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CONGRESS: Put a stop to the madness

Letter by Edgar L. Braun, Graham on Dec. 22, 2011 at 12:27 pm with 13 Comments »
December 22, 2011 1:58 pm

I find it interesting how political system works. Just think:

Colleges pay presidents millions and they then raise tuition. Electrical and other utilities pay enormous salaries to executives so they then raise our rates. Oil companies, drug companies, hospitals, insurance companies, etc., gouge all of us even more.

In addition, we have to pay for bailouts, cleanup and foreign aid. Our lives are also ruined because of lobbyists and their back-door deals. Pork politics is our enemy.

So, our congressmen and women take advantage of insider trading to make millions more than their salaries. They also have lucrative medical benefits and retirements in addition to speaking fees that can run into the thousands. With all of that they do nothing.

I have a suggestion: Let’s fire all of our congressmen and women since they do nothing for us. In addition there should be term limits of eight years for all elected and appointed government officials.

We suffer with unemployment and an anemic economy as well as the most crooked and greedy financial, political and other industries in the world. It is time we put a stop to all of this madness.

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  1. Sorry Edgar, I have to disagree.

    Term limits opens elected offices to “the representatives that money can buy” via the cost of elections. The fastest way to turn the government over to monied interests, as opposed to the people is to have term limits. It will become a bidding war.

    On the other hand, we are welcome to vote out anyone that we catch not serving our interests.

  2. Colleges pay presidents hundreds of thousands, not millions.

  3. Dave98373 says:

    “Term limits opens elected offices to “the representatives that money can buy” via the cost of elections.”

    And this is SOoooo different from the current policy, how?. Wake up! This is already going on. At least with term limits there is some level of control.

  4. cargilekm says:

    We can fix this by making all representatives and senators have to raise campaign money only from people registared to vote in their election. no other monies can be raised by them while in office.

  5. Rather than term limits, how about we pass a law that says candidates for public office can ONLY raise campaign funds from within the borders of the geographical area they will represent.

    For example:

    A candidate for Congress can only raise money from people and businesses located within his Congressional District.


    A candidate for the U.S. Senate, can only raise campaign funds from the people and businesses within the borders of her state.

    No outside campaign contributions whatsoever allowed.

    Would something like that help fix the system?

  6. What we need more than term limits is Bill Limits

    That is each bill can address one issue only.

    For example, the Bill to extend the tax holiday would ONLY address that one issue and not all the side issues both sides are trying to piggy-back on it.

  7. Misunderestimated says:

    The best move we can make is to end “funded retirement and medical plans” for elected members of government, and put them on Social Security and Medicare the same as the general public.
    This will give them a “vested” interest just like their constituents, and encourage them to solve our critical financial problems.

  8. “And this is SOoooo different from the current policy, how?. Wake up! This is already going on. At least with term limits there is some level of control.”

    It’s called “throwing out the baby with the bath water”. Many congresspersons have served constituents well. Why penalize them? Meanwhile, with the knowledge that so and so in the such and such district can’t be re-elected after such and such date, the big money comes out early and buys the election for THEIR candidate.

    Patty Murray’s first race comes to mind, but as a Conservative, you’d find that peachy.

  9. I say we line ‘em up and shoot ‘em all and start over. They’re all seething liars.

  10. RW – yes there are term limits – imposed by WE The Voters.

  11. jintz, you do know that all threats against the life of The President of the United States are filed and investigated by The Secret Service and The FBI. Your last statement might just qualify you for that kind of scrutiny.

  12. gowenray says:

    As John Grisham says in his latest book, “The Litigators”, “….we’re the only democracy in the world that rates our lobbists.”

    Then, he goes on to detail (in a probably not so fictional way) how perfectly easy it is to connect rich individuals and corporations to elected politicians and pay for their aliance through a connected lobbist.

    Kind of explains why a recent survey of displeasure with the theater of Congress gets a lower confidence level (9 percent) than BP’s handling of the Gulf oil spill (16 percent).

  13. gowenray, and doesn’t that same train of thought kind of go along with the Supreme Court decision on corporate person-hood?

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