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PUYALLUP: Covert coyote culling

Letter by A. David Churchman, Puyallup on Dec. 19, 2011 at 1:00 pm with 10 Comments »
December 19, 2011 1:00 pm

Congrats to the government sharpshooter who destroyed one of Puyallup’s problematic coyotes this past week. A post mortem on the coyote revealed an advanced case of mange on the animal. This explains its 24/7 hunting activity, as well as its aggressive attacks on neighborhood pets. Experts also suspect that the deceased coyote may have infected others in its den. The expense of the federal agent and associated pet veterinary bills have been burdened upon the Puyallup area homeowner.

Equally concerning has been the city’s proactive strategy to keep this shooting away from the press. Supposedly, it is on the grounds of not offending animal rights activists. However, others suspect that the “muzzling” of the media may be due to the coyote dens most likely being located on city-owned properties that are adjacent to three local schools (Shaw Road Elementary, Northwest Christian and Cascade Christian). The city may desire to minimize any potential litigation from families of any school children that may get harmed by the over-aggressive coyotes while hunting for food.

After all, it’s not like this City Administration and its council has not misled the public before, even when it comes to public safety. Toxic dump anyone?

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  1. sandblower says:

    So David, are you happy a dangerous animal has been eliminated or not? Or is it that you have another beef not connected to the coyote?

  2. aislander says:

    .22 caliber ammunition is cheap and quite effective when dealing with coyotes. Americans used to trust themselves to deal with such nuisances without the expense of hiring an “expert.”

    God, we’ve turned into wusses!

  3. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    We don’t need a government sharpshooter to deal with our animal problem. We have our own guns, bullets and know how to use them. My friends don’t need over paid union cops or government sharpshooters to take care of us. This is America, we are free to pull the trigger on a problem coyote. Read the game regs, it’s open season.

    This is a lesson for the folks on Fox Island that are overrun by the coyotes. This island full of libs needs to man up and deal with the problem, not whine about losing their pets.


  4. ReadNLearn says:

    What about the coyotes rights?

  5. Coyotes’ rights stop where human and pets’ rights begin, I guess!

  6. The City could also be trying to avoid nasty conformations with PETA and other Animal Rights Groups.

    Fortunately we also have laws limited where one may hunt.

  7. “Fortunately we also have laws limited where one may hunt.”

    Now if we only had laws that protected us from those that don’t follow the laws on hunting.

  8. Well, Mr Churchman, it seems that when you have an issue to discuss, you must always slam the city administration and the city council. Never satisfied with anything that goes on, eh? Since you live in District 2, I suggest you now begin forming your campaign committee to run for Hanson’s seat in two years. It will be interesting to watch how you go about straightening our the workings of the city by leading its citizens to a level of heightened perfection.

  9. BlaineCGarver says:

    CCI CB Longs are sub-sonic .22 rounds that when used in a rifle are nearly silent…or, so I’ve heard. I’ve heard Cabelas, and Warehouse Sports, and others have them.

  10. ReadNLearn says:

    This is racism against coyotes. They shouldn’t be shot. We can retrain them not to be hazards to pets. We regularly rehabilitate human murderers and rapists, why not ‘pest’ animals?*

    *The Coyotes were here first.

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