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OBAMA: Realize threat of four more years

Letter by Nancy A. Mottinger, Belfair on Feb. 22, 2012 at 1:00 pm with 51 Comments »
February 22, 2012 1:28 pm

Conservative moms and grandmothers can no longer stay out of politics because it causes arguments and hard feelings. The future success of our kids and grandkids is in jeopardy.

Just as we would protect our kids from physical danger, we must protect our kids and grandkids from economic danger. We must actively support the conservative candidate of our choice. We can’t just show up at the polling place and vote. We have to try and convince our friends and neighbors to see the threat of another four years of Barack Obama as president and work actively to get out the conservative vote.

We can do this, but not by sitting in our rocking chairs, working in our flower beds and baking cookies. We need to get as motivated for our candidate as the few but vocal Ron Paul supporters are for him.

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  1. TacomaDad79 says:

    Thanks for the warning…since you didn’t state anything…what is the threat?

  2. Anothermoniker says:

    A Ron Paul supporter views the black man in the White House as “danger”. (see any story about Paul’s association with racist materials)

    Why is this not surprising?

    Just a clue, letterwriter. The economy has slowly churned its way upward since the day Obama took office. If you are going to blame him, how about blaming him for the recovery, however slow it has been?

    Stock Market close 1/20/2009 – 7949.09

    Close on 2/21/2012 – 12,938.67

  3. sandblower says:

    Nancy, if you and your friends don’t mind wasting your time, go for it.
    I have a printing company and I will be very happy to print all the signs you want at the going price. We do tee shirts and bumper stickers and coffee mugs too. Discounts are available for the Ron Pale and Tall Paul stuff we already have. The slight difference in names would not cause any greater problem than the positions your candidate takes.
    Watch for my ad in the classified section of the New York Review of Books.

  4. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    Good letter, we can’t afford four more years of obama. He doesn’t deserve to be in the white house. He is not a leader or a commander in chief that deserves any respect.

    Your right, get out there and work for ABO (anybody but obama)

    And the not using caps for his name is not a spelling error. His name doesn’t deserve a cap letter

  5. Taxed is biased due to President Obama is so far denying the Canadian pipeline to run through the US. One of his relatives moved to work on the pipeline, now he’s unemployed. Obama could solve every major problem and you will still have those like taxed still complaining. Can’t appease everyone.

  6. Fibonacci says:

    By all means let’s elect some right wing ignoramus. We need a bigger austerity program because Europe has shown us how well that works–oh wait, the austerity program is failing miserably. How many economists do we need to tell us that it is failing, and how much evidence do we need, but then, don’t let your proven false opinions get in the way. The economic problems can NOT be laid exclusively at Obama’s feet. The blame starts before he came into office, he has just not fixed it, but then is that a surprise when the goal of the “Republikan” is to regain the white house even if it means they have to harm the country to do it?

    Yes, I guess he could have lowered taxes on the rich, that might have helped, oh wait, it doesn’t. Just listen to good old taxedenough–are there no prisons, are there no work houses. Let the poor and jobless do us all a favor and just have the decency to die.

  7. SandHills says:

    “Threat” , “physical danger”??

    As if all the Gold Stars displayed in windows under our previous president were the good old days?

    But I admit the future will be dire for those generations to follow us – but I can’t lay all the ills of our nation at the feet of one man.

    A bit of soul searching, or at least a view in the mirror, by this letter writer might be what os called for.

    While not a partisan fan of either party – or specifically our current president versus the GOP crop of candidates – at the very least it appears my vote might have to be the least of two evils. As such, my vote will probably go for our current president – who, at worst, has demonstrated a capacity for leadership that is decidely lacking in those candidates who may oppose him this November.

  8. Anothermoniker says:

    “And the not using caps for his name is not a spelling error. His name doesn’t deserve a cap letter”

    I notice you didn’t use any caps for your moniker, either.

  9. Pacman33 says:

    Paychecks or Government Checks and Food Stamps?

    The Free Market or Socialized Crony-Capitalism?

    Private Charity or Redistribution of Wealth?

    Independence or Dependence?

    Obama’s Hopeless Chicanery or Real Hope and Real Change?

  10. Let’s encourage a Georgia Republican to run because his focus on how evil the Girl Scouts are is a pressing issue. After all, the organization encourages abortions and homosexuality. I may not agree with everything President Obama has done or not done, but the thought of one of these whack jobs being in the White House is incredibly frightening. How about the Virginia governor? His focus on the vaginal probe bill makes sense for national affairs doesn’t it?

  11. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    10 reasons we need to rid ourselkves of obama.

    1. Mountain of debt

    From the stimulus bill and auto bailouts to Cash for Clunkers and green jobs, President obama’s spending reached epic proportions with annual trillion-dollar deficits.

    2. obamaCare demise

    As long as obama remains President, the Patient Affordability and Protection Act (ObamaCare), has a chance of remaining the law of the land. Not so with a Republican in the Oval Office, as all the candidates would seek an end to the healthcare law

    3. Capitalism reasserted

    As Chevy Volt sales indicate, consumer engineering is best to be left to the marketplace.

    4. Energy myopia

    With his Keystone Pipeline XL ruling, obama showed his true colors, choosing to placate the environmental lobby over jobs for American worker

    5. Class warfare

    A Republican President would cease the insistent class-warfare attacks that obama wages.

    6. Judicial nominations

    obama gave us Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor—who for decades will be two reliable liberal votes on the Supreme Court—and he is slowly remaking the entire federal judiciary by advancing activists to the bench.

    7. Regulatory overkill

    This empty suit in the white house is more than happy to see the Environmental Protection Agency enact global-warming regulations by fiat and EPA is now moving on getting the nation’s dust in order

    8. Union coddling

    SEIU (Service Employee International Union) and other union leaders have an open door to the White House, as the mobilization of its thuggish army of workers is critical to obama’s reelection.

    9. War on terror

    The Osama takedown notwithstanding, the obama is not fully engaged in fighting the war on terror. He refuses to identify the enemy—radical Islamists—and has advanced their cause by turning against allies in Egypt and Libya. His failed Iranian policy has allowed a new power center of Western hate to flourish. It doesn’t help he is a muslim himself.

    10. Leadership deficit

    obama often seems disinterested and aloof. He dithers when action is needed. The charismatic campaigner of hope and change has resorted to trotting out trite slogans. His class warfare shtick is wearing thin. These are trying times that the country is facing. America is in need of a leader, and not a teleprompter reader.

    I could list more but this is enough for now. None of these points can be disputed.

  12. “We need to get as motivated for our candidate as the few but vocal Ron Paul supporters are for him.”

    That’s right Nancy, encourage those Ron Paul supporters, so that when he loses the Republican nomination then Ron will run as a Libertarian or Independent and syphon votes away from your “conservative” candidate during the General Election. That way President Obama is sure to win by a landslide!!!

    You go girl!!!

  13. Taxed: 9) Not committed to war on terror: killing Osama Bin Laden, doesn’t count? Libyan dictator removed from power, killed? Yemini terrorist leader as well as numerous other high ranking terrorist leaders killed by US drones don’t count? I didn’t know Libya was our ally. Iran was our enemy decades before Pres Obama came to power, nor is Obama a Muslim.

    4) Biased because of your relative not getting his job w/the pipeline.

    1) Auto bailout; jobs have been restored via US car companies; bailouts have been and are being repayed by the automakers.

  14. denismenis says:

    Nancy, it’s going to be tough to march for the Republicans when they’re telling you to hold an aspirin between your knees.

    If you haven’t noticed, women – conservative or otherwise, don’t hold good standing in the latest iteration of the conservative platform.

  15. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Rom- Bush started the auto bailouts (not a popular decision among conservatives), BHO just ensured the unions got their share. Ford did just fine without a bailout. Chrysler was given to an Italian company at a fire sale price. The bailouts were not repaid, and we will end up at a loss.

    Libya and Egypt were allies against extremists. One willingly gave up WMDs. Now we have extremists running both countries. OBL is dead from the efforts of Bush/Cheney. BHO said ‘yes’ after a nap. Some hero. Biden, his choice of VP, said no. He keeps him on the ticket?! You vote for him?

    Expanding on the drone policies of Bush is the one bright spot.

  16. sandblower says:

    taxed says none of his diatribes can be disputed. There were, are and will be.

  17. Fibonacci says:

    What crappola.

  18. Capybara91 says:

    So stale, yet zestfully trite.

  19. alindasue says:

    When President Obama took office, the economy had just recently crashed. Getting the stock market back up to 13000 after that crash is an accomplishment.

    Gas at the station near my house is currently at $3.85. Last time it was over $4, George W Bush was still in office.

    I don’t know what President Obama being “a black man” (actually he’s mixed race) has to do with anything.

  20. Theefrinker says:

    Man, whatever happened to the days when letters to the editor consisted of well organized thoughts, articulated into decent pieces of writing? I feel like I read a drunk facebook rant…. Or watched GOP campaign highlights.

  21. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Speaking of deep Facebook thoughts…

  22. Another wimpy, touchy-feely letter from a conservative, who by her own admission, has been spending her time fretting over arguments, hard feelings, flower beds and baked cookies, while twidling in her rocking chair. She then claims her kiddies economic future is in jeapordy because of the government.

    When will you conservatives learn the government can’t solve all your problems?

    Get up out of your rocking chair and get yourself motivated. Take the bull by the horns and get yourself a job. If your worried about your kids and grandkids economic future, send them to college.

  23. rooster_02 says:

    And the Virginia repubs want to legalize a medical procedure that is nothing more than state sponsored rape of women seeking a legal medical procedure. Yep….we need more politicians like that. And they call themselves Christians.

  24. pantomancer says:

    President Obama is over his head. We can’t wait 4 more years to put Hillary in the White House.

  25. Took, don’t flatter yourselves – GWB was not evil, he was dumb.

  26. Very timely letter; I just listened this morning to a Republican voter choking on the radio how Obama is distroying the country, and was wondering what his particular delusion was. Some of the comments here help clarify.
    I am sorry for these people having been misinformed to the extent that they now live in an alternate universe.

  27. Newt said that he would ultimately support Mitt even though he considers Mitt to be a liar. Are these the “anybody but…” people you would support Nancy?

  28. If you are a Republican who cannot and will not support the reelection of President Obama, and perhaps is NOT all that satisfied with your available choices of the three current front runners: Romney, Gingrich and Santorum, YOU STILL HAVE OTHER OPTIONS!

    Ron Paul Is Second in Delegates and Can Beat Obama!
    by RonPaul.com on February 23, 2012


    Buddy Roemer: We are challenging the political system, run by two parties that are owned by special interests. Stand with me. You are the key. We will build a coalition to take this country back.


    Don’t just settle for the lessor of three evils. Make a choice for what YOU really want, not what you feel you are stuck with.

  29. hansgruber says:

    Obama needs only to borrow $97 Billion more to become the borrowing President ever! It took Bush43 96 months and Obama will do it in 34 months!

    PS-He’s not paying for anything, if he was, the debt would have stayed where is was when Bush43 left office.

  30. Hans, this the deepest crisis since the Great Depression; it requires extraordinary measures, including running a record debt. You have no argument.

  31. hans, for once admit the truth that when George W. Bush snuck out of D.C. after eight years of bad management, ineffective administration, taking way too much vacation time, plus leaving behind two wars, is the reason President Obama has had to borrow money. President Obama was saddle with the task to clean up the mess Dubya left behind!

    And, before any of the rest of you climb on a write about “libs” constantly blaming Bush for these problems, realize first that I am not a “lib” and second that if you “cons” didn’t always blame everything on Obama like hans just did above, then nobody would feel it necessary to counter that BIG LIE with the real truth The Bush Administration did cause all the problems that The Obama Administration has to fix now!

  32. Anothermoniker says:

    “Bush started the auto bailouts (not a popular decision among conservatives), BHO just ensured the unions got their share.”

    This is a bad thing? Union workers got profit sharing (read the word PROFIT). That put money back into the economy.

    I love how conservatives claim Obama knows nothing, but he puts money back into the economy, while conservative programs just line the pockets of those that already have wealth.

  33. Spiderweb says:

    “GWB was not evil, he was dumb” Very true statement. Dumber than dirt. Cheney was (is) the evil one.

  34. Pacman33 says:

    How many years later, …… and they still blame Bush?

    What a bunch of feckless, half-witted losers.

    Obama 2012 – 4 more years of blaming Bush.

  35. DudleyDewright says:

    Nancy, you sound like another gullible Fox News watcher. You need to educate yourself so you will know what the heck you are talking about!

  36. concernedtacoma7 says:

    No pride o honesty from the left. The blame game never stops.

    Yes, the recent recession started under Bush. Yes, two wars started under Bush.

    Now, the reason the recession started is debatable, but dems and lib policies own their fair share of root causes. The policies that ended were from Bush, not Obama!!! TARP was all Bush, and cost us nothing. The auto bailout, minus a union giveaway, once again Bush. All BHO did was give away the treasury and prolong high unemployment. His green agenda and czars?! Total failure.

    Iraq- Bush won and got the troops out. BHO made sure America lost an ally.

    Afghanistan- BHO owns that war. He called for a surge.

    Kard- that money he putting back in the economy is weakening the dollar (hence high gas/gold) and putting generations away from a balanced budget while giving unfriendly states additional taxpayer dollars. He has failed. Business hates him. We are all worse off because of him. Keep your partisan head in the sand and focus on social issues while our enemies get stronger and ghettos grow.

  37. alindasue says:

    Pacman33 said, “How many years later, …… and they still blame Bush?”

    Ronald Reagan hasn’t been president for over two decades – but when I still worked at the rental car company a couple years ago, a couple co-workers blamed him for the fact that Social Security tax was being pulled out of their paychecks even though they were never going to be allowed to collect any of it.

    They were both elderly people working to supplement their retirement income. One had worked for the post office and the other for the railroads, each of them long enough to earn a retirement. Ronald Reagan had pushed through legislation that forbids them from collecting both Social Security and the railroad or post office retirements – even when they paid substantially into both funds during their working lives. He may not still be president but, yes, they still blame Ronald Reagan – and rightly so.

    It doesn’t matter how many years President Obama is in office, people will still blame President Bush for President Bush’s messes.

    concernedtacoma7 said, “Afghanistan- BHO owns that war. He called for a surge.”

    Although I don’t agree with President Obama’s decision to send a surge of troops into Afghanistan rather than pulling the ones in there out, I do understand his reasons for doing it. If the troops were going to be in there, there should be enough to actually do the job. However, I feel they shouldn’t be in there…

    But, like in the above example with Ronald Reagan, I don’t blame President Bush for the mess in Afghanistan. President Clinton “owns” that one. I do still blame President Bush for the Iraq boondoggle though.

    ct7: “Kard- that money he putting back in the economy is weakening the dollar (hence high gas/gold)…”

    When President Bush gave us stimulus money and told us to “go shopping”, it was stimulating the economy; but when President Obama also puts money into the economy to stimulate it, it’s “weakening the dollar”. Okay… yeah… if you say so.

    Some people would consider it a good thing when commodities, just like stocks, rise in value. You must not have invested in gold.

    As for gas, the price rises and falls with the weather, politics, market forces, and because they can. So far during President Obama’s term, I have not yet seen the prices fluctuate as high – or as low – as they did during President Bush’s terms in office.

    ct7: “…while giving unfriendly states additional taxpayer dollars.”

    Uhm… could you please clarify this part. I don’t understand it. “…unfriendly states…”?

  38. taxedenough:
    I signed in for the first time in a long time to say your list regarding Obama was hilarious!
    Seriously, made me laugh. Thanks.

  39. hansgruber says:


    Feb. 23, 2012 at 10:24 am

    Hans, this the deepest crisis since the Great Depression; it requires extraordinary measures, including running a record debt. You have no argument.

    The recession ended in June of 2009 according to the US Government.
    Obama keeps bragging about how the economy is getting better but now he needs 4 more years to fix it?
    I have no faith in this Admin since their entire top economic leadership all fled back to their Private Universities since their economic experiment didn’t work. http://articles.latimes.com/2011/jun/07/nation/la-na-0607-goolsbee-quitting-20110607
    Argument? $4.7 Trillion borrowed in 37 months (Please correct the month total to 38 not 34 months for Obama record borrowing milestone) and are we better? Unemployment still above 8% and even the CBO is predicting it will go back above 9%.

    No thanks. Never has my pay wage gone down, until this President came into power.

    Actually the ressession of 1982 was worse (Unemployment was 10.9%) and the President back then was able to trun it around.

  40. hansgruber says:

    Muck-, before any of the rest of you climb on a write about “libs” constantly blaming Bush for these problems, realize first that I am not a “lib” and second that if you “cons” didn’t always blame everything on Obama like hans just did above

    Your bashing of the Bush & GOP and defense of Obama & the DEM show you are a lib.

    And then you throw this in at the end: ”
    “with the real truth The Bush Administration did cause all the problems that The Obama Administration has to fix now!”

    At least I have “bashed” both Bush & Obama. Both GOP & DEM’s in Congress and this state and applauded both when they have made positive strides.

  41. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Alindasue- Oil imports from the ME.

    And Bush was wrong to buy into Keynes also. I have not seen anyone here praise his stimulus. But, at least he did it in manner that was fair, unlike the terrible union/green boondoggle of BHOs stimulus

  42. took14theteam says:

    alindasue said on Feb 22, 2012 at 10:30 PM:
    “I don’t know what President Obama being “a black man” (actually he’s mixed race) has to do with anything.”

    You probably weren’t expecting an answer, but I used that term as a play on our “favorite” poster, Anothermoniker. He was the one that brought race into the conversation (like always) on Feb 22, 2012 at 1:36 PM.

  43. amber424 says:

    Anyone who actually believes that the GOP candidates (Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul)are fit to hold any office close to the presidency, you are nuts. Not trying to get personal by name calling or anything but come on, doesn’t anyone listen to these people? With cheerful moon bases courtesy of Newt, plenty of Asprin to put between my knees courtesy of Rick, who knows what Mitt stands for today (I’m sure it will change by tomorrow & change again,& again…). And though I do agree with Ron on a few things, he just needs to know when to quit. Some think that anyone is better than President Obama, I feel they are wrong. Anyone is better than these 4 hacks.

  44. “It doesn’t help he is a muslim himself.”


  45. “TARP was all Bush”

    ROFLMAO – do you guys just make this stuff up and expect everyone to believe you? Apparently you’ve forgotten that the GOP opposed TARP, and it took a majority of House Democrats to pass the bill. Good lord.

  46. took14theteam says:

    That doesn’t mean it wasn’t all Bush.

  47. alindasue says:

    hansgruber said, “Actually the ressession of 1982 was worse (Unemployment was 10.9%) and the President back then was able to trun it around.”

    Like President Obama, President Reagan inherited an economy in decline and it continued to decline for a couple years after he took office. I remember looking for a job in 1982. Even McDonald’s had signs posted stating that they weren’t accepting applications. Yes, things gradually got better under President Reagan – remember though that it did take him two terms in office to do it.

  48. “That doesn’t mean it wasn’t all Bush.”

    ROFLMAO – so you DO just make it up and expect people to believe you.

  49. The Reagan early 1980’s recession:
    o Lasted 16 months (July 81 – November 82). It began AFTER Reagan’s first tax cut.
    o The GDP dropped 2.7%.
    o Unemployment went up 50% (from 7.2% to 10.8%)
    o Unemployment didn’t drop back down to where it started until July 84, three years after the recession started, and two years and four months after it officially ended.

    The Great Recession:
    o Lasted eighteen months (December 07 – June 09), longer than any other downturn in the last 50 years.
    o The GDP dropped 4.1%, more than any downturn in the last 50 years.
    o Unemployment doubled (from 5% to 9.5%), a bigger increase than any other downturn in the last 50 years.
    o Like the Bush and Reagan recessions, unemployment kept on rising after the official end of the recession, peaking out at 10.1% in October 09. So far, it’s dropped back down to 8.3%, down 20% from its peak.

  50. hans wrote “At least I have “bashed” both Bush & Obama. Both GOP & DEM’s in Congress and this state and applauded both when they have made positive strides.”

    “Echo 3 to Echo 7, Han[s] old buddy, do you read me?”

    I will also applaud the GOP when they make positive strides. I’m still waiting!!!

  51. pantomancer says:


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