union rally last year. I’m Kirk’s mom, Alinda. He still talks occasionally about your son. Do you still have my contact info? I tried to email you a couple times, but I think I wrote your address down wrong as the messages never seemed to get through.

    Anyhow, I find it interesting – and somewhat encouraging – that your letter has been posted for over a day now and no one has yet felt the need to add to or contest it.

    Of course, now that I’ve started the comments, the rants against unions and “overpaid public workers” will come from the usual suspects who don’t seem to like even a dollar of “their” tax money would go to anything that they personally don’t use. Never mind the fact that some of them are older and may need the support of long term care before long…

    Your letter is short, concise, and says what needs to be said. Thank you.

    Hopefully, we’ll connect together again soon.

  2. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    The legislature won’t fund 1163 because any sane person out there DOESN”T WANT OR NEED IT. The SEIU proved how dumb voters in this state are by getting this passed. They invested millions, no one else donated and even liberal democrats in Olympia won’t fund this boondoggle. They won’t fund the SEIU when they have to throw so many other services under the bus.

    I don’t want 1 cent of my taxes used on this bad policy. It’s wasted funding and Olympia knows it.

    And Alinda, no one comments because no one cares about this issue. Even blind zombie union members won’t defend this waste of tax dollars.

    Can’t wait until the GOP takes over WA State and we can rid ourselves of collective bargaining once and for all. Hope it happens before we have to declare bankruptcy like CA cities are having to do to rid themselves of collective bargaining and Cadillac contracts bought and paid for by the so called “public sector unions”. These slugs have now become the overlords and people are figuring this out. Unions are history starting 2013.

  3. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    sorry alinda and ms. sheryl, your queen has said ” not no, but f#@k no”! She has run out of my money to give to your slug friends in the SEIU. But glad they wasted all that money to run this one. That much less they have to give to obama and inslee. LOSERS!!!!!


  4. alindasue says:


    Check your article again. That was October 5th. It’s old news. Try looking at the more recent budget proposals. They’ve been finding that they have more money than they thought they’d have back in October.

    That aside, you said, “The SEIU proved how dumb voters in this state are by getting this passed.”

    So, are you really claiming to be more intelligent than over 70% of the voters in Washington? If 70%, a super-majority, of the voters in this state voted for I-1163, how can you say that no one in the state wants it.

    Be honest. YOU don’t want it. You are not the voice of the state’s voters, much as you seem to want to be.

    “Can’t wait until the GOP takes over WA State and…”

    Given the recent voting patterns in this state and the behavior of many Republican candidates this year, there’s a good chance you’ll be be waiting a long while.

  5. cclngthr says:

    Perhaps when you need such a service, we should automatically deny you access to the services. That is all you want to do.


    The main reason he does not want it funded is because he thinks it is completely up to the families to pay 100% of the care for disabled people and older people; who often are left to be forgotten by their families. A friend of mine works/operates Tahoma Associates and has said a lot of the clients he sees don’t have family to rely on. They are sent to the group homes he runs in addition to Tahoma Associates and forgotten about. I know that my own bio family has nothing to do with my younger sister who is severely developmentally disabled.

    My neighbor has a son with Aspergers and ADHD, and the meds he takes is very costly; about $200 per prescription. taxedenoughintacoma would think his mother should foot the entire bill for his care instead of getting any assistance for it. Little does he know that medical care for disabled people is extremely expensive and cost prohibitive for most people.

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