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FEES: Big government is ripping us off

Letter by Charles Woodhead Jr., Spanaway on Dec. 27, 2011 at 12:44 pm with 6 Comments »
December 28, 2011 8:55 am

I renewed my license tabs for my car and motor home, and I’m tired of the added fees. There was $272 for the Regional Transit Authority (Sound Transit), which is a poorly managed money hole, and $75 for a weight-based fee to support rail.

First, I live in Spanaway, and RTA won’t operate past Lakewood. So, essentially, my fees subsidize other people. My RV does not ride any rails, so why am I subsidizing them?

I am not rich, but I do give an average of $100 a month to children’s, animal welfare and wounded service member charities. Greed is not my motive. I just feel for all of us who are being ripped off by those who are supposed to work for us.

I am lucky, since I have options to fight back. First, I am only going to shop on base or the Internet, so no sales tax will be paid. Next, the $5 parks fee that I have been paying since its inception will no longer be paid.

Finally, we all have the power to vote out all incumbents and vote in people who can properly balance a budget and run the government of this state based not on their pet projects, but on what is good for all of us.

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  1. Thank Timmy Eyman for your RV fees. The DOL must have revenue to operate and pay the bills. You don’t use every road and transportation device, so you can’t be billed individually, unless you’d like to stop ever 5 miles or so for a toll.

    As to “people who can pay the bills”, check with the folks in Lewis County that champion the “lowest taxes in Washington” and then turn to the rest of us for help everytime they flood.

  2. SandHills says:

    I would put RVs in the same category as “luxury” items that just adds more congestion and fuel consumption only to provide the owner with their own personal enjoyment.

    Had your letter only addressed primary transportation that many of us use to get to work, see a doctor, buy groceries, you may have generated some empathy. Whining about the cost of operating an RV – well, that just makes me think of lumbering behind one on a two-lane mountain road and I would vote for higher fees (along with fees for boats, and any vehicle value over $50k).

  3. ReadNLearn says:

    All mass transit does is allow criminals and welfare recipients to get into different areas.

  4. hansgruber says:

    I remember the year before the Eyeman Revolution on car tabs, I paid $952 for a 2 yr old vehicle for car tabs! The next year I paid $43!

    I would pay more for car tabs if it went to roads, not subsidizing cities that that discourage businesses and cannot support themselves. And Sound Transit!! What a money pit that is. I like the light rail system but not at the current costs.

  5. All rant, no substance.
    Even if you don’t use the rail personally, by supporting it you support your community (less congestion, less oil, etc.)
    And you forgot to mention if you considered if you are net recipient of someonelse’s taxes on a different item.
    If you justify your complaint by your gut feeling that the tax-funded entities are inefficient – that is a valid but completely different argument that needs to be substantiated.
    And btw, not paying sales tax when buying out of state on the internet is still illegal; look it up.

  6. Mr Woodhead, I’m sorry but your letter smacks of selfishness at best and hypocrisy at worse. Haven’t you been receiving government checks from the Feds or the state all your life? I don’t think you complained about those funds. Also I’m sure some of the government projects you have been involved with could be considered “poorly managed money holes” to an uninformed outside observer like yourself. I appreciate your service, but I recommend you do more research before opining and consider many of us can only wish they could afford an RV.

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