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KALAKALA: Suggestion for a shiny Christmas gift

Letter by Edwin L. Valbert, Tacoma on Dec. 23, 2011 at 12:16 pm with 13 Comments »
December 23, 2011 1:17 pm

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is a restored Kalakala, moored somewhere along the Tacoma waterfront, with beautiful Harold LeMay cars displayed on it.

Of course if you have time it would be nice to have some restored city buses, or maybe the old buses to Mount Rainier, transporting guests between the main America’s Car Museum and the restored Kakakala, all the while exposing the guests to some of the wonderful Tacoma history and current attractions.

If it wouldn’t be too much to ask, could you deliver some restored car dealership buildings in downtown Tacoma filled with more LeMay cars? The bus route between the main museum and the restored Kalakala could stop at these locations, extending the museum/Tacoma experience along with providing a history of how cars used to be sold in Tacoma.

It wouldn’t hurt if several of the restored car dealership buildings were located near the future McMenamin’s, but I will leave that to you.

So thanks, Santa, for helping to make my Christmas, and future, very bright by extending visitor stays in Tacoma as they experience the history of transportation through cars, buses, buildings and a ferry.

Thanks, the City of Tacoma

P.S. Could you slip a train in my stocking for a trip to Mount Rainier?

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  1. SandHills says:


    With all the truly needful things our world could be blessed with at Christmas, you are like an little kid wishing for selfish things that only a few “aficionados” with the means and time would enjoy – rather than most who have to worry about mundane issues like the next mortgage payment / rent, rising cost of food and gas, or how our children and grandkids are gonna pay off our debt AND pay for our SS and medicaid (and many more of them without a college education to compete in a global economy).

    As America keeps slipping into the Third World, I doubt luxuries like classic auto and ferry boat displays would be high on any reasonable wish list for Christmas…..

    Bah, Humbug!!!

  2. subcaller says:

    That’s right, Ed. If everyone can’t do a thing, no one should be able to do it. We should all be allowed to live only as well as the most deprived and suffering soul on earth. I’m wondering, though, how you power your computer since somewhere someone has no electricity.

  3. I wish for it to be pulled out to sea a sunk for an artifical reef . I wouldn’t waste my time going to see it even if it’s restored

  4. Toocan,
    No need to go that far. Puget Sound is 600 feet deep at the Narrows Bridge.

  5. CTWilkinson says:

    Wow! Unkind, harsh words for a guy that I know is very caring, supportive and has a good sense of humor. Lay off, folks, be nice during this holiday season. I think you missed the real gist of his letter. Keep going, Edwin! Gus

  6. You know, if some of those rich “job creators” could invest a little money into the Kalakala, then they could create jobs now for people to work on the restoration of the boat, and jobs later on for people to maintain the boat and also conduct tours with it.

    Hey! Were are all those lovable job creators out there when you need them?

  7. should be

    Hey! Where are all those lovable job creators out there when you need them?

    (Darn typos!)

  8. Muckibr,
    And now you know the truth. That old question “Can She type and take shorthand” was really a despite cry for help.

  9. I think you folks are getting worked up over nothing….I think it would be an okay idea IF it could work…..Trouble is, too many of you commentors are just KIDS….

    I think the letter writer is looking back to a time when our culture made some sense. There is some value in that.

    Today we just beat each other up over tennis shoes while wading through the toilet we have become.

    I know, only us old coots will understand that.

  10. xring, sorry but I really don’t get your last post. Hope you can explain.

    But, as for the rest of you. Where the heck are those BIG FAT RICH JOB CREATORS who are still benefitting from The Bush Tax cuts, so they will have all that extra money to CREATE JOBS!

    Here is a PERFECT OPPORTUNITY to CREATE JOBS fixing up the Kalakala, and then CREATE MORE PERMANENT JOBS for the people who maintain it and run it as a tourist attraction giving tours throughout the year. Can you image a big CHRISTMAS CRUISE ON THE KALAKALA, for next year? (That is if the whole Mayan thing is wrong.)

    Come on all you BIG FAT RICH JOB CREATORS, let’s START CREATING THOSE JOBS with the Kalakala.

  11. Decades ago, whenever a female applied for a job, regardless of her education, training, and qualifications, it all came down to could she type and take shorthand – i.e. was she qualified to be a secretary?

  12. PS: in those rare occasions when a woman was hired for a professional job the question was how much lower than her male counterparts would her pay be.

  13. Okay, xring, I get that, but how does it apply to the Kalakala?

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