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MARRIAGE: Christians should oppose discrimination

Letter by Kathryn C. Comfort, University Place on Feb. 13, 2012 at 2:24 pm with 8 Comments »
February 14, 2012 10:56 am

I am a married, heterosexual Christian woman with three children. I am thrilled that Gov. Chris Gregoire has signed the gay marriage bill.

It is unfortunate that some in the Christian community are using the Bible, a book that teaches “love God, love your neighbor as yourself” to continue to pursue discrimination. I am sure that similar views, and some of the same Bible texts, were used to justify making interracial marriage illegal a few decades ago.

The Bible has a lot of rules many Christians do not follow today. Leviticus 11 describes clean and unclean foods; how many Christians follow those teachings? I believe the Bible uses the same original word for seafood as it does for homosexuality: “abomination.” I guess God hates seafood?

The New Testament seems to endorse slavery in several places, and also states that women are to remain silent in churches. No Christian I know endorses slavery or the silence of women in church. These texts have historical context. I believe the same is true with regard to homosexuality.

The Bible contains the story of redemption. It also contains principles for living our best lives.

I believe God loves all of us, whatever our race or sexuality, and that we owe our fellow citizens the dignity of allowing them to marry. Promoting stable, loving family relationships should be something Christianity supports.

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  1. Fibonacci says:

    Excellent letter. Don’t forget the law in Leviticus that says a “woman is unclean” one week out of the monthy and needs to be seperared from the family during that time. I wonder how many of the truly religeous follow that one?

  2. ReadNLearn says:

    There are real Christians and then there are christians who make it up as they go and don’t maintain what is right.

  3. FalconCawww says:

    I am a christian and I have a very unique stand on Homosexuals.

    I think the “love your neighbor as yourself” can still be done while still believing that Homosexual practices are wrong (Romans 1:26-27, Leviticus 18:22 1 Tim 1:10, etc.). Homosexuality is clearly a sin in the Bible, and we can’t ignore it. However, everyone sins. Everyone has faults that we need to work on.

    Fibonacci – The law in leviticus saying that girls on their periods were unclean was actually referring to the fact that they were ceremonially unclean, not sinful. They needed to be clean in order to be able to go to the different pass over feasts and such. When they would celebrate the pass over, an animal was killed, sacrificed, and i think half of it would be eaten. Which was one of the main points of the whole feast. In that day, thats what you had to be ceremonially clean for; the sacrifice of the lamb. However, the ritual of becoming ‘ceremonially clean’ and the sacrificing of the lamb is not necessary for today’s Christians because we got the ultimate sacrifice, Jesus Christ.

    I hope I explained this in a manner where it was comprehensible and accurate, I may be off some but what do you expect from a 16 year old?? :)

    Have a great day!

  4. HistoryFan says:

    We are instructed to love the sinner but not the sin. No matter how much one spins this issue, how may wordly people support it, the final word rests with God. Are you in the word or the world?

  5. SafewayOrangeSoda says:

    “We have been instructed”.
    It always seems to come down to that, doesn’t it? “We have been instructed” by a misinterpreted, multiple-translated, several-thousand year old book. A book that largely doesn’t even contain much except historical documentation about folks wandering around in the desert and talking to bushes.
    Well, where is our instruction now? From the vague ramblings of some old man standing at a pulpit?
    Where is God now?
    It would seem to me that, at least when it comes to the Bible, that in times of old God never had a problem speaking up and turning a few folks into salt.
    So where is our burning bush?
    “The Word” has been cast down, rejected, edited, marginalized and turned into a feel-good, open-to-any set of guidelines. We don’t have a religion, we have a two-thousand page Hallmark card.
    How much faith can you expect from people when you abandon them to their own devices for two thousand years?

  6. Falconcawwwwwwwww – If Catholics practice the Church-approved method of birth control – the rhythm method – they have to violate the Levitican rules of Cleanness.

    My aunt used the Rhythm Method and has 13 children to prove it.

  7. ManuelMartini says:

    Isn’t it interesting how some things in the Bible aren’t clear, but the things that conservatives want to use against others, are clear as vodka?

    That interpretation stuff is amazing.

  8. Amen HistoryFan, well said.

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