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GUNS: Fun in the South Sound?

Letter by Del Hunter Morrill, Tacoma on Feb. 24, 2012 at 4:03 pm with 35 Comments »
February 24, 2012 4:03 pm

It seems to be supreme irony that on the same day as the front page held such horrifying news of the destructive use of weapons, drawn across the pages of the GO section in Friday’s paper is, of all things, a revolver, with the caption, “Your guide to fun in South Sound.”

I’m so upset with the recent use of firearms in the hands of children and adults alike. I am disgusted with the increasing violence in our country, in direct proportion to guns in the hands of so many, especially those who are amoral, have no sense of responsibility or who are too young to understand the power they hold in their hands.

What a great symbol it would be to ourselves and to the world if we had a massive “turn-in-your-weapon” week or month. What a great symbol it would be if we were willing to outlaw the selling, purchase and use of any multi-action weapon.

What if we were to become as serious as the majority of other nations about controlling the use of weapons to authorized personnel only? What if we were to allow only single-shot rifles to be owned and/or used by hunters? Most of all, what if we were to give up the mistaken concept of the “right of the ordinary citizen to bear arms” in times of peace?

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  1. I can’t believe you actually believe that if honest, law abiding citizens gave up their weapons that crime would decrease. Just as with illegal drugs, the criminals can get what ever they want whenever they want it. There is no way I would give up my weapons just so a burglar can come into my home knowing that I am unarmed to rob and/or kill me. Please do your research before spouting such nonsense. If someone wants to rob/rape/kill me then I will defend myself. No way should we give up our guns!

  2. Harry_Anslinger says:

    I don’t ‘like’ guns particularly; nor have I ever fired one. My lack of gun ownership is personal and religious in nature.

    Having said that I am an absolutely staunch NRA level believer in the rights of US citizens to legally purchase, register, and own firearms and carry a concealed weapon with permit.

    Un-registered guns and the overreach of our own government are both more dangerous than responsible gun ownership. Taking away guns from US citizens may sound good in your la-la-land but is a recipe for 100’s of ‘Waco’s and thousands of mini-Waco’s….

  3. baloney harry.

  4. SandHills says:

    Not one to go out late to questionable parts of town – and almost every town of any significant size has at least one of these areas – but one could question if in fact we are living “in times of peace” anyway.

    Maybe the letter writer lives in a gated community with paid security – or at least at least a neighborhood that gets a bit more attention from law enforcement because a cop lives on the same street. But as you move down the economic ladder, you better have some self-protection because I seriously doubt there will ever be enough law enforcement patrols to get to you fast enough when you need it.

    And it’s gonna get worse, that is the reality – and those who live in a Pollyanna world, well I guess the bad guys have easier targets in you rather than coming to my home.

  5. bobcat1a says:

    We need anything that can reduce overpopulation; and besides, most victims of gun violence are gun violent.

  6. Once again Darlin proves it has no clue. The author did not say that crime would decrease with fewer guns. But for sure gun crimes and gun deaths would.

  7. frankiethomas says:

    I don’t think gun crimes and gun deaths would go down. . .if we had NEVER been a gun toting society, maybe. But here we are, and if all the good folks turn in their weapons, well, I sure don’t have to paint a picture. I honestly can’t believe the letter-writer didn’t see the error of the plan once it was down on paper and re-think sending it in. I’m all for a less violent world but this isn’t the prescription.

  8. frankie, it took 200 plus years to get us here regarding guns and it will take a long time to make the change back to normal. Nobody is saying that it can happen overnight. We begin by putting restrictions on the types and number of guns people can own. It will take a while, but the positive change will be obvious.

  9. ReadNLearn says:

    When the fit hits the shan, perhaps a neighbor reading this person’s letter will post a ‘gun free home’ sign in front of this individual’s house so the bad folks don’t hit those who are into defending themselves and their property? If they want to take away our right to defend themselves, they should’t have the protection of the perps not knowing who is armed and not armed and they should be outed.

  10. Gun sales are through the roof right now. Sorry Publico. The public is against you on that course of action.

  11. bobcat? I think that the families of both the trooper that was murdered this week, and the little grade school girl from Bremerton would dispute your statement. I think that the bigger problem with guns that nobody has brought up specifically is drugs and the crimes associated with them. (gangs, robbery and tweekers). People don’t feel safe.

  12. ReadNLearn? To put up that sign is not only cowardly, but makes you guilty of aiding a abetting. YOU are what’s wrong with this country, and all that “I have mine so screw you” mentality. You are no better than the maggot tweeker criminals who feed off of good decent hard working citizens. Its not your gun ownership, its your thuggy inferiority attitude that’s the problem. You need a gun to feel big. I know plenty of other gun owners who put their firearms in perspective and not in their pants.

  13. mcgintey says:

    Today’s (Sunday’s) paper had another writer’s comment on the proliferation of guns in America. Do you have to have your own third grader killed to open your eyes? This is insanity. I would NEVER own a gun, because it’s sole purpose is to kill. The NRA can come up with all kinds of slogans and deceptions, but that’s the fact.

  14. cclngthr says:

    I own firearms by choice. I also practice shooting frequently. One kind of session is taking a handgun and shooting at a target that has NAILS that I must pound in the target board at 50 feet with a bullet. Keep in mind the nail is a common nail and is quite difficult to see at 50 feet and you are using a gun to shoot a bullet to hit the nail to push it in the board.

  15. CDillion says:

    Turning in guns? That’s nuts! The only people who would do it are law abiding citizens, leaving more of us defenseless.

    The police are not allowed to prevent crime by simply arresting would-be criminals before they’ve committed a crime. The police are the “clean up” crew, after the fact. Their job is catching the bad guys. Anything else is for dictatorships, and spells the end of whatever freedom we have left.

    Our Constitution was set up to provide a framework that would protect our freedom from lawmakers. I’m not ready to give that up. No one else should be, either.

    It’s up to us as individuals to protect ourselves and our families. In a country like this, proliferated with guns, it often means having our own gun for protection.

  16. Publico, sorry but you are the one that hasn’t a clue. If you choose not to own a gun that is your perogative, but I choose to defend myself against slime that think they have a right to burlarize my home and/or maime or kill me. If someone enters my home with the intend to rob me or do bodily harm, they will get a bullet from me. I have no qualms about killing someone intent on breaking the law on my property. Please keep your bleeding heart opinions in your own household and making legal gun owners out to be the bad guys, get it?

  17. aislander says:

    So…did the incidence of violent crime go up or down in the states that eased concealed-carry restrictions?

    As for the statement that the only purpose of guns is to kill: that just ain’t true. The sole purpose of a firearm held for personal protection is to stop an attacker. Sometimes that results in the death of the attacker, sometimes it doesn’t…

  18. Libs/progressives (like Publico) conveniently forget to mention that while guns sales have increased in recent years, homicides by firearms have actually decreased. From a high of about 14,000 deaths (by handguns) in 1993 to about 8,000 in 2004 (data from the US Dept of Justice). How do you explain that fact?…no doubt by saying that the data/study is “flawed”. On the contrary, what’s flawed is the libs/progressive’s obsession with banning and restricting anything they deem to be ‘not good’. Did we not learn anything from Prohibition? Has prohibiting marijuana, for example, stopped that drug from being used? Hardly. Neither will it work w/ firearms.
    Libs/progressives, a small minority of the US public, always believe they know better and can somehow create a utopia if only the rest of us would just go away.

  19. nycal57 – Thank you for a great reply to the left wing, pessimistic, know it all liberals (like Publico, that sadly reside in our great state. Maybe they should all move to a country that prohibits guns, has free health insurance, free housing, free food, etc. etc. but no freedom of “person”.

  20. That’s just about the stupidest letter I’ve read in ages. Idiotic Pacific Northwest Liberal Loonie Tunes!

    How about we just start dealing with irresponsible morons who cant behave themselves in society.

    So everyone turns in their guns…..My God imagine if even the criminals got all warm and fuzzy and turned in THEIR guns too….

    Wouldn’t that be a nice, warm, rosy fun filled frolic in the daisies then! Every whacked out, feel good liberal will feel all huggy and smug then! ………..

    But then criminals will just start whacking people over the head with claw hammers and they will end up being turned in too!….Next thing ya know, construction will cease and home sales will fall because there wont be any, and the economy will collapse and we’ll be able to blame THAT on what ever ‘savior’ is sitting in the White House at the time!!


  21. Dcr628 – Thanks for the good laugh, I needed that. You made a good point with humor but the lib’s will surely give you a lashing for stating such truth. As for whacked out, drugged out “bad people”, the drug problem is something that needs to be dealth with, not taking our guns. As with anything though, busting meth labs and/or dealers doesn’t make the state money as most of those people don’t have a pot to pee in and as with most things, it is all about the money the state can make, sad but true. How sad that meth is so cheap and openly available. I read an article about a year ago that Pierce County has more meth labs than anywhere else in the state. Oh really? If “they” know this, then “they” know where the meth labs are, so why don’t “they” bust them right and left – again, money. There are many other drugs that whack people out but I would say that meth is the worst offender (people that smoke weed get mellow, not mean, unlike other drugs, alcohol included). Maybe if “we the people” start writing letters and/or emailing the authorities they would start listening, doubt it but worth a try.

  22. Talk about wacked out. Anyone who thinks more guns in a society will lead to fewer gun deaths and injuries has a real problem with the realm of logic.
    And the real experience of societies with fewer guns is that they have fewer gun deaths and gun injuries. All the excuses to get around those facts are incoherent babble.

  23. Publico’s unsupported statement must be true… he is Publico, ya know.

  24. harleyrider1 says:

    I agree that there is a huge spike in violence, but not from children/people that were raised in homes with love, respect, and certain expectations; and coupled by teachers that taught them how to become a productive member of society. The people that break from this norm here are the exception.

    If there was a single right answer or solution to violent children/adults, I’m sure we would implement it. One thing we do know is when they are incarcerated, they are not hurting the rest of us.

    Getting rid of implements used in crimes is not the solution. Getting rid of bad people is.

  25. Cars kill more people than guns in this country, just saying..

  26. aislander says:

    Publico seems only to wish to talk about “gun deaths,” but not about violent crime overall, which is why he has not addressed the fact that violent crime decreased in states that eased restrictions on the issuance of concealed-carry permits…

    Bet a lot of THOSE “gun deaths” were perps whose last thought was something about wishing to have gotten into a different line of work…

  27. BlaineCGarver says:

    Y’All google and read all about Kennasaw, GA…..I won’t give away the ending, so you anti-Bill of Rights morons better read it before commenting. Here’s a FACT that most Brady Bunch Clowns won’t tell you: Most common use of a gun is to show it, and the bad guy takes off. Yep, that pesky old Bill of Rights sure sucks, don’t it?

  28. The idiocy (on both sides) of the 2nd Amendment issues is almost as tiresome as the idiocy on both sides of the 1st Amendment issues.

    I agree with the very first part of the letter – the TNT’s use of picture of a revolver with “your guide to where to go for fun” is more than a little off-putting to anyone who doesn’t shoot for fun. (and a little odd as I had my posts blocked here because I had a cartoon of Ralph Wiggum with a revolver as my avatar – there seems to be a bit of an editorial disconnect here).

    But the rest of the letter is absurd.

    But the posts claiming Superman status that inevitably come from NRA types – that they are somehow invulnerable because of that steel in their holster – are equally absurd.

  29. beerBoy, could your Ralph Wiggum avatar have been blocked because as a current Simpson’s character the image is still copyrighted and not public domain?

  30. ReadNLearn says:

    The best thing we can do is identify the antigunners and let it be known that those are individuals unwilling to defend themeselves. This would allow those of us who love and protect our family members to be safe and not allow them to benefit from the possibilities we create through the 2nd Amendment. Remember, gun free home kits can be made and distributed to antigunners. Let them walk the walk.

  31. muckibr – Nope, a moderator informed me that the image was deemed offensive by one of the staff of moderators and that was why my posts were being blocked.

    I would have understood the copyright issues. I would have understood even more if my avatar had been removed by the staff. Or if they had contacted me and told me to remove it. But they just blocked all of my posts (which I could see on my computer as being posted – didn’t understand why everyone was not engaging me in discussion). I was “ghosted” for a couple of months.

  32. Well, that is kind of weird beerBoy. But, it is their blog,so I guess they can make those kind of decisions.

    Getting back to the issue: What can be done to insure people have the right to bear arms, and still curb this crazy gun violence like what happened at the school in Chardon Ohio yesterday. 2 students now have died from that shooting rampage!

  33. UPDATE: Now it’s 3 students dead in Chardon, Ohio.

  34. BlaineCGarver says:

    Please notice that all the truly tragic shootings occure in No Gun Zones….What other law could possibly work? Let the legally carrying carry whereever they want….nothing stops a coward as the thought of actually getting hurt them selves. Also, I seem to see the result of the decades of Zero Tolerance policys against any sort of Tiffs and such…..Younger Americans now believe it’s wrong to protect them selves, OR, the form gangs hoping numbers will = safety…..

  35. BlaineCGarver says:

    My typing is horrid today…I’m sorry.

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