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TPD: Car stolen from and then ticketed

Letter by Caaren M. Maines, Tacoma on Jan. 3, 2012 at 12:41 pm with 6 Comments »
January 3, 2012 12:41 pm

My car never ran well, but it did its job. It was parked on a side street in Tacoma’s Proctor District. First it was broken into, ransacked and the gas siphoned. Next it was broken into by someone enterprising enough to pop the hood and steal the battery from my now-immobile car.

A few weeks later, a license plate was stolen. I called the police. I got a case number and was told to take the front plate off, too. I did.

My car was tagged on Dec. 29 for missing license plates and being parked without moving for too long, and ticketed for $257. Where were the police before?

I called to remind them the car couldn’t move and the plates were stolen. Eventually, an officer called back and said there’s no record of me reporting the stolen license plate. I offered him the case number, and he said to have that number when I go to court to resolve this.

Someone has stolen from me so many times that I can no longer rectify the situation. Now it is me, the owner of this much-victimized car, who is being fined and penalized by the Tacoma Police Department. “Protect and serve”? Who, exactly?

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  1. truthbusterguy says:

    Have two words for you, Get Jesse!!!!!

    Call him at King 5 and have him calibrate these “Public Servants” thatare here only to protect and serve.

  2. hansgruber says:

    Why didn’t you take the case number with down to the DOL office and get new plates? That would have saved you $257 and you wouldn’t have aggravation of having to go to court and tell your story to the judge.

    Why haven’t you bought a battery so you can continue to use your now immobilized car? I’m sure you know that it’s been tagged, it will be towed (at your expense)unless you get it running again.

    I’m sure the police told you that too but being the distraught victim here, that part just wasn’t important enough to follow through.

    Yeah call Jesse, see what he has to say, bet it’s really close to what I just told you.

  3. BigSwingingRichard says:

    Sorry for your troubles, however, given the City of Tacoma’s current state of financial mismanagement, you should feel lucky you did not get a 31 million dollar parking ticket.

    Good luck.

  4. ItalianSpring says:

    Sure that sounds horrible, but I imagine if you had a neighbor like YOU in the north end, living next to YOU, you’d be complaining about your “crack smoking neighbor who doesn’t work” and therefore parks their “broken down vehicles everywhere” and demanding their cars get ticketed.

    Like I said, it sounds horrible, but at least there weren’t any fires, and that ain’t bad.

  5. stumpy567 says:

    Go to this website
    and file the paperwork with all supporting documents. or you can file a case in small claims court. (it will cost 70 bucks that is reimbursable if you win)
    I had a car towed that was on my property and recovered all costs from the city.

  6. ReadNLearn says:

    Italian Spring has it right…it’s individuals like this letter writer who brings down a neighborhood visually and property value wise. He’s got a derelict car out front, likely a pick up truck on blocks in the front lawn and maybe a pitbull on a chain in the back.

    It’s good this person got ticketed. He’s the problem.

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