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MARRIAGE: Fight for traditional marriage

Letter by Tim Brown, Gig Harbor on Feb. 14, 2012 at 11:55 am with 38 Comments »
February 14, 2012 12:06 pm

Gov. Chris Gregoire has forced my hand. I’m in disbelief having to defend an institution as old as humanity itself.

In signing gay marriage into law, Gregoire has given me no choice but to fight for marriage as it has been understood throughout the history of mankind, as being between one man and one woman. What was her “proudest day” was my worst nightmare – one that my children and grandchildren will be dealing with.

Did not Gregoire’s parents teach her that homosexual behavior was wrong? Does she not know that in her own heart? Yet by signing this bill into law she has called right wrong and wrong right.

This issue is important because right and wrong behavior do exist. Throughout history, mankind has understood this. Why is it so hard for her to accept it?

In framing homosexuality as an issue of marriage “equality,” she has made marriage itself worthless and ushered in a Pandora’s box of sexual deviancy that the people of Washington will be dealing with for generations to come.

This issue is also important because there is a God in heaven who knows right from wrong and who has given us his law so that we might know it as well. Her actions have flouted that law in his face.

Having been born in Seattle, raised in Bellevue and now living in Gig Harbor, this is the saddest day in what has always been my home – the great state of Washington.

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  1. ManuelMartini says:

    Tim: Did God in Heaven ordain the purchase of a wife? How about multiple wives? Which “traditional” marriage do you speak of?

    I see you oppose homosexual sex activities. So, I’m left to assume that you are not titillated by two women engaged in intimacy. Since most of that stuff is directed to the heterosexual male population, maybe there is something wrong with your heterosexuality and your parents should have told you that it’s wrong for GOP politicians to hang out at a bar in Los Angeles that features such “entertainment”.

    When you point a finger, realize there are a few pointing back at you.

  2. I suppose all people who think they know what homosexuality is, but who base it on a narrow understanding can be equated with other groups of people who similarly did not know what it meant to be Irish, Black, female, Japanese, Chinese, disabled or mentally challenged for example.
    The number of gay people who have contributed spectacularly to society is one the best arguments in their favor. In addition, they are living, breathing human beings; not a small factor Mr. Brown

  3. BlaineCGarver says:

    Liberal opinions on conservative or religious persons against gay marriage are just as narrow minded as those they debase. No one is calling for homosexuals to be rounded up and put into re-education camps….we (and least I do) have opinions that disagree with others on the subject. Deal with it, bigots.

  4. I am so bored with the same-o -same-o. *yawn* … but here goes, not all people share YOUR God or YOUR bible. This is just proof of history repeating itself that when you mix religious views and political views, people get burned at the stake. Nothing creates more hate, killing and war than religion. You keep your god and your spirituality to yourself and quit trying to control others. In this country, not only do we have freedom of religion, but we have separation of church and state. Move along citizens…

  5. Traditional marraige? Really? Okay, let’s fight for really traditional marriage. You know the way marriage used to be. All marriages were arranged. There were few if any real love matches. Marriages were arranged to help the family or the country.

    Oh, you aren’t talking about really traditional marriage, you’re talking about the latest traditional marriage. Well, sorry, marriage tradition is changing…again.

  6. Blaine? How about loving the “sinner”? Jesus said NOTHING about homosexuality. But he did say that we are to love God first and foremost, secondly that we are to love others as we love ourselves. Also remember, Jesus was a liberal and he had some harsh words for those religious conservatives of his day. Just saying…

  7. In King Henry the IIX’s day, traditional marriage was until you don’t produce me any sons or I get tired of you and then I execute you.

  8. philichi says:

    relax,your Democratic leadership has just spent weeks on this issue. All of their stupid programs are going broke. Their job is to balance a budget. This is just too hard for them. They have therefore, decided to spend time on Gay marriage. This is sort of like a ship sinking and the captain trying to decide what to have for dinner!

  9. slugoxyz says:

    Come on Tim. Let the gay folk be as miserable in marriage as you are. I think everyone should experience a good, ugly divorce.

    Who cares? My marriage to my beautiful wife will not be harmed one bit by gay people getting married. My God shines his light down on everybody and he/she/it is not hung up on a piece of paper created by man. I’d like to think that if anyone deserves my creator’s scorn, it’s a narrow minded, closed off, judgemental person trying to defend their own fears using God’s name.

  10. Oh Timmy….you do have a choice – not to fight “to defend an institution that is as old as humanity itself” (which – a fairly simple investigation into the history of marriage would demonstrate has been very fluid in its definition through the ages) and to work on changing your viewpoint to not frame this as your “biggest nightmare”.

    If this truly is “the saddest day” for you you have truly been blessed as this is so insignificant to what actually will have any impact upon your life….unless, of course, your children or grandchildren are gay and wish to get married.

  11. Pacman33 says:

    “I suppose all people who think they know what homosexuality is, but who base it on a narrow understanding can be equated with other groups of people who similarly did not know what it meant to be Irish, Black, female, Japanese, Chinese …. ”

    Actually it is the anti-traditional marriage radicals who constantly, time after time, ignorantly and routinely equate the behavioral characteristics of homosexuals to the benign, immutable traits of other groups.

    Your unfounded erroneous accusations are, in fact, one example of the many narrow arguments embraced by those who demand a forcible reordering of society along “gender-neutral” principles. It is the fallacy spewed by those who feel government should force everyone to recognize anti-traditional “marriages”. The irrational nonsense embraced by those who advocate the forced recognition of same-sex “marriage”, a governmental intrusion of monumental proportions.

  12. slugoxyz says:

    Sorry. I spelled judgmental wrong. A thousand apologies.

  13. APimpNamedSlickback says:

    I couldn’t agree more the logic of Tim’s letter. Now that Gov. Gregoire signed this bill into law, homosexuality won’t just be one of those gross “what-ifs;” actual real, live homosexuals will come into being. You can’t deny it, this earthly law written by man created it in the defiance of the one and only God… you know, the oh-so-reformed absentee father one that knocked up a teenage girl and left her to risk childbirth in a barn with the guy who actually ended up raised his kid for him; not the other old testament God that went around killing babies and burning cities to the ground.

    I mean, the greatest possible evil is two men touching each other’s junk, and up until the governor signed this law, it was purely hypothetical! Forget the Mayans or that crazy Harold Camping dude… June 7th is doomsday: the day that gay sex actually happens!

    My God! Doesn’t Gregoire understand what she’s done? I’ve got to board up my windows now because otherwise my wife and kids are going to see all the gay men fornicating in the streets, 24/7 and if I can’t shelter my family from that, God will surely look down and smite us for not taking up arms to defend His holy creation, the Christian United States.

    What ever was Jesus thinking? He could have spared all of us this tragic condemnation to hell by spreading a message of love and acceptance. I mean, all he had to do was say something to the effect of “judge not, lest ye be judged yourself” and we then we could all just live and let live. Why, Jesus??!! Why didn’t you do it? Why did you have to go around preaching hate and fear, intolerance and blind rigidity to millenia-old texts??!!

    I’m off to find some cyanide. I can’t let my family go through this and witness such depravity. It’s just not the Christian thing to do.

  14. jjohnson67 says:

    Mr. APimp – BRAVO!! Very well written.

  15. ManuelMartini says:

    “we (and least I do) have opinions that disagree with others on the subject.”

    Now, if only your “opinions” were based on facts and not just prejudice and religious superstitions.

    “your Democratic leadership has just spent weeks on this issue”

    And the Republican opposition has spent equal time (get ready for more) opposing the rights of their constituents. I’m sure the GOP will find plenty of time for grandstanding while their lackeys collect signatures intended to deprive people of basic rights.

  16. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    Tim is one of the millions that make up the sleeping giant. The democrats have awoken them by not allowing a vote of the people and it will be the end of their political power in WA State.

  17. ManuelMartini says:

    millions….yeah…uh huh.

    Hey taxedenough….how did those Democrats get elected? Do you think that their constituency is that opposed to them? Of course, they’re not. Your fantasy is getting real boring.

  18. SwordofPerseus says:

    Correction Taxed; Tim is one of the millions of ignorant, prejudiced, irrational, hateful and bigoted trolls that should not be allowed to infect decent, caring, compassionate, intelligent people with his sick perverted and hateful ideas. Same for you and Blaine too.

  19. Easy Sword, here’s a little balm I found a while ago.
    “At a Family, Faith and Freedom rally in Des Moines, IA the Christian writer Josh McDowell pointed to an alarming study showing that more born-again Christians than atheist are divorced.”
    See how meaningful the institution of marriage is to them. Marriage really has nothing to do with what they are really saying. They simply do not like the gay community because far too many gays have far greater talents than they do. Entering marriage into the argument is just a diversion from the real issue. I must admit they are good at that.

  20. Fibonacci says:

    THIS is your nightmare? Really, THIS? My nightmare is that me or someone in my family will develop cancer and die, or that some drunk driver will run a stop sign and kill one of us in our car. My nightmare is that I will lose my job and have my home foreclosed upon. My nightmare is that college will not be affordable for my grandkids. My nightmare is that some nut job terrorist blows up an airplane or building and kills thousands of people. NOw THOSE are nightmares. But two people that care about each other making a commitment legal. THAT is your nightmare? Wow, Tim.

    You just don’t get that most of the people in this state are much more politically in the center than you, and you just stand it. You sit there salivating thinking that THIS will turn “millions” against the Democrats. But get real, it just does not matter that much to most people. Let they get married and enjoy divorce, property settlements, child support, and everything else that goes with marriage. Who cares? By the way, there were some brave Republicans that voted to do the right thing also.

  21. bobcat1a says:

    Tim, “In framing homosexuality as an issue of marriage “equality,” she has made marriage itself worthless”
    is an absurd statement equivalent to saying that when people get money in a way you don’t approve, it makes your money worthless. Society is waiting impatiently for you dinosaurs to die off.

  22. stumpy567 says:

    I could care less about the law passing. I don’t see it affecting me one way or another unless the state gets tied up in litigation that we as taxpayers are on the hook for.
    What I do find interesting is the timing. Notice the Gov. didn’t have the political courage to introduce this bill 2 or 3 years ago.
    She must want a sense of worth to look back on after she is out of office which can’t happen soon enough fo me.

  23. uptonews says:

    Don’t want homosexual around me are my family, therefore we will do ur best to vote it out of law.

  24. fanciladi says:

    I appreciate your letter, Tim…I appreciate your opinion. Don’t know if you are watching the comments on your letter, but if so, don’t pay any attention to those who bash your opinion.

    Those who are bashing your opinion want everyone to be tolerant of their opinions, but in return they are intolerant of yours and others like yours…mine for one.

    Good letter!!!

  25. ManuelMartini says:

    “Don’t want homosexual around me are my family, therefore we will do ur best to vote it out of law.”

    Please….someone tell me this is a joke…..

  26. ManuelMartini says:

    fanciladi…..let me clue you in. People write a letter. Some people agree and cheerlead. Others disagree and stipulate the reason why – usually by citing the parts of the letter with which they disagree.

    If the kitchen is too hot, head for the cold storage.

  27. surething says:

    “I’m in disbelief having to defend an institution as old as humanity itself.

    I TOTALLY agree with you. It is sad that we have to defend LOVE!

  28. fanciladi says:

    ManuelMartini…your comment was fine up until the last line, which is dragging in previous posts on other letters.

  29. Don’t want homosexual around me are my family, therefore we will do ur best to vote it out of law.

    Please tell me that you meant this intentionally as a parody.

  30. menopaws says:

    Apparently Tim is one of those lucky people who has a direct hotline to the Lord. I just pray and hope I live my life with understanding, tolerance and kindness……Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. But, it is my hope that the Lord knows I try to keep my mind and my heart open to people who are different from me. I wish Tim the gift of greater understanding from his Lord. Mine knows that I am a work in progress and want to let people live their lives with freedom and hope.

  31. rooster_02 says:

    Timmy is having a bad day. I hope he knows what having a really bad day is like. That might be when one of his children come to him and tell him that they are Gay. Have always been Gay. Will you still love them, Timmy?

  32. ManuelMartini says:

    “an institution as old as humanity”

    One problem, Tim. “Marriage” as you like to call it, in the early stages of “humanity” was actually an act of aggression by the male.

  33. fanciladi says:

    MM…personal question with questionable motives!?!

  34. monkeygirl says:

    Dear Mr. Brown,

    Governor Gregoire signing into law a bill that allows any two legal, adult citizens to marry the person of their choice should be a comfort to you; the legal system is functioning as it was designed. The majority must not be allowed to oppress minorities by law. You should be happy about this as it also bolsters the right to religious freedom and separation of Church and State. Legally, Ms. Gregoire does not have the right to sign into law nor veto legislation for purely religious reasons.

    You seem to be making an error made by many who oppose gay unions; it has nothing to do with sex or behavior. One can be gay and celibate as well as heterosexual and celibate, therefore nobody knows the intimate details of the sexual behavior being planned by any two persons who decide to wed. The State will issue a marriage license to any couple regardless of desire or intent to have sexual relations or procreate.

    Washington and every other state has a legal obligation to allow rights and privileges to extend to every legal citizen, regardless of sex, gender, race or religious preference, the same rights an privileges it provides to the majority.

    Have your parents not taught you that bestowing rights only to the majority is wrong? Do you not know this in your heart?

  35. ManuelMartini says:

    “MM…personal question with questionable motives!?!”

    Birds of a feather…..

  36. Is that the same God who fuels your hatred of fat white men menopaws?

  37. ManuelMartini says:

    Maybe menopaws doesn’t have a God that fuels hatred.

    How about the God that fuels resentment, sozo?

  38. All of us, on both sides, whatever your position on homosexuality, and especially those interested in “God’s opinion,” might remember that even in the Old Testament, Abraham interceded to God on behalf of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. He didn’t want wholesale destruction, and so tried to talk God out of destroying the cities, even though God wanted to. The judgment was up to God, not man. If we truly believe in the power of God, how can we say that Gov. Gregoire made marriage worthless? She doesn’t have the authority make anybody’s marriage worthless. Gay people getting married doesn’t affect God’s opinion of my marriage.

    My point: I don’t know God’s will. What I do know is that this change will not increase the gayness in your life, unless you get invited to a wedding or something. It’s not going to turn your children gay, or manifest public sexual deviancy. What it will do is keep people who love each other — faithfully — from being denied property rights, overridden in end-of-life decision making, and denied medical and other financial benefits the rest of us take for granted. If you take the heart of marriage seriously — love, honor, and protection — then this is not a threat. It increases these things in the world.

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