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POWELLS: Sick sect mocks Christ’s teachings

Letter by Dieter Mielimonka, Steilacoom on Feb. 9, 2012 at 1:59 pm with 31 Comments »
February 9, 2012 2:00 pm

I read that what must be America’s sickest sect is sending its deranged disciples to the funeral of the two poor little boys who died a horrible death (TNT, 2-9).

Why? To proclaim their deaths were God’s punishment for the Washington Legislature passing the same-sex marriage law. It is the same obscene act they performed at the funerals of soldiers losing their lives in war for the same reason, namely homosexuality.

According to the Christian Bible – when asked “what is the most important law, Master?” – Jesus’ response was (and I paraphrase): “… it is to love your God … and the second most important law is love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

I think the atheists have a point when they say that if there were a God, he would have struck slime like that dead a long time ago.

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  1. Fibonacci says:

    Whether you agree or disagree wih gay marriage and whether you beleive in a higher being or you don’t, these people are indeed sick.

  2. ReadNLearn says:

    Why aren’t we naming this sick sect?

    Is this the Westboro Baptist Church? I’m utterly amazed that they’ve been so vile, yet so beneficial of the tolerance within our country.

  3. Tolerance untested is not Tolerance.

  4. ManuelMartini says:

    Thank god I don’t have a god

  5. I am wondering what sick sect the letter writer is talking about. Seems to me that Dieter should have some proof before sending a letter like that in. As far as something as tragic as this happening and saying God did it, that is very sick indeed. My GOD does not judge!

  6. ManualM: What a sad statement from you. No wonder your posts are filled with intolerance and negative crap.

  7. bobcat1a says:

    Yes, it is Westboro. Every Christian church in the south Sound should be there in numbers to drown out these sick scumbags.

  8. Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Atheist, Jewish, Hindu, etc… No matter what you may or may not believe, I think we can all agree that the WBC is way too full of hate and extremely disgustingly out of line.

  9. That’s right Frida. To attempt to make the Westboro people representatives of anything Christian is nonsense.

  10. No, atheist say that if there was a god, you have a problem of evil or an Euthyphro dilemma. We don’t pretend to know what a god would do nor we want anyone struck dead.

  11. soao – Westboro Baptist Church claims to be Christian and that they are carring out God’s Commandments.

  12. Everyone who studies the bible seems to think they understand correctly what God is saying and what His demands are, yet there are 360 degrees worth of interpretations of His word, as proven by the Westboro Bapist, their polar opposites and everyone in between. Each interpretation may be done in earnest and to the best of ones ability.

    It would seem no one really knows, do they?

    With so much at stake, I would hope God could communicate with some rock-solid clarity.

  13. cirrus, God did communicate with rock-solid clarity. Through is son Jesus. Just read the words of Jesus in the first four books of The New Testament, The Gospels, and you will understand what it means to be a Good Christian.

    I am afraid Fred Phelps and his family church must have missed that part of The Bible. God forgive them, for apparently they know not what they do.

  14. I can say I’m Santa Claus, xring…doesn’t make it so.

  15. sozo – I completely agree that Westboro Baptist Church does not fulfill what I consider to be Christian beliefs – but then, there are many more self-proclaimed Christians who I feel that way about.

    And….I also think that Islamist extremists are not living up to the ideal of the Koran yet there are so many who are eager to blame all of Islam for the apostates…..

    I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.

  16. Hate group leader cancels Powell funeral trip after radio interview

    by KING 5 News

    Posted on February 10, 2012 at 8:58 AM
    Updated today at 3:51 PM

    TACOMA, Wash. – The head of the anti-gay church that threatened to protest Saturday’s funeral of Charlie and Braden Powell now says the group will not come after being granted an interview on a syndicated radio show.


  17. the group will not come after being granted an interview on a syndicated radio show.

    Nothing quite like giving in to terrorist demands to reinforce that activity…..

  18. I’ve quoted Ghandi myself on this one, bBoy, and I concur that not all Muslims should be held responsible for the hate-filled activities of the extremists. That said, it concerns me for the safety of thousands that so many people of that faith seem to rejoice in the actions of the extremists. Westboro Baptists do not have a network of violent criminals in placed, armed and highly trained to kill as many Americans as they can. Murderers protected in guarded compounds just blocks from say, The Whitehouse. Westboro Baptists are NOT analogous to Al Qaeda. Agree?

  19. bBoy, for you and those here interested in actual dialogue rather than adolescent mud-slinging, here’s a link to Newsweek, a notoriously liberal magazine btw, that sheds light on what I was getting at above:


    You have often accused me, bBoy, of having a chip on my shoulder about the persecution of Christians. It is on the rise, and I think you will agree there are plenty of Americans too, some represented by fellows like MM on these threads, who ridicule and malign Christians routinely.

    It is one thing to note that not all who call themselves Christians behave in a Christ-like way. It is quite another to lump all Christians into a big ball to be objects of one’s bigotry. Presuming that all Christians are evil because a few are; presuming that all Catholics are pedophiles because some priests are –is pretty much like saying that all black people love watermelon. It’s where prejudice and bigotry begin.

  20. ManuelMartini says:

    “Newsweek, a notoriously liberal magazine btw”

    Oh geeeeeeeeez….

    “I can say I’m Santa Claus, xring…doesn’t make it so”

  21. ManuelMartini says:

    Why is every publication that disagrees with Conservatives “notoriously liberal” and yet FOX is “fair and balanced”?

  22. ManuelMartini says:

    Now, since we are going to quote from a story about Christians being killed by Muslims, would someone tell me why 1000s of Muslims were killed by “Shock and Awe” and it was applauded?

  23. Though the following may SEEM out of place in this thread, I’m posting it here as a follow up to the commentary on Christians. It’s from The Belmont Cllub. “Among recent news stories are instances of people talking back, openly challenging the received wisdom in surprising ways. For example, Karen Handel calls Planned Parenthood a “gigantic bully“ for pushing abortion on the Komen foundation.

    The bishops of the Roman Catholic church finally nerved themselves to openly clash with the president in a public space, according to the New York Times:

    Seven months earlier, they had started laying the groundwork for a major new campaign to combat what they saw as the growing threat to religious liberty, including the legalization of same-sex marriage. But the birth control mandate, issued on Jan. 20, was their Pearl Harbor. …

    “Never before,” Archbishop Dolan said, setting the tone, “has the federal government forced individuals and organizations to go out into the marketplace and buy a product that violates their conscience. This shouldn’t happen in a land where free exercise of religion ranks first in the Bill of Rights.'”

    Personally, I think Christians are growing very tired of the bigotry in this country against the church and its members. I’m betting that Obama et. al. banked on the fact that Christians, especially R Catholics would stay in the shadows on this latest assault on religious liberty and has been surprised that even some of his own people have stepped up to confront him.

    I’m praying that leftist elitists has finally gone too far in their attempt to establish “the state” as the moral guardian of the people.

  24. sozo – you know, of course that Ayaan Hirsi Ali has a major chip on her shoulder about Islam. I would take anything she writes with a very large grain of salt.

  25. Of course you would, bBoy.

  26. ManuelMartini says:

    “For example, Karen Handel calls Planned Parenthood a “gigantic bully“ for pushing abortion on the Komen foundation.
    The bishops of the Roman Catholic church finally nerved themselves to openly clash with the president in a public space, according to the New York Times”

    Lets examine these two statements.

    Komen was already funding Planned Parenthood until an anti-PP activist became part of their management and created a strawman issue. Of course, Planned Parenthood’s services are only 3% abortion. It should be stated that Komen could place restrictions on their funding, if they’d like.

    The Roman Catholic Church (its conservative side) pulled a faux issue with Obama. At the hospital in good old Olympia, WA, the Catholic Church (owner of said hospital) provides Group Health Cooperative as a benefit option for their employees. GHC provides birth control AND abortion as part of their basic coverage plan. So much for their objections to birth control and abortion.

    Now, I always expect hypocrisy from religions, but the Catholic Church went way out of their way this time.

  27. islandernwly says:

    “Never before,” Archbishop Dolan said, setting the tone, “has the federal government forced individuals and organizations to go out into the marketplace and buy a product that violates their conscience.” Nowhere does the Federal Government force members of the Catholic church or any other church to do this. If they do not want to go with the insurance companies that are in the group that offer the type of insurance they don’t like, then op out and get your coverage from from another company. Or set up your own coverage. If a religious group wants to get into politics, fine, drop your tax exemptions and join in.

  28. I find it interesting Bboy, that you make a rather glib response to the comments of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, as if you presume to know more about this situation than she would. I’m inclined to go with firsthand knowledge over ivory tower musings, but that’s just me.

  29. sozo – I take into account a person’s background and stated biases – of course I don’t know more than she does about being an ex-patriated Somalia who was raised in Islam, and then became a feminist atheist – but then I never claimed to.

    What you see as “rather glib response” is based in actually reading about her:
    a Somali-Dutch feminist and atheist activist, writer and politician who is known for her views as a prominent critic of Islam,
    As of 2012 Hirsi Ali is a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank, and lives in the United States.

    What is most telling is this:
    Hirsi Ali had been impressed by the Qur’an before she could even read, and had lived “by the Book, for the Book” throughout her childhood.

    She sympathised with the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, and wore a hijab together with her school uniform, which was unusual at the time but gradually became more common. She agreed with the fatwa against British writer Salman Rushdie that was declared in reaction to the publication of his controversial novel The Satanic Verses.

    An extremist in one direction becomes an extremist in the other direction. My conclusion that she has a very large chip on her shoulder might seem glib but to me it seems rather logical. She is a radical atheist who is attacking the religion she grew up with – no different than the atheist writers who you find so disagreeable because they attack your religion.

  30. It’s all well and good to have this information about her, but I am simply attempting to point out that HER views about Islam carry more weight than the views of someone who knows what they know from books and the internet. Regardless of her warts and “chips” she is in a better position to talk about Islam than any of us.

  31. But sozo, relying upon only one voice – that of a feminist atheist with an antagonistic view towards the religion she left – hardly would provide a balanced view of that religion. Imagine if someone was citing a similar voice regarding Christianity…..

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