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SHOOTING: Gun critics wrong to exploit tragedy

Letter by Darren K. McDonald, Puyallup on Jan. 9, 2012 at 12:34 pm with 10 Comments »
January 9, 2012 1:21 pm

Re: “Rainier killing unlikely to prompt changes in law” (TNT, 1-8).

It is truly sad how the anti-gun lobby uses any firearm tragedy to stigmatize private firearm ownership.

The common thread between shootings at Mount Rainier and in Tucson, Ariz., should be the suspect’s mental health, not firearms. If the former soldier and the college student had gotten treatment for their problems, we may not be discussing firearms now. In both cases there were more than enough red flags to warrant intervention and treatment.

Our government’s quest to fund unsustainable budget projections has let our most vulnerable citizens slip through the cracks. These two stories are perfect examples of what is wrong with our health care system. Slashing medical care for the mentally ill and reducing police budgets will only make this problem worse.

Recently a widowed 18-year-old in Oklahoma successfully defended herself and her 3-month-old baby against two armed intruders. This is exactly what the National Rifle Association stands for: the ability to defend your family from harm.

To associate the NRA with the events of Mount Rainier and Arizona is nothing but pure anti-gun propaganda and a slap in the face to all law-abiding firearm owners.

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  1. muckibr says:

    Whereas the NRA pro-gun lobby exploitation of the 18 year-old widowed mother who killed one of two intruders is perfectly fine?

  2. Publico says:

    If his high style military looking guns were not available he would have to find some other less glorified way to commit his crime. There is little power to show off with a knife.

  3. SCORPION says:

    It is a positive story of a mother defending herself and her child…

    Banning ain’t gonna happen, it is impossible, keep dreaming…

  4. SCORPION says:

    concerned – If you can get pass the music, take a gander at the first video, it is a perfect description of the current state of the nation.

    I was thinking if you were a Democrat and voiced support for these guys… too ironic.

  5. muckibr says:

    What video?


  6. SCORPION says:

    wrong thread – I figure no video nor a post by concerned people would be able to figure that out… wrong again… my bad.

  7. keepinitreal says:

    Great points Darren. Unfortunately, some gun banners seem to hate it when a law abiding citizen’s use their 2nd amendment right to lawfully protect themselves and their family is exercised.

    It really speaks volumes when they take a story like the one at Rainier and claim that somehow a law would have averted the murder. It’s an obvious attempt to appeal to non-thinking people’s emotions rather than logic.

    The nut was violating more than a few laws before he committed the heinous act. Banning firearms in national parks would have not made any difference, and thinking people understand that.

  8. muckibr says:

    SCORP, it could have been a video link in a comment that was posted by concerned… and then DELETED by the monitors. You think some folks might have considered that as a possibility?

  9. SCORPION says:

    concerned posted no comment here that I was responding to.

    Like I said the story of a mother defending herself and her child warms my heart.

  10. keepinitreal says:


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