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MARIJUANA: We don’t need anymore one-sided articles

Letter by Taylor Lyday, Tacoma on Jan. 23, 2012 at 1:06 pm with 11 Comments »
January 23, 2012 1:06 pm

Re: “Draw the line between legal pot and bogus medicine” (editorial, 1-22).

Horrible article! I do support the legalization and feel it does provide many better benefits as opposed to alcohol, cigarettes and prescription drugs. Who has complained yet?

I also feel with recreational use, it’s none of anyone’s business of what a person does and if this is what the country wants, it’s our choice. There has yet to be one thing proven 100 percent by well-educated people about marijuana being harmful at all.

I feel your article was nothing but one-sided opinions with no facts to back it up. I hope you realize our state medical marijuana system is next to impossible to get into unless you literally have AIDS, cancer or only months left to live.

If you’re going to write something that many, many, many people read, you should include truth, facts and evidence to things you’re claiming on. You’re a newspaper, you’re supposed to be one of the most well investigated, truthful and published things a person can read.

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  1. sandblower says:

    The author must be a user who knows nothing about the research that shows MJ to be harmful. Either that or he/she can’t bear the thought of quitting. Now that is called addiction.

  2. What research? Please provide citations so we all can know about it without just taking your word for it sandblower.

  3. tellnolies says:


    “A large new government study has found that smoking marijuana on a regular basis, even over several years, does not impair lung function.”

    “In something of a twist, the researchers found that compared to nonsmokers, marijuana users performed slightly better on the lung function test, though the improvement was minuscule. “Even with this tiny increase in airflow, I have to admit that I really doubt that there’s any real increase in lung health,” said Dr. Stefan Kertesz, an associate professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham school of medicine and an author of the study. The finding may merely reflect marijuana smokers’ years of “training” in taking deep inhalations and holding the smoke, the researchers said.”

  4. Cigarettes are harmful, but they are legal!

    Alcohol is harmful, but it’s legal!

    Suntan beds are harmful, but that’s legal.

    Legalize Pot!
    Why the heck not!

  5. didnt read the article. and the letter was pretty shabby.
    that being said, i agree. except for the part about acquiring a green card. i don’t have one, but i know many that do…and they are not at all difficult to procure.
    also, http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/05/25/AR2006052501729.html
    doja not only won’t give you cancer; the THC actually will reverse the effects of cancer.

  6. what the heeze! setup! trying to link the harvard u. study on how tumors’ growth rate was cut in half by way of the chronic. google it…

  7. HistoryFan says:

    Funny how the law for “medical marijuana” was supposed to be used for those in agonizing pain and had no other medication to turn to. The voters said “yep, I want to help those in dire pain”. Then the mask was removed to find the law vauge and contradictory thus allowing every stoner with a hangnail to apply for a marijuana card. You well intentioned Washington voters were played for a sucker by underhanded liers. Remember that when similiar legislation comes forward.

  8. itwasntmethistime says:

    While I can’t cite any sources or provide any statistics, I have over 40 years of personal experience on this planet. My direct experience with thousands of people leaves me with the impression that pot smokers are, well, kinda dumber than other folks. A little lazier, a little fuzzy around the brain, a little less likely to put in more effort for someone else’s benefit.

  9. itwasntmethistime – wow! you have lived for 40 years and you think that makes you an expert in an area that you have done no real research in. I would call that “A little lazier, a little fuzzy around the brain, a little less likely to put in more effort for someone else’s benefit”.

    But I guess, since you don’t smoke pot, that means that there is no real reason for your defects other than that is just the way you are.

  10. itwasntmethistime says:

    beerBoy — Yes, I do think over 40 years of experience in the wild world is enough to give my personal observations some merit. Research? Well, I’ve met thousands of people in my lifetime and while I haven’t recorded any quantitative data I do have a very good memory. I can remember which people grew a little fuzzy about the brain while others were getting sharper.

    I know a few things about other fields I hold no credentials in as well. For instance, I know that smoking cigarettes is bad for your health, being mean to your kids shapes them into mean people, it’s safer not to use your cell phone when driving, and if you take up with a guy who beat his last girlfriend he’s probably going to beat you too. I feel pretty confident about following these life rules even though none of them have ironclad scientific proof.

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