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TACOMA: Taxpayers won’t support road measures

Letter by John E. Nygard, Tacoma on Jan. 27, 2012 at 1:31 pm with 28 Comments »
January 27, 2012 1:35 pm

Re: “Task force lays out partial pothole plan” (TNT, 1-23).

The remarks quoted from members of the citizens street maintenance committee certainly make it seem like they were hand-picked to follow the Tacoma city government wish list. Not one dissenting comment was quoted.

Mark Martinez said the taxes would not be popular with the taxpayers. That is self-evident. David Seago said the car tab fee was a “no-brainer.” Did he ask all those unemployed or low-income folks how they feel? The no-brainer is his arrogance.

Lois Stark apparently thinks voters are too stupid to understand ballot issues since she said it wasn’t a good strategy to have too many options on one ballot. Seago also said that there was no point in putting these issues on the ballot hoping they will pass.

That’s it in a nutshell. We the taxpayers will not support these measures right now. We have no reason to trust a City Council that has gotten us into a severe financial crisis and then comes to us for even more money. Once city government is on a sound financial footing and has earned back taxpayer trust, then talk to us about a reasonable street plan.

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  1. cclngthr says:

    The issue is, road construction is extremely expensive, which taxpayers are concerned about, and the materials used to construct roads are not able to withstand the high rate of traffic and heavy loads.

  2. olympicmtn says:

    Tax those trucks driving the city roads and the school buses not the taxpayers footing the bill for city coffers going on spending sprees to arizona and DC. Tacoma is made up of greedy glutony spending human rights directors on a sugar high!

  3. BigSwingingRichard says:

    Nice letter John, I agree with your comments.

    I might also add that the two largest employee groups have yet to show much interest in solving the current fiscal crisis on a long-term basis. The police and fire unions have agreed to temporarily deferred cost of living increases amounting to about 3.2 million. Significant other changes will need to be done to address the 33 million short fall.

    No one, not the council, unions or the acting city manage have acted decisively to balance the current two year budget yet.

    Given this, the prospect of handing these folks more cash is akin to giving alcohol to a chronic alcoholic.

  4. B-S-R,

    Wrong again. The City Unions are willing to give up pay increses today, thus avoiding personel cuts, which are still on the table.

    What are YOU willing to give up to help balance the city budget?

  5. truthbusterguy says:

    Tax measure to fix pot holes, NO vote

    Tax measure to approve a school levy, NO vote

    Gas tax, sales tax, or any tax I get to vote on, A double NO vote.

    They all have plenty of money, it’s how they spend it.

  6. sandblower says:

    The myopians are out in force again. Thankfully they are usually in a minority when it comes to common sense issues like roads which means commerce which means jobs.

  7. truthbusterguy says:

    sandman, we want roads. We just don’t won’t to be taxed three times to fill a pot hole. Even you can see that.

    They are so deep, your head must be in one if you can’t see vote anger over being taxed every time we turn around. Please tell your liberal, progressive friends in Olympia to STOP!!!!

  8. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Where are the cuts to gov’t to offset the repair of roads??

  9. Just make the roads passable to bicycles.

  10. tree_guy says:

    We were never told if the task force was composed of people living in the Tacoma city limits or not. Nor were told if they were government or union affiliated. Lois Stark is a government employee. Government employees are going to have a pro-tax disposition. We’ve already paid for road repairs and now it’s missing. Rather than find new money…let’s find the old money.

  11. tree_guy says:

    Sell the Reconciliation pagoda and Reconciliation park. The taxpayers never said they wanted those white elephants. Use that for a downpayment on the road repairs. The average citizen is getting tired of funding the frills first and the vital services second.

  12. olympicmtn and bigswing and all that oppose ANY increase in taxes. Thank you for having the common sense to vote NO on any and all tax increases, I am with you on that one. Xing and sandblower must be renters or ???. As for the city unions, what a joke that they are willing to for go a raise. The people on ssi that worked all their life for the pitance they are receiving now didn’t get a raise for 3 years and finally just this year got a teeny tiny raise, so sue me!

  13. Use whatever salve you need to justify your stingy attitude. Maybe the wealthy will step up to pay your way.

  14. sandblower says:

    Ve are goink to confiscate your property, sell it to the highest bidder and use the funds to pay for road repairs.
    That will undoubtedly be the next conspiracy.
    Then we should get rid of anything that resembles society in action according to tree-sap, except that he gets to decide what is important because he knows better that all the rest and he represents everyone to some measured degree.
    Where do these people come from who have such shallow thoughts? I have great compassion for truly challenged individuals, but when a person is capable of posting on the internet and posts the equivalent of trash I lose that compassion very fast.

  15. tree_guy says:

    “he gets to decide what is important because he knows better that all the rest” sandblower

    Actually I don’t get to DECIDE, all I get to do is post my comment. IMO spending scarce tax dollars on a reconciliation park when we have critical infrastructure deteriorating right before our eyes is an abuse of the taxpayer provided funding. Again sandblower this is just my opinion. You are not required to share it.

  16. If you don’t want to pay taxes for road maintenance, then you’ll ultimately pay for it in repairs to your car and businesses will have the added cost of freight repair, school districts will have the cost of bus repair and the city will have the extra cost of garbage truck repair- you will still pay. One way or another.

  17. tree_guy says:

    “Ve are goink to confiscate your property” sandblower

    You claim to have a “great compassion” AND you make fun of people with German accents. The irony is probably lost on you.

  18. Darlin,
    Hate to bust your right wing fantasies, but not only am I a veteran, have been continually employed (at the same place) for over 33 years and have been a homeowner for 32 years.

    At least the unions are willing to make some sacrifices for the common good unlike the previous City Manager with his 35% pay raises, or the city council whom as far as I know have not reduced their pay or that of their staffs.

    SSI is federal; we are talking local/city here.

    Tree_guy, re Reconciliation Park – why not start a petition drive to force the City to sell the park?

  19. ItalianSpring says:

    Bravo John. Very well said.

  20. ItalianSpring says:

    LOL tree guy. No lib would understand it.

  21. Deadbeat.

  22. I can not take ANY more property tax increases, & I MEAN ANY. I will lose my home.

  23. blakeshouse says:

    Moo you may lose your home but just remember it is going for the socialist common good so you should be happy to lose it………

  24. Wrapper98439 says:

    Time for the citizens to get off their butt and help out. Especially those on walfare and unemployment. One day a week would go along way. What working person can’t give up one day a month to help the city? That will never work though. The biggest mouths are the laziest. Well, that and the unions will cry. Again, the biggest mouths I guess.

  25. sandblower says:

    Well, treesap, the imitation was meant to be something from the now defunct USSR because it fits the commie, socialist ranting that comes from you and your friends. Your spin to put it into something else is typical. And there is no irony except that which envelopes nearly everything you post. You and your fellow critics enjoy all the benefits our society provides, yet you do not want to pay for it or support it when times are tough. You and your friends are fair weather flag wavers. When times are tough, the flag, which represents us all, is not quite so beautiful.
    It’s called conditional allegiance. Not even a dog goes that far.

  26. ItalianSpring says:

    I vote NO on ALL new taxes, no matter what they’re for. It’s time that tax money is spent where it is Constitutionally required. “general welfare” does not mean “welfare”, but I see why they call it that.

  27. I cancel out your vote.

  28. TSkidmore says:

    First get rid of all the city council trips out of town – the retreats – the out of town consultants – the contracted out “work” that costs 83% more than if the city did in house…and no doubt there is more…than lets talk about increased taxes for pot holes…..

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