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PROTESTS: Occupy movement does have a plan

Letter by Jennifer R. Hyder, Spanaway on Jan. 9, 2012 at 12:58 pm with 32 Comments »
January 9, 2012 12:58 pm

After feeling confused about the strategies and mission of the Occupy Wall Street movement, I did a four minute internet search to find local events and information. It quickly became evident that the Occupy groups are focused and networking nationally and globally.

I encourage everyone to go to www.the-99-declaration.org and read this document that may be the solution to restoring voters’ voices to the political process. The demonstrations, the rhetoric and the news coverage do not do justice to a powerful idea that represents people of all races, economic levels and political beliefs.

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  1. muckibr says:

    Some many said the OWSers had no organization, that they weren’t doing anything to make positive change. I always said, in these blogs, give them some time. Now it seems they have begun to make a positive statement, in fact many statements on their page, and will become a force for good in this country.

    Like it or not, and there are many who won’t, the OWSers are still here and still keeping up the good fight!


  2. keepinitreal says:

    I saw 5 at the corner of Pacific and S. 21st.

  3. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Great job. Months after a canadian paper called for them to act, they made a website.

  4. SCORPION says:

    concerned – If you can get pass the music, take a gander at the first video, it is a perfect description of the current state of the nation.

    I was thinking if you were a Democrat and voiced support for these guys… too ironic.

    (posted at another thread, too quick with the submit)

  5. muckibr says:

    “If you can get pass the music, take a gander at the first video, it is a perfect description of the current state of the nation.”

    Since you agree with their video, then you AGREE with the OWSers?

  6. SCORPION says:

    Agree – that would be a false assumption. I take a poop in the toilet for one…

    Burning flags is a no-no in my book for two…

    I choose my friends better than they do for three…


  7. muckibr says:

    But you did write: “If you can get pass the music, take a gander at the first video, it is a perfect description of the current state of the nation.”

    “it is a perfect description of the current state of the nation.” You wrote that.

    I’m not saying you agree with everything that the OWS says or stands for, but you did say you agree with them on that much of their first video. Just that much. Right?

    So you agree with:

    25.2% Unemployment and Underemployment

    Nearly $15 Trillion In Debt

    Millions of Americans Losing Their Homes to Foreclosure

    46 Million Americans Living in Poverty

    Hundreds of Billions of Dollars Paid to Bailout the 1%

    Corporate Control of Our Politicians

    The American Dream id Dying

    There is a Solution


  8. SCORPION says:

    Now we get into nuances…

    The declaration is nothing more than the state of the US through their filtered eyes.

    two – I would not subscribe to any absolute to any of the above.

    three – statement of facts vs perceptions. example foreclosure – just because someone is losing their home to foreclosure does not mean they contributed to the conditions for foreclosure.

    four – Hundred of billions to bailout corporations and Obama donors

    five – the american dream is dying because of government intrusion

    six – the solution begins the Wednesday after election 2012

  9. bobcat1a says:

    scorpion, the American dream is dying because corporations think of people as inconveniences.

  10. muckibr says:

    Well SCORP, if you didn’t mean any of it, then why did you write and post the following sentence about the OWS video #1 in the first place?

    “If you can get pass the music, take a gander at the first video, it is a perfect description of the current state of the nation.”

    You’re not making any sense!

  11. hansgruber says:

    99% VS 1 % is all wrong!

    This is 47% (Those who do not pay Federal income tax) VS the 53% (Those who pay income taxes).

  12. Hey there Hans!

    Here are a couple of quotes I found on the tax issue…

    “Millions of Americans are not being told the truth that almost 90% of us pay taxes, and that much of the reason why there were fewer people paying federal income taxes in 2009 was that Barack Obama signed the largest tax cut in US history.”


    “The Tax Policy Center has tried to correct Fox News and the right wing media’s misuse of their research. In April 2010, Howard Glickman of the TPC wrote, ”



  13. SCORPION says:

    I menat what I wrote, the video is a good description of the current state of America.

  14. SCORPION says:

    It is a statement of fact that @47% do not pay federal income taxes per the data from the IRS. Per the article it describes that figure comes from different filing status but the aggregate is the 47% figure.

    You are attempting to prove a statement false – ‘half of all Americans pay no taxes’ The issue has been federal income tax, but then it goes on to add the other taxes which is not the issue.

    Those that pay federal income tax also pay the other taxes discusses in addition to federal income tax… in addition to.

  15. Pacman33 says:

    LOL, What a freaking joke. The first vid is the typical clueless #OWS whistle-blowing of 2010 front page news headlines. Yet another awkward exhibit of the #Occupuds believing they’re educating us with common knowledge transfused with the patented pitiful and revealing delivery.

    The second is a Marxist Wishlist “Healthcare For All”, “Jobs For All”, “Freeze All Home Foreclosures”, “Protection Of The Planet” and “Student Debt Forgiveness”. The thing is it was labeled solutions to the problems in the first video? #OWS needs to #Occupy an English 101 class. These things are NOT solutions to the first video. They are NOT solutions AT ALL. That is beyond sad. What world do you reside on where it is sane to delude ‘Protecting the Planet’ and ‘Free Debt Forgiveness’ on bonehead financial decisions as a solution to unemployment or national debt?

    The third vid is nothing but a link to a Progressive/socialist Radio Site? I guess that is where #Occuriers go to blather their solutions for their grievances. Even though they aren’t solutions to or solutions at all. Simply more grievances, without adding anything at all to a mentally healthy version of a ‘Solution’.

    Finally we are here the unveiling of #OWS plan, or even a purpose. The suspense builds as the fourth is titled “Next Step For OWS?”. I anxiously scroll to click the ‘read more’ icon over a description:
    “Has a Harvard Professor Mapped Out the Next Step for Occupy Wall Street?” Click.
    “Error 404 – Not Found
    Sorry, the page that you are looking for does not exist.”

    LOL. I guess not. ERROR 404. Sorry an #OWS plan does not exist.

  16. SCORP… “You are attempting to prove a statement false –”

    False. I am not attempting to do anything on that issue. I just posted a couple quotes and a link.

    It is “The Tax Policy Center has tried to correct Fox News and the right wing media’s misuse of their research.”

    Give me a break!

  17. SCORPION says:

    muck – we are picking nits. @47 precent do not pay federal income tax.

    I don’t know what else to tell you.

  18. SCORPION says:

    second – the first video, when you get beyond the marketing techniques, has statements that are generally truthful and are a reflection of the current state of the America.

    ‘Agree’ was the term you used. Not sure why I need to ‘agree’ I can take them at their value and then discuss from there. ‘Disagreeing’ when nuances are clarified.

    As for the rest… the declaration and proposed convention documents are a mess. It contains way too much rhetorical language to be used as a basis to build a platform on. A rhetorical statement directed at me and bobcat for example yields two different interpretations and hence, two different solutions.

    The document also has elements of the ‘S’ word (Socialism… sssshhhh). It attacks capitalism but does not appear to offer a solution except to assume that government will now become more of an entity in a citizens life.

  19. SCORP, I’m not picking anything. I just posted a couple quotes and a link. That’s all.

    You have to take the nitpicking up with The Tax Policy Center and Fox News. I don’t care what the statistic is.

    As you know, as far as taxes go, the only position I take is that the ultra rich 1%ers can afford to pay more than they are, and so they should. That is my only position on taxes.

  20. SCORPION says:

    Then your post as posted is misleading, but considering the source. The content was also misleading in its attempt to take a snippet of a statement, prove the out of context statement ‘false’ and then change the conversation to include all taxes, etc…

    Maybe you can help me. Do you think I am taking this quote and link out of context…

    Mumia Abu-Jamal: “To My Friends of OWS”

  21. ManuelMartini says:

    rather sad that we live in a country where 47% of the workers don’t make enough to pay income tax.

    but wait – I thought that taxes were the great evil…

  22. SCORPION says:

    The income level where a person pays into the federal income tax pool is arbitrary. No one is too poor to pay something into the federal income tax pot.

    At a minimum, stop the concept of tax credits. Getting money ‘back’ that you didn’t pay into the pot is not effective tax policy.

  23. “Then your post as posted is misleading”

    How is my posting some interesting information on taxes “misleading”?

    All the I wrote as a lead-in was “Hey there Hans! Here are a couple of quotes I found on the tax issue…” nd that’s what I posted, plus a thank you to President Obama for cutting our taxes, and a link so folks could read for themselves.

    How in the hell is any of that mis-leading in any possible way?

    You’re really trying to make a mountain out of a nuthin SCORP, not even a mole hill on this one. Talk about pickin’ nits you old nitpicker, you!

  24. “No one is too poor to pay something into the federal income tax pot.”

    No one?

    Have you heard of “poverty?”

    It does exist here in the U.S. you know.

    Some people don’t have any money at all SCORP. None. Nada. Zero. Zip. No dinero. Not a single shekel.

    If a person doesn’t have any money, then what would you suggest that person use to “pay something into the federal income tax pot.”

    Perhaps a pound of flesh! You got your cleaver ready to take it?

    You need to come back to reality SCORP. It’s getting away from you.

  25. Oh, and as far as your posted link to the letter from Mumia Abu-Jamal goes.

    I saw that same post when you first posted the link at 6:16 PM yesterday and I did not object to it then, did I?

    Why would I object to it now?

    You seem to be losing it SCORP.

  26. SCORPION says:

    I stated the reason I thought the post was misleading and the link was also, cherry pick all you want.

    I also said end the tax credits and using the federal income tax system as a form of welfare to the lower income individuals. Again, cherry picking.

    Abul or whatever the cop killers name is, it is just my way of contributing to the discourse and providing ‘some interesting information’ on who the Occupy movement thinks is worthy of a front page mention on it website.

  27. “I am the 53% who will fight to the death for our right to pay for the privileges of the 1%!”

  28. Oh larryjim…..you are such a kard.

  29. If the TNT would allow the space for it, someone could post every article about the OWSers for the past few months, make a general summary comment about them, and SCORP would accuse that person of “cherry picking”.

    “Cherry picking” seems to be SCORPs favorite words like “deflect” is aislander’s favorite word. I guess when you have absolutely nothing better to say, you just have to fall back on the old reliable easy way out.

    The fact is, the OWS is in the beginnings of getting itself organized, just like the process the Tea Party went through some two years ago. They’ll get it together even if they have to deflect the cherry pickers along the way.

  30. SCORPION says:

    muck – I was referring you to a previous post not an article. You cherry-picked from my post to make a point and used a snippet of my post to do that. When in context, my post said no such thing… classic.

    I do have some favorite words but we are in polite company here.

    “They’ll get it together…” no, they do not have the message to keep it together and are nothing more that a one-note occupying mob.

    (I cherry-picked your post by the way) ;)

  31. Good Bless You Scorpy. I am done with you.

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