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GRAMMYS: Show wrong to celebrate Chris Brown

Letter by Scott Urling, Auburn on Feb. 14, 2012 at 12:58 pm with 39 Comments »
February 14, 2012 1:35 pm

I like a lot of different styles of music, so I usually watch at least part of the Grammy Awards. I was surprised and bothered this year to see the way in which the Grammys and the attendant audience celebrated Chris Brown.

You may remember that on Grammy night in 2009, Brown beat up his then girlfriend Rihanna, sending her to the hospital with a badly battered face and teeth bite marks on her arms and fingers. He pled guilty to felony assault and is still on probation (a minor detail apparently overlooked by the Grammy folks in a momentary lapse of moral clarity).

While I haven’t followed the aftermath of the assault in detail, it is my understanding that Brown has not been overly apologetic for what he referred to in print as a “mishap” and that he had a destructive anger tirade on “Good Morning America” after being asked about it.

I’m not suggesting the guy be permanently crucified for this. I think he should do his penance and be able to pursue his career. If his “F.A.M.E.” album really was the best R&B album of the year, go ahead and give him the Grammy. Celebrate his work, but don’t celebrate him by making him a featured performer on the show and don’t scream and yell for him like nothing ever happened.

The Grammys and the audience made a statement about domestic violence, but it was the wrong one.

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  1. SandHills says:

    Get a life Scott, if the grammys are important enough – or the lives of celebrities – to write a letter to the editor.

  2. mollykathleenhoward says:

    Sandhills…..spoken like someone whose real issue is, “get a life if you think domestic violence is such a big deal”.

  3. mollykathleenhoward says:

    Yes, I have a hard time with this one too. Our children and grandchildren follow these folks who become, for them, more than just their product. Especially in this time where music is such a large part of their culture beyound tunes on a radio. Music is a visual thing now with videos and it is fashion and it is role models.

    No…..he has never been contrite enough for me and in his most substantial apology he demonstrated the majority of his motive as an effort to win her back.

    I like that our current society seems to allow those who have fallen to get back on the horse and back in the race. I think it is also important that we dont punish by rejecting what may be art. But I feel an intuitive pull away, not an embracing, of the likes of folks like woody allen or miles davis. I will gladly welcome charlie sheen back, though, with a hug.

    It’s all about values.

  4. Dave98373 says:

    The Grammys sold it soul long ago to the ratings God (which generates money). A more serious discussion would include why these events garner such a large viewing audience in the first place. If viewing America was so against domestic violence, it would stay away. Apparently, America is not so offended.

  5. whitecap says:

    SandHills…it seems you missed the point of the guy’s letter and I think it’s a point worth considering. This wasn’t a drug or alcohol offense like we see with too many celebrities (lord knows if they kept all of them off the stage they might have to have the Monkees up there). He didn’t just take a swing at an annoyingly obnoxious paparazzi. This was a prolonged violent crime committed against a much weaker victim. I bet if Chris Brown had been very vocal and public in supporting Komen’s recent withdrawl of funding to Planned Parenthood, he’d be ostracized to no end by the Hollywood/music industry crowd. Domestic violence against women strikes me as an issue that crowd should be just as concerned about. Apparently they’re not.

  6. Wrapper98439 says:

    The sad part is the hundreds of thousands of women that were tweeting during the show about how Mr Brown can come over and punch them any time he,wants. Yet they want to be taken serious. Then a person from Seattle comments about how people have parties in their homes where stuff happens to willing participants, that makes Mr Brown look like a model citizen. No wonder the religious “nuts” think the world has gone off the deep end morally. It has.

  7. Soundlife says:


  8. whitecap says:

    Dave98…you think the fact that a lot of people watch the Grammys makes for a more serious discussion than why the Grammy people are willing to so quickly overlook Brown’s violence against women? Can’t agree with you there. Your comment also assumes that people who watched the show knew that Chris Brown was a featured performer or that they even knew of Brown’s past offense. I certainly agree with you 100% that the Grammys long ago sold out to ratings and record sales over talent.

  9. He was arrested did his service; will the person w/no mistakes in life, pleaded stand

  10. concernedtacoma7 says:

    He did not get lost, lose his cell phone, or make a bad investment. He beat up his woman.

    This case is similar to Mike Vick getting a shoutout from BHO. Yes they did their time, but they should never be respected.

  11. Dave98373 says:

    W-Cap- You are clueless..

  12. ManuelMartini says:

    “Yes they did their time, but they should never be respected.”

    Hmmm…I wonder if that applies to Rush Limbaugh also….

    (waiting for the “that’s not the subject” standard answer when cornered on philosophical issues)

  13. whitecap says:

    Dave98…I am clueless because? Because I disagreed with you? How about a more constructive/informative response next time.

  14. whitecap says:

    MM…you are correct that Limbaugh also committed a crime (obtaining false prescriptions I think) and we probably should consider how quickly we tend to overlook these things from all sorts of celebrities. Here’s where I see a difference: Limbaugh’s crime was not a crime against another person. He was/is an addict and his actions were hurting him. Brown, on the other hand, committed a violent crime against a basically defenseless, or at least certainly a much weaker, victim. There is a difference and it’s a difference the law recognizes. I agree with Scott, the letter writer, that Brown should not have been showcased on the Grammys.

  15. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Thanks whitecap. Saved me from responding to his thread shifting bait.

    Rush- harmed self, paid for his habit with his own funds
    Brown- harmed others.

    Not the same. Of course Kard jumps to the defense of a man convicted of violence against women. He has shown over and over again his feelings about women.

  16. stumpy567 says:

    Won’t be the last time we hear about “Hollywood Misfits” They are all so detached from reality that it makes no difference to them how they act toward one another.

  17. surething says:

    “a minor detail apparently overlooked by the Grammy folks in a momentary lapse of moral clarity”.

    If we judged all of the artists in this manner, they could hold the Grammy’s at IHOP.

  18. I surfed through the Grammys for about 5 minutes. There was some blue-haired woman in an ugly unitard who was introduced by a spokesmodel of some sort who said that this next act shot fireworks from her bo_obs (wow! a real class act!) and then there were a bunch of pyrotechnics and some men gyrating and jumping through a hoop of real fire and lip-synching some song that rhymed the word “me” with the word “me”.

    Chris Brown may be an abhorrent individual – I really don’t know as I don’t pay attention – but it is absurd for one to get flustered because the Grammys didn’t show any class by honoring him. The Grammys are about one thing – celebrating the “artists” who move the most product.

  19. harleyrider1 says:

    Fried up are you? It was not Chris Brown she was married too.

    Fact: She was married to Bobby Brown.

  20. Harley – it was Whitney Houston who was married to Bobby Brown.

  21. The producers of The Grammys show are likely regretting their decision to give Chris Brown the spotlight, after reading the following Tweets he sent out after winning his Grammy. These really tell you all you need to know about this truly unrepentant and ungrateful immature individual.

    “Chris Brown tweets to haters after Grammy win”

    “HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That’s the ultimate F**** OFF!” was the first tweet sent out by Brown, which was later deleted. We guess (or hope) he realized that attitude isn’t the best way to try and convince people that you deserve such an comeback honor.
    So he tried again.”IM BACK SO WATCH MY BaCK as I walk away from all this negativity #teambreezygrammy.”


  22. ManuelMartini says:

    whitecap – yes…I see…if Limbaugh’s crime wasn’t assault, he’s forgiven.

    Thanks for demonstrating the hypocrisy I was hoping would sink in.

    Was Chris Brown being noted for his musical accomplishments or his wrongs done in life? I don’t condone violence, but I don’t think the Grammys have a “violence” category.

    Hell, if Limbaugh were charged with assault, the majority of conservatives would deny it for openers.

  23. ManuelMartini says:

    as usual, ct7’s mind is too closed to see beyond the 10 degrees of sight line in front of his nose.

    Oh and Rush did get his housekeeper involved in his addiction, but don’t let that get in the way of ignorance.

    Addicts affect a substantial group of family, friends, workers, associates, etc.

  24. ManuelMartini says:

    When you have RUSH MONEY – this is how you handle your wrong doings:

    “Rush Limbaugh paid “substantial” blackmail to a former maid before she told law enforcement and a tabloid newspaper about his addiction to prescription painkillers, his attorney told a judge Monday.”

    Get your PR people to put the media on the person you had buying your dope.

    Then the CPAC Conference will hire you as a guest speaker.

  25. whitecap says:

    MM…your use of a red herring to obfuscate is annoying. Here’s one for you: “You refer to Limbaugh’s addiction. You seem obsessed with Rush Limbaugh. What’s your problem, do you hate fat people?” MM, that’s how you approach these topics. Try directly addressing the topic of discussion. Here, I’ll give you a direct question: What do you think about the Grammy show featuring Chris Brown? Remember, the fact the Limbaugh was/is a drug addict who committed a crime is not a relevant part of the answer.

  26. ManuelMartini says:

    whitecap – I employ the use of analogy….something that annoys the hell out of conservatives because it always exposes their hypocrisy.

    To answer your question, I’ll refer back to my earlier statement. Chris Brown’s Grammy notation was about his talent, which is what the Grammys are about. This doesn’t mean that I support spousal abuse (speaking of red herrings CONCERNED).

    I noticed you didn’t chide Concerned’s Michael Vick red herring. Or was it only a pink herring?

    Thanks for being consistant and not ignoring when the right wing does what you accuse me of doing.

    I’ll try to avoid analogies because I understand that the primary problem with conservativism is the inability to see beyond a narrow scope of thought.

  27. ManuelMartini says:


    right-wing authoritarians are cognitively rigid, aggressive, and intolerant. They are characterized by steadfast conformity to group norms, submission to higher status individuals, and aggression toward out-groups and unconventional group members

  28. concernedtacoma7 says:

    You defend men who beat women, drug addicts (as long as they are dems), and freeloaders. At the same time you attack individual freedom and responsibility.

    Obviously most of what you post is simply to get a rise out people. It that why you were banned?

  29. There are some huge differences between Chris Brown and Rush Limbaugh that make it near impossible to draw an “analogy” between the two.

    In the first place, Rush Limbaugh’s crime was NOT a violent crime of assault.

    In the second place, Rush Limbaugh was subsequently victimized himself as having to pay “blackmail money” to keep his secret quiet.

    In the third place, I believe Rush Limbaugh has apologized in public, on his show and elsewhere, for his crime of illegally obtaining drugs, and I believe his apologies were sincere.

    Chris Brown’s crime was a violent assault against a women, and obviously based on the two Tweets he sent out himself, immediately after his Grammy win, Chris Brown is not apologetic in the least for his crimes.

    I still believe much of what Limbaugh says politically on his radio show is total crap, but you just cannot compare Limbaugh to Chris Brown in any kind of analogy like this. Sorry, it just doesn’t work!

  30. ManuelMartini says:

    concerned – let me give you a tip. Don’t try to read my mind. Your reading comprehension level isn’t close to par with my brain. In fact you’re about at double bogey level.

    Go back to accusing “Kardy” of having your inappropriate posts deleted (as of the TNT can’t figure out do that for themselves)

    I “defended” no one for the action of spousal abuse. I brought the subject around to where people like you don’t want it – the TRUTH. Brown was not selected on anything other than his talent, sort of like the drug abuser that you “defend” – Limbaugh.

    Did CPAC hire Limbaugh to speak because he was a drug abuser? NO. They hired him because, dispite his checkered past (ask one of his ex-wives about him), he sells tickets.

    You’re out of your league. Really, I beg of you…avoid confronting me. As other’s have noticed, you end up with “egg on your face”.

  31. ManuelMartini says:

    “In the first place, Rush Limbaugh’s crime was NOT a violent crime of assault.”

    Or maybe he was better at covering it up????? Not all assaults are documented or reported, in fact, you’ll find that most aren’t.

    Rush apologized? How about retracting his statement that all drug users should be executed? Didn’t happen….

    I go back to the issue….I don’t give a crap who “apologized” or didn’t. Chris Brown deserves to be recognized for his music skills, without his personal shortcomings. That is what the Grammys are all about.

    Oh…did I mention that I never listen to Chris Brown or probably any of the winning artists at the Grammys?

    This is about logic.

    Reminds me of the arguments saying the Obama didn’t deserved the Nobel Prize. In fact, the same people are arguing the same side.

  32. ManuelMartini says:

    Who else was honored at the Grammys?

    Country singer Glen Campbell was arrested in November 2003 on drunk driving and hit and run charges. According to Arizona cops, the 67-year-old performer was nabbed shortly after plowing his BMW into another auto at a Phoenix intersection. He left the accident scene, but was arrested at his nearby home, where cops smelled booze on his breath and noted that Campbell looked smashed. After he was booked into a Maricopa County lockup, Campbell kneed a sergeant in the thigh–for which the country star was hit with an aggravated assault on a police officer charge.

  33. There is NO logic comparing the crimes of Limbaugh to the crimes of Chris Brown. To say there is is just plain kardnosy.

  34. ManuelMartini says:

    muckibr has joined the Obsession Posse. Very concerned.

    Can’t get over being handed his lunch.

  35. Hip hop gangsta “lyrics” have been littered with violent imagery and misogynistic references to “bitches and hos”. And that I find far more troubling than Chris Brown being honored.

    But, could someone explain why Rihanna is, post-beatings, singing about violence?

  36. whitecap says:

    MM…you wouldn’t know an analogy if one jumped up and bit you on your inflated ego. What you have tried to do is make a comparison between Brown and Limbaugh. You have not made an analogy. Don’t agree? Look up the word. And as has been pointed out by several, your comparison, while valid up to a point, quickly falls apart. You said you’d try to avoid analogies, to which I saw, shouldn’t be a problem, you’ve been successful so far.
    In the original letter the guy said that if Brown’s album was really that good, go ahead and give him the Grammy but don’t showcase him. He was a featured performer…that’s what people don’t like.
    I haven’t checked you story about Glen Campbell. Was he convicted? Was he actually charged by a prosecutor or just arrested on those charges? Big difference. If he was convicted, it was nine years ago. Has he changed his ways? Has he been contrite? If Brown is all those things in nine years, I say, let him dance.

  37. whitecap says:

    beerBoy…I agree with you that those kinds of lyrics are destructive and should not be promoted. I wish the “record” buying public would support that sentiment with their wallets (keep them closed). But, at some point, someone should say enough is enough. By MM’s faulty reasoning, since Rush Limbaugh committed a drug offense, the Grammys were justified in featuring Chris Brown as a showcased performer (not just an award recipient). So next year since they let Chris Brown perform they should let (enter name of some deviant here) perform. I think it’s got to stop somewhere, but I have little hope that it will.

  38. ManuelMartini says:

    beerBoy – Rhianna has sought a release of the court order restricting Brown from her presense.

    As usual, there is probably more to the story than what E! told us. They were recently meeting in a recording studio.

    Note how Glen Campbell is defended? Trend, trend, trend.

    Meanwhile Brown was selected for his talents, but it seems some people just can’t accept that. I wonder why.

  39. aislander says:

    ManuelMartini writes: “Can’t get over being handed his lunch.”

    Who needs awards shows when one can decorate himself?

    It looks pretty easy to do: simply set up a straw man, knock it down, declare victory, and congratulate yourself.

    Now we just have to come up with a cute name for the award itself. The Manny? The Marty? How about the Hypee (that way you meld hypocrite and hyperbole)…

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