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PUYALLUP: Council mocks the public

Letter by A. David Churchman, Puyallup on Jan. 31, 2012 at 11:52 am with 10 Comments »
January 31, 2012 11:52 am

It has taken less than a month for the new Puyallup City Council to degenerate into gutter politics. Any moral or ethical stature it had hoped to profess has been destroyed by its actions.

A member of the public who had the audacity to stand at the council podium and question some of its new policies has been insulted worldwide. A video of the citizen’s comments with personal attacks and captions that ridicule her statements has been produced, posted on YouTube and advertised on Puyallup Now, the web-based political mouthpiece of the new “gang of four” (Rick Hansen, John Knutsen, John Hopkins and Steve Vermillion). The “gang” even finds the video appropriate and amusing. The victim being female will not be lost on the public.

Is this the new norm for any citizen who questions the council majority? I suspect so. Free speech in Puyallup is costly.

Residents of Puyallup should now be warned that their council and clan of supporters will take tasteless action upon them should they act in any way that offends their elected officials. Speak at council meetings at your own risk.

The lunatics have taken over the asylum at City Hall.

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  1. volvo1999 says:

    Hey Churchman,

    I beg to differ, I have read your comments and watched you on the City of Puyallup council meetings tv broadcast. You are the lunatic…..oh by the way, I watched Nicole Martineau’s speech you refer too in your letter, she had a spiteful tone to her voice and comments and she threated the city official’s with a lawsuit.She needs to be called out for her behavior, shame on you for saying the council is after the citizens. Good job Puyallup Now and the youtube video, and before saying in a public forum that the “gang of four” “find the video amusing appropiate”, you better be able to site your source for that information, sounds libelous to me. ha

  2. ReadNLearn says:

    it’s cite a source, not ‘site’. That ain’t a typo, it’s ignorance.

    Why is it ‘city official’s’ when you mean ‘city officials’.

    Had me going on an issue, I didn’t know about, believing that I’d be informed, until I realized one can’t learn much from the poorly educated.

  3. Churchman rises from the inner sanctum of the hell hole pit that nurtures his venomous ego in an attempt to smite the new council for actions they are, in all probability, not even associated with. And he feels it necessary to assail them when he has no knowledge of whether they have even seen the video or find it amusing. Mr Churchman, is a council person the author of webmaster of Puyallup Now? Have you done your research or are you just flapping your ‘lips’ to hear them slap together? Moses directs that 300 fleas from the mange infected Puyallup Coyotes be set upon your wretched body for the next four years and thou shall not disparage your neighbor without empirical knowledge of what is true and what is false in what you inscribe on stone.

  4. justpeopletalk says:

    That’s just horrible to hear Mr. C. Is that what they’re learning at all those out of town conferences? How to post on youtube? Maybe you should stand up at the next meeting and give them an ear full.

    Now that you mention it, think I’ll go find that video!

  5. volvo1999 says:

    Deer ReadNLearn,

    Eye may have gotten a see in engleesh, Eye got an ayy in debate, the fact you let the facts get into the way of some innncorrectly apllied missspelled werds says alot about yew. I bet you know what I mean if you are so edumecated. Ha

  6. Here’s the link for the video:


  7. Thanks muckibr for sharing the link–just took a look-see myself. Seems as though Ms Martineau returned to the chambers from which she was voted out of by the public only to stir the rumor pot on sound bites provided to her by an insider or rumors circulated by those unhappy with being their no longer being in power.

  8. commoncents says:

    What this really means is that the council will continue to spend their time dealing with petty grievances and personal vendettas based upon real or perceived affronts rather than the important political decisions facing our city – only from the other side of the fence. I anticipate much more sniping and thinly veiled jabs in the future….Fortunately I reside just outside of the city limits and only have to view from afar and vow to resist any attempts at annexation.

  9. MosesII says:

    I have had the opportunity to talk with the four named council members. They could care less what Dave Churchman has to say about them or the city. Churchman represents no one but his warped perspective. Martineau is rumored to be running for the legislature. Since her dad has filed against Shelly Schlumf, her choices are to run against Zeiger or Dammeier. Her dad will be loser and once again Martineau will be a loser. One only needs to view the videos on YouTube to realize how incompetent she is.

  10. Mr. Churchman,
    Typically you have at least intelligent positions on matters regarding the City of Puyallup. This position is ridiculous. Nicole was completely ignorant as a council member, acted the fool on tape, and that youtube video simply demonstrates it. There is nothing wrong with that youtube video. It clearly demonstrates her lack of intelligence, her lack of knowledge, and is a very informative piece. Why you have an issue with it is beyond me!! Nicole was a disaster on the council, and she hasn’t changed a bit.

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