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BURN BAN: Where’s evidence of bad-air deaths?

Letter by John Stadler, Fox Island on Dec. 28, 2011 at 9:15 am with 29 Comments »
December 28, 2011 10:23 am

Re: “We are concerned about our air, and we are in this together” (Viewpoint, 12-26).

The claim by the authors – a health department doctor and a chamber of commerce official – is that 1,100 deaths in this state are caused by fine-particle pollution. Please, tell us more.

How many of the “estimated” deaths are of people who live in Pierce County? Show us the death certificates, signed by doctors, stating the deaths were caused by fine-particle pollution.

Why is it that everyone I know of knew with symptoms stated was a smoker or lived a sedentary lifestyle?

When will the county ban alder pollen and the estimated 50 tons of coal-burning particulates blown into Pierce County from China every day?

Long ago, the Army told me that salt is good for me. A doctor and in-laws told me it is bad for me. The latest study indicates it lowers blood pressure. Works for me.

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  1. tacomasocrates says:

    more scare tactics and outright lies from Puget Sound Clean Air Agency , their warnings always coincides with the coldest days of the year.

  2. All too often it seems if someone wants to make a point,there are claims that seem to be unprovable.For instance the claim of all the deaths from wood smoke.I too would like to see how many Medical officials would put their signature on an death certificate that stated wood smoke was the cause of death.

  3. John – your letter smacks of the same old “I don’t believe it so it isn’t happening” garbage of the Conservative politics.

    Try being a person with a lung condition on a bad air day.

  4. http://www.lungusa.org/healthy-air/

    I know, they are just trying to justify their jobs.

  5. BlaineCGarver says:

    Hey, RW, those with bad lungs used to move to the desert. Now, the vast majority has to change for the vocal, professional whiners? Used to be the lungers would stay inside and take responsibility for the disease they brought on theirselves by a lifestyle choice.

  6. surething says:

    Asthma is not brought upon oneself by bad choices, but is a lung condition.

  7. Tacomasocrates – the coldest days of the year are the days people are most likely to use a fireplace or indoor stove.

    B-G-C all the people who don’t want to pay for government services should move to Somalia.

  8. Sroldguy says:

    Health Effects of Wood Smoke

    Study: Wood Smoke a Leading Health Concern in Tacoma
    Diesel Exhaust and Smoke from Residential Fires Linked to Higher Cancer Risk
    MARCH 3, 2011–A new report released today by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency highlights the harmful pollutants associated with wood smoke, particularly in Tacoma residential areas

    Tacoma and Seattle Area Air Toxics Evaluation
    Executive Summary (.pdf)

    Full report (13 MB .pdf)

  9. SrOldguy – you valiantly fight an uphill battle, trying to impart some knowledge onto the close-minded who look to their political barometers before using their own common sense. Same folks who, 20 years ago, probably decried outlawing the burning of household garbage in their backyards – now this would be unheard of and punishable by fine. These folks will never click the links to the science you’ve provided them, because they are intellectually lazy.

  10. Well, as an ex-smoker I realized that any smoke I put into my lungs was not good for them or me. So it follows, that any smoke in the air, that ultimately gets into my lungs is also not good.

    I would also like to see vehicle exhaust outlawed, as we who have to drive to and from work suck that stuff in every working day. They could star by first outlawing diesel exhaust. Health-wise, diesel exhaust may not be as bad for our bodies as car exhaust, but it stinks more!

    Ban the smoke!!!

  11. Does the good of the many out way the good of the few or of the one?

  12. Yup!

  13. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Outlaw diesel? Please explain how that would be economically feasible.

    Not like I enjoy a face full of black smoke, but I understand how goods get moved around the country.

    We would be better off with more nukes then with any of these insanely expensive green projects. Great job govt motors with the Volt. Another loss in green’s column.

  14. cclngthr says:

    The Volt now is under a buy back campaign where the cars are being bought back due to a fire hazard problem with the batteries.

    I hope you know diesel engines are more economical than gasoline engines due to the fuel having a higher BTU rating. Diesel powered cars achieve about 45-50 mpg where the same car with a gas powered engine gets 28-30 mpg.

  15. I don’t dispute diesel being more economical, I just think they stink when I get stuck behind one. I’m all for nuclear powered cars!

  16. cclngthr says:

    You will never see nuclear powered cars because the fuel is too unstable, and fueling is not easy, nor cheap.

    Chevy is buying back the Volt for a valid reason; it is unsafe.

    Diesel is here to stay, and more manufacturers are using the diesel engine in more cars. In Europe, you find more vehicles running on that fuel than gas engines.

    Diesel engines last much longer than gas engines. A gas engine lasts maybe 200,000 miles before a rebuild. A diesel engine is just broken in with that mileage.

  17. Never say never, again!

  18. One of my sons served aboard a fast attack Los Angeles Class nuclear submarine for almost four years. Now, I think if they can use nuclear power aboard subs safely for over 50 years (USS Nautilus launched in 1954) then somebody should be able to scale down a similar power plant for a car.

    As far as refueling, no problem! The nuclear fuel in the car would probably outlast the car itself. It might be the case that when you go to buy a new car you would have them transfer the nuke fuel from the old car to the new.

    As far as diesel goes, the same son now drives a VW Jetta TDI, and it doesn’t have that real pungent diesel smell like say the Dodge Diesel or even the older Mercedes Diesels have. And, if they ran those cars on corn oil based diesel instead of crude based, then they’d all smell like popcorn. That might be okay.

    I live in hope!

  19. cc… I’ve been trying to post a longer message about the nuclear car idea, but for some reason it won’t post. The previous comment was just a play on the old Bond movie title.

  20. crusader says:

    The gullibility of blindly accepting PSCAA agency propaganda is frightening. Next thing you know people will think we need additional taxes to pay for a 911 radio system.

  21. harleyrider1 says:

    How much money would be saved at the City, County, and State level be eliminating this department? Wages, benefits, and pensions from folks that feel the need to tell people they cannot use their own fireplace to keep their family warm?

    Over one-thousand died? Here? Never has any emergency responder such as fire or police responded to someone who dropped over dead on the sidewalk because the family down the street was trying to stay warm. Departments that print and spread such lies and fear should be terminated. Wrap your lips around the exhaust pipe of a vehicle using diesel and stand outside in the winter near a home using a fireplace – see which one kills you first.

    Absurd. And yet, you and I continue to provide funding for this zany department.

  22. The only reason you get black diesel smoke, is because you have ignorant people driving them. Usually pigheaded, rednecks in giant pickups.

    Diesel burns slower than gasoline, so when the uneducated get in and jam the throttle to the floor, they force the fuel through the system faster than it can burn properly which produces the smoke.

    Once again, it isnt the machine, but the stupid people who use them that is the REAL problem.

  23. Dcr… I’m not just concerned with diesel smoke. It’s the smell that gets me. It comes from trucks, some diesel cars, almost all diesel busses. It is one of the worst smells ever, and even when I’m running my car on internal air that smell still seeps in somehow. We need to outlaw diesel.

    And, I wish I could post my comment on nuclear cars!

  24. Blaine’s comment about “lungers” told me everything I need to know about his intellectual capacity.

  25. RW… Please be careful with BCG. His comments regarding 2nd Amendment Rights on another thread are somewhat alarming. As regards “lungers” I’ve never heard or read that term before, but it does sound a bit insensitive for sure.

    BTW, my comment regarding nuclear cars was finally cleared and posted by the monitors. If you have a sec, its up there at 28/10:16 PM.

    What’s your take on nuclear powered cars?

  26. The nuclear fuel in the car would probably outlast the car itself

    Since cars don’t last hundreds of thousands of years, that is a pretty safe bet.

  27. And…..that nuclear fuel wouldn’t ever, ever, ever spill during an accident either!

  28. annJames says:

    those with lung problems know about air quality

  29. beerBoy, are you being sarcastic?

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