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GOP: 2012 – the year the elephant died

Letter by Nikolai L. Roberts, Tacoma on Jan. 30, 2012 at 1:05 pm with 24 Comments »
January 30, 2012 2:08 pm

Barack Obama might as well write his inauguration speech now. The Republican Party is fractured in a way that no election-year political party should be. This summer’s convention is looking to be a drawn-out mess of multiple ballots and voting between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

That is, of course, unless Romney truly destroys Gingrich in Florida and on Super Tuesday. And then the GOP will have a candidate that makes Jeb Bush look appealing.

A wishy-washy venture capitalist from Massachusetts and cut from the same cloth as John Kerry is no way for the Republicans to appeal to the populist hatred brewing in the white suburban centers of America’s middle class. You’d need someone truly crazy to fit the mold of what they wanted. But as it stands, right-wing voters have to choose between four conflicting philosophies:

• Rick Santorum’s repugnant social conservative crusade.

• Ron Paul’s Anarcho-Libertarian agenda.

• Romney’s “Wall Street” economic policies.

• Gingrich’s dialing the clock back 50 years to Atomic Age American values. And a space colony/state on the moon.

All are appealing to some, some disgusting to all. Gingrich’s attempt at a Kennedyesque space fervor has failed miserably, and as for Romney and Paul, the thing we need most is regulation. Santorum is simply anti-progress.

Where is Hunter Thompson when you need him?

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  1. Unfortunately for America, the Dems aren’t giving us much better…

  2. stumpy567 says:

    You are frustrated with what seems to be an idealistic vision of who will lead this country.
    It is what it is. Regan is gone and there is no one that pleases everyone.
    I would rather have you write in Hunter Thompson than vote for Obama.

  3. With comments like that beerBoy, you’re gonna get yerself kicked out of the prog-lib-dem club. People might actually start thinking that you are NOT really a lib after all. (I already knew that, but some people, y’know.)

    But seriously, given the choices, because we only ever get the choices they give us out of this so-called “two-party system” (which should NOT be limited to just two parties, but is)

    Obama vs. Romney or Gingrich

    Who would you choose if those are the only choices you have?

  4. Mitt is proving to be the superior candidate in Florida because he has way more money, has a better campaign organization and those negative ads against Gingrich are effective.

    Meanwhile, Obama has way more money and a better campaign organization and will, likely, be happy to unleash lots of negative ads.

    This is certain to be a really uplifting campaign season. May the best funded and best organized candidate who is willing to fight the dirtiest win – I’m certain that will give us great leadership!

  5. Romney will win big in Florida and will win the nomination before the convention, Nikolai. The Dems don’t have a leg to stand on criticizing Romney when they ran Kerry (who has more wealth than Romney) in 2004. Wall Street guy – here again, Dems had no problem with Corzine of New Jersey. I would beat that drum all the way to the presidency – hypocrisy.

    You have to have money and a superior organization to beat Obama. Romney has it. And Independents want a conservative/moderate Republican who can compromise not a hard right conservative like Newt. Romney has shown he is a leader, BB.

  6. pantomancer says:

    I have to agree with the first post on this thread. I sure wish Hillary would throw her hat in the ring.

  7. Need a dead elephant bumpersticker?


  8. slugoxyz says:

    Well there is the problem in a nutshell. Muckibr criticizes beerBoy for failing to spew the party line. I’ve been saying it for a while now. They are all bad. Is that somehow treacherous? No. It’s not. We deserve better as President. The days of the two party system should be over.

    As it stands, Obama has slid to the center to appeal to the fence voters and so has Romney which means the centrist Liberal isn’t all that different than the centrist Conservative. Yet you all spew venom at the guy on the other team despite them all being the same. Essentially, they all don’t represent you or your political views. They are getting elected in order to pay back special interests. All the bickering you all do about your guy being better and the other guy being a nightmare is quite simply stupid.

    What we need is a super smart guy who can honestly, win an election without the help of special interest but the desire to fix the country and serve the people. Is that Obama? Is that Romney or Gingrich? None of the above.

    There are no more statesmen. We are all in the same boat here and she is listing heavily. So, rather than voice up at the political system and its failures, you are all going to rah rah for “your team” (as dilapidated as it has become) while Rome burns. So, beerBoy? Thank you for stating what needs to be said. They’re all terrible. Muckibr? You should be ashamed of yourself for cheering because in your opinion, your guy isn’t quite as bad as the other guys. It is the same as a last place team from one division criticizing the last place team in another division. If you are intelligent and can see past your team “winning”, you’d see that we’re all screwed and that come November, there won’t be a winner because the system is broken and will stay broken until we ALL get irritated and loud enough to fix it.

  9. slugoxyz says:

    Lack of intelligence? I wasn’t writing from either side. But that’s what you do Muckibr. Someone will make a good point and you will misdirect. It’s a fairly unsophisticated method of debate. What I’m telling you Muck is that your side sucks just as bad as the side you are attacking. You are just as myopic as whomever you are criticizing. Maybe worse because you think you are righteously defending a cause that will never be fulfilled. You think Obama represents the people? The workers? Social change? Obama raised more money than any other candidate in the history of US elections. He represents the people that gave him that money. Forget your change, your hopes. He is a sock puppet for special interest. So is Romney and so is anyone else in the mix.

    I am trying to change the system. And this is how I’m doing it. If I can make enough of you party-line, petty bickerers (from both sides) see that you are merely supporting special interest by supporting any candidate, then hopefully, enough people will begin to get vocal enough to demand more from the parties giving us these sock puppets as candidates. The pendulum needs to swing back towards the notion of a statesman.

    I would vote for the most suitable candidate no matter what party they came from. That is what makes me smarter than you Muck. I am less interested in winning for my own personal self esteem and more for the sake of the country.

    The candidates are all prostitutes taking as much money as they can get from special interest of any kind. At least 20-30 years ago, candidates took money from the special interest that best promoted their view. Now, they’ll take it from anyone and groups like Big Insurance or Unions give money to both sides just to assure that all are indebted. You are actually hurting the country by supporting a guy/girl who takes special interest money because all the rich political ideals you support will never actually be supported by a candidate. Rather than push this country to the left or the right, all that happens in 4 years is that politicians spew crap and pay back the folks that got them elected. That is all.

    Wake up Muck. You aren’t winning anything. And that just makes you dumb. Sorry. You could use your voice for good but all you do is shovel manure. Golf clap…golf clap.

  10. What I’m telling you slug… is that if YOU apparently cannot tell that my comment to beerBoy on 1/30 @ 6:43 PM is NOT any “party line spewing” as YOU put it, but simply joking around with him because I know as, some here don’t, that beerBoy is not happy with either party. If you can’t see that, then YOU did not read it very well.

    I also am NOT a Democrat/Liberal or Republican/Conservative, but an Independent/Non-Partisan. And that should be apparent from many of my other comments that I’m sure you have read.

    All I am saying in the last part of my comment to beerBoy is that given the two final choices we will have, under this fake two-party system we are stuck with, I choose Obama over the other guys.

    You start off by assuming I am a Dem/Lib and you are wrong. And you continue with that foolish wrong assumption, without going back and rereading the original comment to discern what I really meant.

    Obviously YOU didn’t get it, but I am sure beerBoy did.

    I use my voice to point out the hypocrisy of both sides, but on these blogs I spend mots of my efforts trying to educate the prevalent foolishness of the hard right wingers. I document my observations with links and clips of real references. I do not “shovel manure”, and don’t know what the hell you mean by “Golf clap…Golf clap”.

    Reread my 1/30 @ 6:43 PM comment to beerBoy, … only with an OPEN mind this time, and try to read it from his point of view, … and see if it finally makes sense to you. If not, then you just don’t get it.

  11. slug…

    “mots” is supposed to be “most”

    And, on the chance that you do read my first comment, and you do get it, and you do finally realize that I was NOT criticizing beerBoy at all, then maybe you could let me know that you understand. Otherwise,

    … well, I don’t know.

  12. BTW slug… ALL the currently recognized presidential candidates take money from Political Action Committees and SuperPACS. ALL OF THEM, except one.

    That doesn’t make them “prostitutes.” That’s a nasty and derogatory term I would never use to define anyone running for office, including even Newt Gingrich, who I think is a scuzzball, but not a prostitute. The fact that they take PAC and SuperPAC money is a fact of life in American politics, that’s all. It makes them “politicians.” And remember what SOTUS and Mitt Romney said, “Corporations are people too, my friend.” So Corporate money is no different than PAC or SuperPAC money. It all spends the same.

    Anyone who puts him or herself out there in the public eye to be ridiculed, have every detail of their life probed and exposed, and puts-up with the nasty names they are called, deserves at a least a little grudging respect for doing that, even Newt Gingrich as far as I’m concerned. I still think Newt is a sleaze, but he’s got guts!

    But, this one exception candidate I am referring to is someone who practically nobody has even heard about, or even knows that he’s a candidate. That’s because the fake two-party system we have today in America has, for all practical purposes, frozen him completely out of the race. Change that if you can.

    This guy may well be the very smartest and best candidate we could ever hope for, but he doesn’t stand a chance of winning, because the current system is completely rigged against guys like him by both the Democrat and Republican parties in collusion with each other.

    Check him out at the following link…


  13. lylelaws says:

    Mr. Roberts,

    “The year the elephant died?”

    As Mark Twain once observed when it was rumored that he was dead, “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

  14. lyle…, It was the TNT who created the “elephant died” headline for this blog. Nik Roberts never even mentions elephants anywhere in his letter.

    Give credit where credit is due, sir!

  15. slugoxyz says:

    Muck, I respect your ability to write and I even respect you as a liberal voice. You seem pretty decent at supporting the liberal agenda which is generally why I don’t involve myself into the political frays on the TNT. They get heated and honestly, it is frustrating for me to participate because I generally think both sides are just ridiculous in their inability to see that either party…both parties are just liars based on the fact that a true liberal (big federal government, social reform, taxes etc) , or a true conservative (state’s rights, big business, lower taxes etc.) have no real place in current presidential, congressional or senate races. It is all about getting elected to support special interest. No grand liberal or conservative cause. It’s about supporting the insurance lobby or the union lobby or the gun lobby etc. etc.

    Politicians seek the middle, undecided vote. They aren’t seeking Muck’s vote or some entrenched conservative vote. Those votes are already decided. They want the undecided vote. Obama will spend a billion bucks to get it. Where does that billion dollars come from? Everywhere. Politicians are prostitutes. The difference between now and 20-30 years ago is a politician might court the gun lobby or the insurance lobby in order to promote a specific agenda. They only took money from those that supported the direction they wanted to go. Now? They take money from anyone. The insurance lobby gives money to both parties to insure (get it) that the winner (whomever it might be) is indebted to them. There is NO hope that the candidate will actually do what is right for the people because special interests guarantee their needs are met first. In order for a politician to win, they will invariably owe.

    So Muck, I feel you are disingenuous when you claim you are a moderate. I have watched you post and I have never seen you post a conservative view. You can’t say the same about me. We agreed on a gay marriage view (liberal). So, yes. I see that you were teasing beerBoy’s view that all candidates are a train wreck for the US. I try not to tangle with beerBoy. He supports his arguments very well. You on the other hand tend to post a lot, misdirect the conversation, get mired in silly mundane points rather than allowing a discussion to morph (which they tend to do). You want to prove one particular unimportant point rather than to win a general platform. So, I realize your first post was meant to tease beerBoy but in terms of you supporting Obama and his lies (they all lie), like you said… “well, I don’t know”

  16. muckibr – I saw no criticism in the post you wrote to me.

  17. I am very glad of that beerBoy, as none was ever intended.

    And, from your 7:42 AM comment I get that you lean towards a final contest between Obama vs. Romney, but you won’t commit either way. A little cynical, but fair enough.

    I also see an Obama vs. Romney contest, but being a pragmatist and given what I know about each candidate, I have no problem pledging my vote to the lessor of two evils now, which is Obama.

    (For anyone else reading, that does NOT make me a lib, simply and Independent who will likely vote for at least 1 Democrat this year.)

    That is, barring some political miracle that allows Brother Buddy R. to become a viable contender. But, I’m no wild-eyed idealist, so I don’t envision that scenario actually happening before November.

  18. Here’s the one Republican who might be able to bring a very sick GOP elephant back to good health…

    “Charles Elson “Buddy” Roemer III (born October 4, 1943) is an American politician who is currently running for the Republican nomination for President in 2012. He previously served as the 52nd Governor of Louisiana, from 1988 to 1992. He also served as a member of the United States House of Representatives from 1981 to 1988.”

    “In March 1991, while serving as Governor, Roemer switched from the Democratic to the Republican Party.”



  19. beerBoy says:

    muckibr – Since I live in Idaho, the state that consistently polls the most negative regarding Obama, the results are a foregone conclusion. While I think another 4 years of Obama is preferable to any of the GOP alternatives (most likely Mitt), a vote for Obama won’t change the way the state goes so I might as well not waste my vote on the lessor of two evils and vote for someone I think is good.

  20. muckibr says:

    beerBoy, if everyone who assumed that their vote didn’t count because they assumed that their candidate had already one anyway, decided not to vote …. well, then the results of the election would turn out quite differently wouldn’t they.

    Everyone knew Romney was going to win Florida. Romney poured more money into Florida than Gingrich even had in his entire campaign fund. The media predicted a big win for Romney. Romney supporters could have just assumed he was going to win, and decided to take the day off rather than go vote, because it was already a done deal. If they don’t vote out of over confidence, but the Gingrich supporters still do vote in defiance of the odds, then… What happens?

    Then there’s the outside candidate, like Gov. Buddy Roemer, who we know doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance, but… If, in your heart, you know that neither of the other two candidates are who you believe is good for the country, even though you know this true outsider cannot possibly win, your vote still makes a statement and maintains your ethics of voting not for the one who might win, but for the one who should win. Plus, it brings us closer to a day when a third candidate might really have a chance.

    Every vote does count, even if your candidate is a sure thing, or doesn’t stand a chance. Every vote counts. I truly believe that.

  21. concernedtacoma7 says:

    I second BBs intention to stay home on election day. Convince a few million of your lib friends to do the same and will have a new president in 2013.

    Stay home libs! Your vote is not needed, in Wa, Idaho or anywhere else.

  22. muckibr says:

    concerned, I second beerBoys motion that “… another 4 years of Obama is preferable to any of the GOP alternatives”

    So, I will add my vote to those of the “libs,” and most other Independents will also vote for President Obama to insure that he has another four years to fix what Bush and the Republicans broke.

  23. Muck: I would choose anyone over obama! slugoxyz says: Thank you slug; you seem to say it best and I have to agree with you on all you have posted here.

  24. Muck: Maybe you don’t realize it but all of your posts are very liberal, not independant. You just say it with more class than most of the leftie’s.

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