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LETTERS: Writer resorts to personal attack

Letter by Craig Chilton, Bonney Lake on Dec. 20, 2011 at 11:37 am with 28 Comments »
December 20, 2011 11:49 am

Re: “Cuts will affect infrastructure” (letter, 12-8).

The News Tribune encourages rebuttal letters to the editor. As with any letter, the newspaper allows writers to criticize but not with highly personal attacks. However, in this rebuttal, the writer violated that rule and misrepresented my Dec. 3 letter (“Obama’s the problem, not the rich”).

Is the statement, “Be careful what you wish for when you don’t think,” highly personal? I would think so. Please allow me the same privilege in suggesting that this letter writer check his arrogant, know-it-all attitude at his computer before he rebuts another letter.

Six days after I submitted my letter, New York Post political columnist Michael Goodwin wrote, “But there is no hiding place in the Oval Office and, after three years, it is clear who the problem is (referring to President Obama).” Is Goodwin’s calling Obama the problem also a “mindless” adherence to the party mantra?

The letter writer also misquotes my letter by stating “the only solution to the problem is through sufficient spending cuts to remove trillions of debt.” In my letter, I stated that “The time is now to reduce spending and (emphasis noted) reform all entitlement programs, not raise taxes.” He ignores that part and then goes off on a tangent.

In the future, I hope The News Tribune does not publish half-baked personally offensive rebuttal letters.

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  1. igotdabombfool says:


  2. BlaineCGarver says:

    The Civility Ship sailed years ago, thanks to the Socialist’s desire to cripple the true American values.

  3. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    Will someone give Mr. Chilton a crying towel? I bet he voted for the thing responsible for the division and destruction of this country.

    Doesn’t he know that the pending campaigns in 2012 will be the most vial and vicious elections in the history of this country? And, the most important in our history. If we do not change the liberal progressive direction of this country we are all doomed. Can anyone out there say we are going in the right direction?

    Mr. Chilton, you ain’t seen anything yet. Your team has a billion dollars and will use it to attack, attack and attack because they have done NOTHING positive they can run on.

  4. denismenis says:

    yup – firing cannons of money will really help our Nation progress. (sarcasm intended)

  5. commoncents says:

    taxed…did you even read Mr. Chilton’s letter? Your team? You do realize that he was critical of President Obama don’t you?

  6. Pecksbadboy says:

    Sorry, taxedenoughintacoma, you may need the crying towel.

    Please tell us which GOP candidate can get elected and will save this country?

  7. Fibonacci says:

    oh Taxed—–you need to start reading the polls. The Tea Party Popularity is in freefall. They are nut cases and prove it more and more each day. They are willing to let the country go down in flames to adhere to their rigid ideology, and sorry to say, but the vast majority of the country is in the MIDDLE, not on either exteme. The Republikans can’t find a candidate that is attractive to the MIDDLED because they are too darned afraid of the Tea Partiers. God forbid they should put the interest of the country ahead of party interests.

  8. TaxedEnough is so wound up that he doesn’t realize Chilton is a regular Conservative letter writer.

  9. Chilton is a cry baby. William C. Dalton got it right. There is no “personal attack” he’s simply advising that Chilton needs to think before he writes his next letter.

    Speaking of non-thinking… Where is LarryWhine’s comment on this?

  10. Vox_clamantis_in_deserto says:

    … you need to start reading the polls. The Tea Party Popularity is in freefall.

    Oh really? You need to link these “polls”. And try to make them neutral, and current…. if that is at all possible.

  11. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Obama is middle? Please explain.

    Fund raisers on WS, vacations to Hawaii (and Michelle cannot wait a few days?), grew up spoiled, did not pay for school at all, Martha’s VY, etc.

    He promises money to the rich and poor, and tells the middle he will cut taxes now but please play stupid and think a few hundred rich folks will make up the deficit.

  12. Fibonacci, have you seen or heard the Tea Party being referred to as The New John Birch Society? I’ve seen the reference three times in the news in the past couple of days. I think it fits. Tea Baggers = John Birchers.

  13. Fibonacci says:

    Yes, and where are the John Birchers today? I remember tham at the time—yup similar nutballs trying to appear patriotic.

    Yes, Obama is in the middle. The problem is that the Tea Partiers are so darned far to the right that the middle looks left. I just don’t get all of thie “Obama is ruining the country”. It does not seem like he has done much of anything so far, except that big bad evil Health Care. I finally figured out that the Republicans are the socialits. They don’t want universal health care, they want the poor to just go to emergency rooms so the rest of us can pay their bill, now THAT is socialism!!

  14. Fibonacci says:

    God,forgive the typos.

  15. LarryFine says:

    Muckibr + repeated homophobic biased comments = Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person subconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, usually to other people. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others originate those feelings.[1]

  16. In order to give a complete citation you need to include a footnote/endnote referencing your source, not just a number indicating that there is one.

  17. LarryFine isn’t following the letter on this thread either?

    When does “topic” come to the surface?

  18. I agree. There’s no need for personal attacks. let’s debate the issues!

  19. Upon reflection I think Craig is right. We have to work on being more courteous to each other and just put a complete end to all the personal attacks. Let’s just debate the issues, okay?

  20. LOL, this must be a record. Almost a full day and mucky hasn’t reported your comment as off-topic Larry? :). Excellent letter again Craig. Liberals have no defense to Obama’s horrible record other than to claim the attacks are due to “non-thinking”. Fact is the man is in over his head, had no experience, has no clue what he is doing, and is a self-proclaimed socialist(just read his books/he doesn’t like to use that taboo word but….)

    As Obama said, if 3 years in office I haven’t been able to solve things, throw me out! I agree with Obama on that issue, lets throw him out of office this year. He has demonstrated his ideology will not allow him to focus on the American peoples needs which are jobs and the economy. LOL, watch his online interview with NBC. He feels he can put his foreign policy accomplishments and legislative accomplishments up against any President other than Lincold, FDR, and 2 others….Talk about an egomaniac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. TMell, I suggest we put a “complete end to all the personal attacks.” Can you go along with that idea?

  22. muckibr – I’ve been blogging, commenting and chatting for about 15 years and there are a few constants:

    1. Conservatives love to create issues and arguments. In an Athiest chat on AOL, the Conservative Christians flooded the site daily to create havoc in the name of Jesus. Having their own chat wasn’t good enough.

    2. When cornered on a debate, Conservatives lash out with personal attacks.

    3. When cornered further, they accuse others of personal attacks.

    4. After the accusation, comes the complaints to the site moderator.

    I’m laughing as I watch Newt Gingrich using the media, that he usually accuses of bias, to complain about personal attacks, for which he has a reputation, coming from his Right Wing opposition.

    Talk about the black pot calling the black kettle “blacker”.`

  23. RW… I know what you mean, but I have to say I have been guilty of the same kind of stuff too, some even on these blogs here. We’re only human after all, and sometimes there are some others who get our goat and, well, we don’t live up to our own better angels.

    Nobody’s perfect, but that should NOT stop us from trying.

    Although, I will say that for a guy like Gingrich its all just a poor act. He is reprehensible. Now if Gingrich were here on this blog, that might be considered a personal attack, but he’s not here so it ain’t.

    RW…I really like reading your stuff. Keep it going!

  24. letsworkitout says:

    That is such BS. Both sides are guilty RW. Most of the posters on this site are set in their ways and like to waller in the mess they make here. It is one of the reasons that I don’t comment much anymore. Most here are a waste of time. They offer nothing of consequence and usually repeat the same things over and over. Most of the things they repeat are things they have heard from whatever radio station/cable “news” channel they listen/watch. What is truly entertaining is when there is a hot button topic on the airwaves is to flip back and forth from one station to the next. The extreme difference in approaches is pretty funny.

    As to the letter writer, I suggest you develop some sort of a spine.

  25. Excellent, Craig. I am surprised that the TNT printed Dalton’s article.

    RW – who resorts to insults when they’re losing the debate? Liberals.
    Did you read Dalton’s article?

    LWitout – I don’t comment much anymore either. Most of those commenting go off topic within 3-4 posts and the comments get ridiculous. BB brings things back on line most of the time but then it returns to the same old same old.

  26. Let me just chime in here and say that from what I have read, heard and seen, some conservatives can be every bit as nasty in the personal attacks area and any liberal. The street goes both ways on that, and to accuse liberals as being the only side that engages in personal attacks is just a flat out lie.

    The thing is, we have to stop all the personal attacks and just debate the issues of the facts. And if you lose the debate then man-up and admit you lost. Because when you devolve into a personal attack, you have admitted you lost.

  27. Here’s a perfect example –

    James Sensenbrenner, a Republican Congressman from Wisconsin, was on his phone at Reagan National Airport yesterday when a Democratic operative overheard him recounting a story from a church auction a few weeks ago.

    According to Mediabistro’s Fishbowl DC blog, Sensenbrenner recounted the story of a woman coming up to him and praising First Lady Michelle Obama. Sensenbrenner disagreed, and replied that “she lectures us on eating right while she has a large posterior herself.”

    Now think this though – a constituent praises the First Lady. The Congressman feels a need to talk about the size of her butt as a response to that praise? “Lectures us”? How about the point that she has become a spokesperson for better diets? Was Nancy Reagan “lecturing” about drugs?

    Now the Conservatives will support this kind of diatribe and say that it’s not a “personal attack”. Chilton should look back at the rhetoric that he heaves up with his dislike for Liberals.

    Finally, take a look at Sensenbrenner and someone tell me that is a six pack sized set of abs that he’s packing, not to mention the double chin. People that live in glass houses…..

  28. Another –


    Cantor and McCain needle the President for Christmas Shopping.

    How infantile can you get?

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