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ROMNEY: Candidate has an empathy gap

Letter by Pat Chapin, Tacoma on Jan. 13, 2012 at 4:26 pm with 23 Comments »
January 17, 2012 10:34 am

Mitt Romney’s statement that the disparity of wealth focus is based on “income envy” has got to rank right up there with Marie Antoinette’s “let them eat cake.” He wants the country to be a “merit nation” where what you earn is a reflection of your education and hard work.

This would be fine if all people started out exactly even and no one inherited wealth or enjoyed the perks of wealth.

Let’s see . . . Romney, the poor child of a single working mom, went to a state university on a scholarship, working all the while to support himself and help out his mom. Another scholarship helped advance his higher education; then he started out on the ground floor of a business, and by his own hard work and determination worked his way up to be CEO of a capital investment firm.

That’s certainly not Romney’s story. This country not only has an income gap, it has an empathy gap. People who are as rich as Romney – and especially those who were raised with wealth – have absolutely no idea what the rest of the country is going through.

And some people want him to be president?

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  1. “Mitt Romney’s statement that the disparity of wealth focus is based on “income envy” has got to rank right up there with Marie Antoinette’s “let them eat cake.” ”

    “And some people want him to be president?”

    Not me!

    (But, I wouldn’t mind seeing him as the Republican nominee, because that will insure the reelection of President Barack Obama, who is the person I think Pat was really describing on paragraph 3.)

  2. Romney has empathy for CORPORATIONS:

    “Corporations are people, my friend… of course they are. Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to the people. Where do you think it goes? Whose pockets? Whose pockets? People’s pockets. Human beings, my friend.” —Mitt Romney to a heckler at the Iowa State Fair who suggested that taxes should be raised on corporations as part of balancing the budget (August 2011)


    “I like being able to fire people who provide services to me.” –Mitt Romney, using an unfortunate choice of words while advocating for consumer choice in health insurance plans (January 2012)

  4. Romney has empathy for THE UNEMPLOYED:

    “I should tell my story. I’m also unemployed.” —Mitt Romney, speaking in 2011 to unemployed people in Florida. Romney’s net worth is over $200 million.

  5. Romney has empathy for ANIMALS:

    “PETA is not happy that my dog likes fresh air.” —Mitt Romney in 2007, responding to criticism from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals following revelations that he had once put the family dog in a carrier and strapped it to the roof of his car during a 12-hour road trip

  6. Romney has empathy for AVERAGE PEOPLE:

    “There were a couple of times I wondered whether I was going to get a pink slip” –Mitt Romney, attempting to identify with the problems of average folk (January 2012)

  7. Romney has empathy for ILLEGAL ALIENS:

    “I’m running for office for Pete’s sake, we can’t have illegals” –Mitt Romney, recalling his reaction when he learned that there were illegal aliens working the ground on his property, employed by a firm that he subsequently fired (October 2011)

  8. Romney has empathy for AMERICA’s SOLDIERS and SAILORS:

    “[Obama's stimulus program is] one of the biggest peacetime spending binges in American history.” —Mitt Romney in April 2011, while U.S. troops were fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and involved in airstrikes against Libya

    (Note the word “peacetime”.)

  9. alindasue says:

    muckibr said, “Romney has empathy for PEOPLE WORKING IN THE SERVICE INDUSTRY:”

    You know better than to take quotes out of context, and that quote you used in your post regarding service people is certainly out of context.

    Here is the full quote according to Politifact:

    “I want individuals to have their own insurance,” Romney said. “That means the insurance company will have an incentive to keep you healthy. It also means if you don’t like what they do, you can fire them. I like being able to fire people who provide services to me. You know, if someone doesn’t give me a good service that I need, I want to say I’m going to go get someone else to provide that service to me.”


    Since when have insurance companies qualified as “service industry”?

    I don’t mind a good rant but when you are quoting someone, please, keep the quote in the context it was spoken in. Thanks.

  10. Okay alindasue, YOU GOT ME on that one! Sorry.

    Sorry Mitt!

  11. aislander says:

    Wallpaper? What wallpaper…

  12. aislander says:

    …or is it “spamming?”

  13. See alindasue. UNLIKE some people on these blogs, who believe they are always RIGHT and never wrong, I can admit when I am in error. Some people, who think they are always RIGHT, just don’t have the courage or integrity to do that.

    And, alindasue, you know who I am talking about, and it’s not you alindasue, but someone else who thinks he’s always RIGHT.

  14. You seemed to have scared off everyone muckibr. Don’t have an agenda do you? I am looking forward to Romney defeating Obama and his class warfare nonsense.

    Now back to the letter writer – I guess John Kennedy was out of touch too, right Pat? And by the way, we have and will continue to have a “merit based” country. I like cake but much prefer pie.

  15. chil74, as I have written before, I have absolutely no agenda whatsoever on these blogs. I just have fun posting my comments and often learn much from reading others comments.

    However, when certain people think they can flip me crap, then I am not afraid to challenge them back. If it ends up that they go away, then that’s what happens. If they stay, and stop flipping me garbage, and debate or joke around like decent normal people, than that’s cool too. I just don’t take guff from anyone here on these blogs, or elsewhere for that matter.

    Treat me with respect and you can expect me to show respect to you in return. That sound fair to you?

    P.S. Romney’s going down, hard! That is, if he even makes it to the Republican nomination.

  16. fanciladi says:

    I’m wonder what wealth has to do with a person’s real value. The Democrats have had plenty of wealthy candidates in their history…those who inherited their wealth… What the writer discribed about the ‘other’ upbringing is not really true of Obama.

    Obama has had things handed to him…he doesn’t know how to run a company/country. Affirmative action has been a big help to him, but it seems that it didn’t give him great decision making skills. I do not say that Affirmative Action is what I mean by ‘things being handed to him’. It gave him a start, but from there he has been handed things by those who pushed him to where he is…which is not good for our country…my opinion from what I see that is happening.

    Affirmative Action was good in it’s beginning…but, as many government things went way overboard…..my opinion!

    Many things have been taken out of content for what has been said about Romney. I watched 2 people (workers who lost their jobs) who were in the ‘video’ Gingrich’s PAC played and they weren’t talking about Bain when they did the video. It was supposed to be a documentary and not about Bain…very interesting…asked who they support for a Presidential candidate…one wasn’t sure yet…the other is leaning toward Romney…but, still not sure.


    This is the link to the video…they comment at the end answer her questions…

    Again, what does wealth have to do with running for the presidency??? Doesn’t always mean you’re out of touch…

  17. aislander says:

    Investment income is taxed at 15% because investment helps the economy and the principle has already been taxed at a higher rate. John Kerry, meanwhile, paid only 12% on his much larger income, while giving virtually nothing to charity until he thought someone might be looking…

  18. fanciladi, I would have to disagree with you on some of the comments you made about President Obama. It wasn’t until he had been elected to the US Senate, and received advance royalties for his first book, that he was able to pay off his student loans. That’s not coming from a rich background or even having things handed to you.

    Certainly JFK was rich. No doubt about that, but LBJ was a former school teacher before he got into politics. Jimmy Carter was a Naval Officer and then a marginally successful peanut farmer before he ran for governor. Certainly not a rich guy by Mitt’s standards.

    Bill and Hillary did not get rich until they got into politics, and I’m not going to get into how the have gotten rich since then. Not relevant.

    Dubya was rich before he ever ran for any office, and so was his dad H.W. We all know Reagan was a rich Hollywood actor, since he already owned a pretty nice ranch he vacation at when he was the prez. Ford and Nixon both came from relatively humble beginnings as far as I know.

    So, what does wealth have to do with a presidential candidate?

    Wealth itself has little to do with it, but the disconnect that wealth sometimes creates between our president and us regular Americans has a lot to do with who we want to vote for.

    Romney has tried hard to make himself out to be just a regular guy like us, but he hasn’t done so well as the quotes above attest.

    Compare him to Obama: Between those two who is more like a regular middle class American?

    A fair and honest non-biased non-partisan assessment would say Obama, because he came from a middle-class upbringing. Whereas Romney was born rich. lived rich, and is now even richer, thanks in part to making other people even poorer. That’s not a slam, it’s just a fact from his Bain Capital Days.

    Let’s compare Romney to another rich guy who was in politics.

    Who would you think would be closer to the people between these two rich guys: Mitt Romney or Robert F. Kennedy?

    Wealth is NOT the issue. Both Mitt and RFK were rich before they ever got into politics. The issue is: Who do we trust more?

    Between Mitt and RFK, for me it would be RFK, no contest.

    Between Mitt and Obama, to me it’s Obama.

    Sorry Mitt.

    Now, between Mitt and the rest of the current Republican candidates it would be Mitt! Then Ron Paul. The rest of them don’t even count.

  19. fanciladi says:

    I realize I don’t go into depth on my comments… It’s good to agree to disagree… Opinion is many times the way we look at the info…looking at the same thing…differing opinions.

    I still disagree with how you see Obama and how he’s done in the Presidency. I think he’s basically a very, very nice guy and would, perhaps be a great neighbor…but, that’s as far as I go…

    His U.S. Senate time was uneventful from what the record shows.

    Anyway, appreciate looking at your feedback……

  20. fanciladi, and I do appreciate your feedback as well, and hope nothing I wrote struck you as overly critical or in any way offensive. I’m learning a lot from you. I hope to keep that going.

  21. fanciladi says:

    I don’t think anything was overly critical that I read. I try to realize that people have differing opinions…and not get heated…lol…and this election year is getting even more heated at times.

    It helps when things are said so as not to put the person down…sometimes we can slip up, especially when we’re in the defensive mode.

    There are many ways to learn and then digest it from there…I’ve known from my school years that I was not talented in the debate area…lol… We all have our own gifts….

  22. stumpy567 says:


    M- Most
    U- Unusual
    C- Contempt
    K- Keeping
    I- Intelligent
    B- Behavior
    R- Rare

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