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MARRIAGE: Don’t trample religious rights

Letter by Charles Woodhead Jr., Spanaway on Feb. 21, 2012 at 12:29 pm with 6 Comments »
February 21, 2012 2:49 pm

Re: “Civil law and religion don’t mix” (letter, 2-20).

The writer is wrong on two very important points.

First, the Bible does make reference to same-sex activity being wrong. Most important, however, the writer, our governor and the Legislature have violated the separation of church and state, which goes both ways.

The church should not interfere in civil matters, and the government should stay out of church matters. What has been overlooked is that marriage originated from the church, not government. Marriage was a church rite for hundreds of years before governments inserted themselves into the process.

I believe that people should feel free to live any lifestyle they desire as long as they don’t preempt others’ rights in the process. Give these alternative lifestyle individuals a civil union, blessed by the state, with all the same rights as a married couple. Just don’t call it marriage.

Church rights are being co-opted by people who would like to destroy religion in this country or at least are naive enough to let those who are anti-religion convince them to go along. The line needs to be drawn now before we end up living in a state where religious freedom is no longer tolerated.

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  1. Boy are you confused…..Marriage is a civil matter. The state has jurisdiction over all marriage contracts. It doesn’t matter if marriage ceremonies were original religious in nature. We live now. In the present.

  2. Cardinous says:

    “First, the Bible”

    When that is your format for your point of view, things are going to leave sanity behind.

  3. Marriage has existed in cultures long before Biblical times, even Old Testament times. Codes of laws from civil authorities exist with definitions and requirements for marriage long before the tribal laws of Israel were written. Same-sex marriages were defined and described as well as polygamy and other multiple marriages.

    No church will have to marry a same-sex couple and no dogma of any religious institution is being challenged.

    Marriage is a basic human civil right. It is not a religion-only right.

  4. “I believe that people should feel free to live any lifestyle they desire as long as they don’t preempt others’ rights in the process.”

    People like you are still not able to be more specific about what right was violated by gay marriage, and how. Just “You do something I don’t like” is not a right violation.

  5. roussir, the Supreme Court has said that marriage is a “basic human civil right” and no state can infringe on the right of a person’s choice of marital partner. So far, neither the Constitution nor any Supreme Court decision has said that marriage is only opposite-sex.

    Just like many groups before them, gays and lesbians ae helping us determine of “equal protection under the law”, a right guranteed by the Constitution and the right of “due process”, also defined in the Constitution apply to this situation.

    Right now, the latest, and highest, court decision is a product of the 9th US Court of Appeals that said a majority vote may not take away the right of gays to marry. We’ll have to see what the Supreme Court says.

    Does that answer what rights people who support gay marriage are talking about?

  6. Tuddo, I appreciate your effort – I was responding to statement that gay marriage (right to equality) pre-emptied someone elses rights(presumably of religious freedom).

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