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GOP: Is Ron Paul the Ross Perot of 2012?

Letter by Lyle Laws, Puyallup on Jan. 6, 2012 at 2:06 pm with 26 Comments »
January 10, 2012 4:37 pm

Ron Paul may not have as many supporters as some of the other candidates in this year’s Republican nominating process, but those he does seem to be well-funded and very dedicated. Those facts may play a major role in the re-election of Barack Obama in November.

Like Ross “Where the rubber meets the road” Perot, Ron Paul has never seen a TV camera or a microphone he didn’t like. That coupled with his crusty “My way or no way” attitude may very well cause him to continue on for what he is actually seeking; attention, pure and simple.

If he feels that another four year of Obama would be better than four years of Mitt Romney (if nominated), a campaign as an independent might make some kind of sense. However, if he gets in just to play the role of spoiler, in order to stroke his ego and maybe get even with Romney for keeping him from getting the nomination, he will be doing his country a grave disservice.

Is revenge really that sweet?

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  1. So it’s all about unseating Obama, Lyle?

    I remember all thoses statements about the TEA Party being made up of more than just conservative Republicans.

    Yeah, and the wolf was Red Riding Hood’s grandma….

  2. Publico says:

    We all should cheer Mr. Paul on to play a roll as an independent along side the Republican Party similar to the roll Mr. Nader played in Florida in 2000. It would be lovely and oh-so-sweet.

  3. beerBoy says:

    Lyle – I’m unaware of any candidate who doesn’t fit this description: “has never seen a TV camera or a microphone he didn’t like”.

    Mr. Paul served in the House from 1976-1984, ran for Senate in 84, ran for president in 88, returned to the House in 1996, ran for president in 2008. Ross Perot never held elected office and ran for president twice. The comparison is strained at best.

  4. SCORPION says:

    bb – I think it is a long winded letter just saying Ron Paul running as a third party might garner enough attention to alter the course of the election.

    That little chart man from Texas was entertaining. Ron Paul is not as much fun, I typically wanna slit my wrist after listening to him for a while.

  5. took14theteam says:

    Yes, X6 (and all your other alts), it is about unseating BHO. That is what happens when your term is up. You either get the boot, or get re-elected. I am pretty sure John Kerry was trying to “unseat” GWB in 2004, wasn’t he??? Please provide all your blog and chat room comments complaining that Kerry was trying to unseat GWB.

    And since the hypocrite has been elected, I haven’t seen much of the “Hope and Change” that was promised. Well, I have seen some change, sending America to socialism, but I haven’t seen any “Hope”

    It is pretty funny, in a sad sort of way, watching him do all the things he railed against when he was a senator for 5 minutes. And that was because, you guessed it, that “Evil” GWB was president (who happened to be a Republican).

  6. bobcat1a says:

    Ron Paul probably believes (quite rationally) that Obama will get us out of our entangling foreign adventures a whole lot quicker than any of the teapublican candidates he is competing with.

  7. ReadNLearn says:

    I wondered how a racist like Hitler ever got traction in Germany. With his recent ads against Asians, now I know. There’s an undercurrent in this country that he’s counting on.

  8. beerBoy says:

    Wow….it is taking less and less time for threads to be Godwin-ed these days.

    Due to Paul’s Libertarian stances, there is a possibility that a third party run by him would require the GOP nominee (most likely Mitt) to run further to the Right while Obama would have to run further to the Left to shore up their bases against defections to a guy who, half the time, says things that seem to make sense to the Right and half the time says things that seem to make sense to the Left.

  9. took14theteam says:

    Do you really think the majority of American’s would vote for a 78 year old person to be president? I think they would be basing it on who the VP is to make sure they don’t end up with a Biden for president….

  10. took14 and all your other alts – The desire to replace GWB was because he started a war for no good reason. The option just happened to be John Kerry, as the Republicans were all for Bush.

    That being said, my comment was about exposing the lie of the “TEA” Party, which is nothing more than an astroturf of the conservative Republicans.

  11. X6, I have seen this reference to “alts” on a number of threads, but have ignored it until now. Now I am finally curious. What the hell is an “alt”?

  12. lylelaws says:


  13. lylelaws says:


    In 2000 Ralph Nader siphoned off votes that would have gone to Al Gore, thus benefiting Bush. But Ron Paul would be taking votes away from the Republican nominee and helping to reelect Barak Obama.

  14. SCORPION says:

    lylelaws – I would lay a few dollars that publico would actually be in favor of that. A third party run that would have the effect of siphoning votes from any Republican candidate.

    Ron Paul, Donald Trump, Attila the Hun… I don’t think they really care as long as they siphon votes from the GOP candidate.

  15. lyle…, Don’t you think that Ron Paul might actually pull votes from the independent swing voters, with his history of Libertarian stands on many issue? If he did garner swing votes from the center, that could hurt President Obama just as much as it might hurt the Republican challenger in the General Election. Yes? No?

    P.S. Somebody want to explain what an “alt” is?

  16. lylelaws says:


    Just how far out of touch is Ron Paul?

    Well, he has introduced 630 bills in the House, and only one of them has passed.

  17. TheSlag says:

    meh, who cares….a bunch of hot air an not traction for the pachyderms

  18. lylelaws says:


    From the polls I have seen, the independent voters who mostly voted for Obama in 2008, are now much more likely to vote against him in 2012, so, no, I don’t think a Ron Paul campaign as an Independent would harm Obama nearly as much as it would harm the Republican noninee.

  19. muckibr says:

    Okay lyle…, you might be right, if the polls you’ve seen are accurate. Then it would be like the effect Perot had on George H.W. Bush that allowed Clinton to win.

    BTW, do you know what the heck an “alt” is?

  20. beerBoy says:

    Lyle – since when is going along with the crowd in Congress (polling at below 9% favorability) a good thing?

  21. beerBoy says:

    “alt” = alternative screen name/persona, aka “sockpuppet”. When one says another poster of having multiple “alts” they are complaining that one person is logging in as various personas.

  22. muckibr says:

    beerBoy, thanks for the “alt” info. I was thinking maybe it meant alter-ego or alternative lifestyle, which fit some thread topics, but not others.

    So an “alt” is kind of like what amJim did when he created amiJim, then amJames, then amiJames, and I’m pretty sure he was probably the one who created RW98152 (as a fake to the real RW98512 who I haven’t seen here in a while now that I think of it.) amJames was originally LarryFine right? Was he also some of those other “alts” that popped up around new years?

  23. muckibr says:

    beerBoy, thanks for the info on the “alts”. I was thinking it stood for alter-ego or maybe alternative lifestyle, which works for some thread topics but not others.

  24. SCORPION says:

    bb – you really think you needed to answer that question…

    I didn’t think you were that gullible.

  25. muckibr says:

    Honest to God SCORPION, I did NOT know what the “alts” referred to before beerBoy answered my question. And you know that I take my Christianity seriously, so believe me or not. I don’t give a rip.

    beerBoy, thanks again for the explanation. I appreciate it. You are not gullible, SCORPION is simple an —.

  26. beerBoy says:

    For the first time I watched the GOP debates last night. The only sane person on stage was Jon Huntsman. Mitt Romney reminds me of Al Gore – tightly controlled, well scripted – a Stepford Candidate. Very creepy.

    Ron Paul, as much as I admire his willingness to say politically incorrect things (his rant on the racially imbalanced drug war was priceless), seems to be more interested in the theory of things than the praxis.

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