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GUNS: Common denominator is the human

Letter by Ron Vietz, Edgewood on Feb. 28, 2012 at 1:17 pm with 11 Comments »
February 28, 2012 2:17 pm

Re: “Real problem is the flood of guns” (letter, 2-26).

Yes, recent events here in our region and similar ones throughout our country are indeed sad and tragic. But blame the gun? No. If that were truly responsible for violence, then what about knives, hatchets, and other sharp or bladed instruments used in stabbings and slashings? Then there are bats, clubs, pipes and other heavy blunt objects. Bludgeonings are gruesome. Rope, cord or wire can be used for strangulation. Motor vehicle traffic fatalities outnumber firearm deaths. And how many are due to impairment, negligence or just plain deliberate vehicular assault?

The fact is all of the above are easier to obtain than a firearm. All are used in crimes against persons.

The common denominator is the human. It is not the means that is used to harm a person, but rather irresponsible, criminally minded or just plain stupid people who are to blame.

It’s not that our system doesn’t want to do anything about guns. There are many laws in place. Our system doesn’t seem to want to seriously deal with the offenders. Responsible, law-abiding members of society that own any of the above items are not hurting fellow human beings nor are they allowing anyone else to.

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  1. A tool in a hand is just that, a tool. A tool has no education.A tool has no agenda. One cannot expect a tool to exercise caution. One cannot blame a tool for being used in it’s intended capacity. A tool is not responsible for results gain when used improperly.
    Although tragic, it must be understood that a gun is only a tool. Left to it’s own devices, it is inert. Only when manipulated by an individual does it become dangerous.
    Until proven differently, guns in general are tools needed to protect our families, provide food, and defend our freedom. The possibility for negative results from misuse should be expected from any tool.

  2. sandblower says:

    You both are wrong. A gun is DESIGNED for killing. That is the difference.

  3. Guns are designed to be guns, just like cars are designed to be cars.

    The human user determines if the item is used for good or evil, or even if it is used at all.

  4. I would argue, sandblower, that a gun is DESIGNED for self defense,and self preservation. Just because you disagree with the writer and subsequent comments does not make them wrong. Unless you are close minded.

  5. Sandblower is blowing sand. Of course guns are designed to kill. Thing is, YOU decide where, when, why.
    Kill burglars.
    Kill deer.
    Kill enemies.
    Seems appropriate!

  6. sandblower says:

    You all need to reread the letter in which he makes the claim that there are other things with which one can kill a person. None of those things are specifically designed to kill anything. A gun is specifically designed to kill something.
    I rest my case and it is not a closed mind, but rather a logical mind that can understand the conclusion I presented.
    Guns are phallic extensions of male domination by force.

  7. Sandblower,

    Not all guns are designed or used to kill.

    Some are designed and used against paper, clay, and paper targets.

    I suggest you check out the events listed for this summer’s Olympic games.

  8. sandblower says:

    xring, you are correct that there are a few special guns designed for target use as an offshoot of their original purpose. Some guns are also used in historical displays. That does not change the fact that they were originally designed to kill something.
    A target pistol or rifle will make you just as dead if you happen to be on the receiving end and don’t tell me that the user will listen to you when you say, “that’s a target piece, you can’t shoot me.”

  9. mcgintey says:

    Are you kidding? The role of a gun is to kill, not hammer nails. It is time to get serious on this American matter. Other countries are more enlightened.

  10. ReadNLearn says:

    I think people have roles. Inanimate objects are designed for purposes. McGintey refers to other countries as being enlightened when he can’t even get that right. Silly, silly non thinker.

  11. sandblower – people get just as dead without guns as they do with guns.

    mcgintey – it’s time we start enforcing the laws that we have.

    Logically the only people killed by a gun are those killed by accidental discharges. Everybody else was killed by a person using a gun.

    RNL – the enlighteed countries enforce their laws, and have prisons that are really prisons and not vactions spas.

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