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PARKER: TNT should make its own endorsements

Letter by Richard Champion, Federal Way on Feb. 2, 2012 at 12:54 pm with 7 Comments »
February 2, 2012 12:54 pm

Re: “Is Romney ‘too perfect’ for voters to identify with?” (Kathleen Parker column, 2-1).

This was yet another in a series of columns by Parker either championing Mitt Romney or attacking his Republican opponents.

Parker, known as a moderate conservative, clearly has chosen her candidate and will do her best to use her column to see that he receives the Republican nomination.

Let’s look back on some of Parker’s other columns that have appeared in The News Tribune.

There was “Maybe Romney’s flip-flops were sincere changes of heart” (TNT, 12-1), in which she explains away Romney’s apparent lack of consistent values as mere maturation. There was “A truly nice guy (Romney) is swimming with sharks” (TNT, 11-13). She’s even been so bold to pick his running mate with “Florida’s Rubio might be Romney’s best choice for VP” (TNT, 1-4).

On the other side, there was “Thank goodness Sarah Palin heeded God’s message” (and didn’t run for president, TNT, 10-7). Or “Republicans will love Rick Perry – and go down in defeat” (TNT, Lately she’s attacked Gingrich with “If he’s paid like a lobbyist and talks like a lobbyist . . .” (TNT, 1-25).

My problem is that by The News Tribune consistently reprinting her columns, her aims become The News Tribune’s aims. If The News Tribune wants to endorse Romney, it should do it. Instead, by consistently including her work in their newspaper, intentionally or unintentionally, The News Tribune is obstensibly endorsing Romney, too, but in a surreptitious way.

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  1. they run articles of parker, george will, krauthammer, & samuelson. plus robinson and pitts. many different (though mostly republican and white male) voices are shared by the tnt in their nationally-run syndicated articles.

  2. Publico says:

    So who do you like, Mr. Champion of Federal Way?

  3. chile74 says:

    The TNT has been running Parker for years. They haven’t run Will in a long time so I think they have dropped him. Krauthammer is a conservative but Samuelson does not claim a party affiliation. Pitts, Robinson and usally one other are the liberal columnists. The TNT does not endorse the views of any one columnist.

  4. beerBoy says:

    Parker has been consistently promoting Mitt for quite awhile – I’m thinking she is hoping for an appointment as Press Secretary.

  5. championrd says:

    Who do I like? None of them. But that’s not my gripe. Parker might have won a Pulitzer, but she’s dishonoring herself and that award with her columns this election cycle. She’s been tripping over herself to promote Romney and explain away all his flaws. That column on explaining his flip-flops as mere maturation was a joke. He’s flip-flopped on issues like Iraq, Libya, Ohio’s SB5, mortgage relief, etc. that have nothing to do with that race against Ted Kennedy in 1994, which is what she would have you believe. Then in other columns he’s perfect or the only nice one is sickening.

    It doesn’t matter if she’s been syndicated in TNT for years. She’s a cheering squad for the Romney campaign and its unseemly for TNT to keep reprinting her columns.

    Roger Ailes, president of Fox News, whose no paragon of virtue told Tim Pawlenty after he had endorsed Romney and came to him for a job after he quit the race for president, ā€œIā€™m not sure I want to sign you as a paid spokesman for Romney.ā€ In this one instance, TNT has lower standards than Fox News.

  6. I read the piece by Kathleen Parker, and I thought I was reading something written by one of the Desperate Housewives. This woman has not just picked her candidate, she seems completely totally infatuated with Romney, and may even be secretly in love with him the way she describes his as being “too perfect.”

    She says he needs a flaw, like a limp or something regular people can identify with, like they can identify so easily with Newt Gingrich because in her view most ordinary people are just as flawed as Newt, and that’s why they identify with him and not Mitt.

    Kathleen Parker may be a moderate conservative, but she also seems to be something of a looney tune as well.

    Mitt has got plenty of flaws, “I like firing people!” “I don’t worry about the very poor.” “Let me sing the third verse of America the Beautiful for you now.” Mitt comes off as a bit looney at times too, you know. Apparently Kathleen can’t see that limp of his, because it seems to match her own so closely. And she thinks Newt is like most ordinary people. She’s arrogant as well.

  7. The articles written by K.P. in adoration of Mitt suggests she feels a tingle….and it isn’t running down her leg.

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