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NRA: Kill pro-gun license plate bill

Letter by Pat A. Richmond, Tacoma on Feb. 23, 2012 at 10:44 am with 25 Comments »
February 23, 2012 10:58 am

A Washington State Patrol trooper is shot and killed on duty. A 9-year-old girl is shot at school. A person is shot outside a South End motel. And the Legislature is considering a law to allow “special” license plates for the National Rifle Association!

The lame excuse is money for safety training. However, that training money should rightfully come from license fees for hunting and weapons. The NRA is not a charity; it is a powerful lobbying group.

Seeing automobile license plates with the NRA designation will degrade the image of our state. To imagine the incarcerated felons making license plates with the NRA image is another inane image. Kill Senate Bill 6123.

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  1. SandHills says:

    Pat is probably the sort of liberal who would be very quick to jump ln law enforcement for use of deadly force if thos went the other way.

    If it comes out that this person bought and had a gun legally, then there may be a grain of truth in Pat’s ire about the NRA. My suspicion is that the shooter was already breaking the law – possibly in possession of drugs, possibly an illegal alien, possibly both. I’ll go with my first impression that this person was up to no good before they got pulled over – and in possession of a weapon acquired illegally.

    Jumping to the quick conclusion that Pat has that it is the NRA’s fault – well that is very faulty rationale, unless you already have an ingrained political outlook and is taking the tragic death of a state trooper to make a point.

  2. SandHills says:

    ….moreover, it is no coincidence that an event that just recently occurred got a letter promoting a liberal mindset got published so quickly in the TNT?

    Not a letter of sympathy for a State Patrol Tropper killed in the line of duty, nooopop, but one that makes it all the falut of the NRA and not the depraved individual who actually pulled the trigger.

  3. If people want to advertise their membership in the NRA, they can just slap a sticker on the back window of their pick-up truck, like I have on my Dodge Dakota R/T. You get the free sticker when you join the NRA and each time you renew your membership, so use it.

    We do NOT need a Washington state license plate embossed with the NRA logo. What next, a Quaker Oats license plate? How about a Trojan Condoms license plate? Its a really really stupid idea.

  4. Anothermoniker says:

    The owner of a C-store near my home is an NRA member and has posted an NRA flyer that says “should you lose your right to own a gun for a minor traffic violation?” He claims it was legislation that was being promoted for passage. I can’t find it on the internet. Are there any NRA members that can direct me to said legislation?

  5. Anothermoniker says:

    “….moreover, it is no coincidence that an event that just recently occurred got a letter promoting a liberal mindset got published so quickly in the TNT?”

    When did McClatchy Newspapers become so “liberal”? Their union busting activities would say otherwise.

  6. SandHills says:

    Tuddo, so that is the most important thing to comment on regarding this tragedy? That there are those who feel it is just as much a freedom of speech to have an NRA plate as one for UW or WSU?

    If there is a connection between the NRA licence plate and the tragic death of a state trooper by a low-life criminal, please feel free to elaborate.

    As for now – sympathy for the trooper and his family should suffice as the first letter submitted on this event.

    Maybe gasoline and hatchets need to be controlled too?

  7. tuddo, did they delete you comment? I ask, because I don’t see any comment from you above that SandHills is replying to.

  8. SandHills says:

    Tudoo, or muckraker – I always read them as the same mind with different monikers…..

  9. SandHills says:

    And another moniker – well maybe if TNT is not so liberal, it definately must have wanted to show how insensitive the letter writer was to focus more on a licence plate issue than the main topic that a State Trooper got gunned down.

    Another letter may have been written to show how necessary it is for law enforcement to draw and shoot first – in order to finish their shift and get home alive and well… such a letter might not have met with the PC that TNT has shown time and again.

    And such a letter would have been just as disrespectful of this troopers death than focusing on an NRA license plate….

  10. BlaineCGarver says:

    If this is the pivotal issue today, y’all need to find a life <{:-)~

  11. BlaineCGarver says:

    Anyway, why should I advertise that my ride or home has guns in it? It’s like asking to be broke into.

  12. You know SandHills, I am putting you on my scroll-past TBI list along with Pacman33 and Anothermoniker (who was ManuelMartini and so many more names before that) and a few others no longer worth the effort to deal with. But, before I write you and your nonsense off I will just say this.

    I do not recall when I have ever called you a name on these blogs, or tried to make your user name into some kind of derogatory slur. If I did, show me where and I will probably apologize for it, but I don’t think you can.

    What the hell is with this “muckraker” crap? Are you so incapable of debating the issue with honesty and facts that you have to immediately start out with name-calling. That’s really kind of an immature thing to do is it not? Yes, it really is.

    As far as tuddo is concerned, I don’t have a clue how he ticked you off either, because I know for a fact that tuddo has shown more patience and courtesy to Pacman33 than that person has ever deserved. Is “tudoo” your idea of funny? Again, every very immature. You need to grow up and act like an adult SandHills.

    And finally as I have said before: I post comments under my username muckibr. I am not tuddo. Sorry if that screws-up your little warped delusion, but that is just the way it is. I am done with you SandHills.

    God Bless You!

  13. Anothermoniker says:

    Oh…..I wasn’t paying attention. It’s drama time on the blogs.

    Someone get the tiara!

  14. Anothermoniker says:

    “And another moniker – well maybe if TNT is not so liberal, it definately must have wanted to show how insensitive the letter writer was to focus more on a licence plate issue than the main topic that a State Trooper got gunned down.”

    These are letters submitted by readers. If no one writes a letter about a certain subject, the TNT doesn’t manufacter one. See FOX for that kind of journalism.

  15. If they put NRA on the plates, may we also have PLAN-B? How about a cross with a circle around it and a slash through it?

  16. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    Anyone that buys these vanity plates for any reason fro any group is an idiot. You are only paying the state more money when you should be doing everything you can to starve this state of all reveues.

    Don’t enable the status quo by buying these plates. If you want to donate money send them a check. Don’t let the state bee your proxy and take their cut.

    Vanity plates are stupid, stupid, stupid.

  17. B-G-C – ‘why should I advertise”

    So gun thieves and others will know who has guns.

  18. Vox_clamantis_in_deserto says:

    Four skiers dead this week alone – guess we should withdraw those “Ski and Ride” plates too.

  19. It’s not like the decision to produce these plates comes without support from groups which feel their sales will encourage support for their cause. Many states don’t have custom print plates due to the inability for law enforcement to readily identify them. Used to be WA plates were white w/ green mountain range. Now you have to be close enough to decipher them and determine origin. License plates are not there to be a social statement for you, they are basically a tracking tag, now obscured by cute pictures. When involved in a hit and run, how quickly will anyone be able to identify the plate of the car that hit them. It’s not legal to put stickers on your plate or obscure it in any way, so how does the state get away with printing numbers on colorful pictures.
    Second, what about Holocaust Survivors, Boy Scouts, Lesbian Airline Pilots, Knitters, Loggers? Don’t they all need their own plates as well? What we need to do is stop ALL theme plates. If you get personalized plates, it should be choice of letters/numbers, not choice of background.
    State needs to divert their attention to more pressing issues and stop wasting time and effort on such trivial things.

  20. Besides, that’s what plate frames are for.

  21. ReadNLearn says:

    A total lack of intelligence…Pat A. Richmond in Tacoma is expressing a view against firearms, revealing the likelihood of a ‘gun free’ home during a period of home invasion.

  22. Jupiter25 says:

    The NRA and it’s members offer one of the greatest fundings for the conservation of wildlife. Yes, some are hunted, but the numbers of these wildlife species would be vastly reduced if not for the NRA. Although I do not hunt, I am a member of the NRA because I believe in the 2nd Amendment.

  23. Not sure how one can make the argument that guns aren’t designed to kill people and then claim that criminals’ fear of being killed by a gun is why it is so important to own a gun.

  24. Jupiter25 – there are plenty of hunting organizations that are very active in conservationism. To make the claim that the NRA is good because many of their members are active in those hunting organizations is bizarre. The NRA is very focused upon one thing and one thing only – to actively prevent any and all barriers to the ease of purchase and ownership of firearms. Go ahead and celebrate the NRA for that – they are very good at it – but don’t try to give them credit for something that other organization do far better.

  25. I highly recommend to ALL other legitimate posters on these blogs to completely ignore ImLarry, Cardinous and Anothermoniker who is the same person formerly known as ManuelMartini. It is totally pointless to engage in discussion with a person whose ONLY purpose here is to antagonize others.

    Read more here: http://blog.thenewstribune.com/letters/2012/02/22/afghan-culture-is-just-too-different/#comment-205985#storylink=cpy

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