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BURN BAN: Crackdown a waste of taxpayer money

Letter by Everett G. Meyer, Puyallup on Dec. 12, 2011 at 1:26 pm with 19 Comments »
December 13, 2011 11:39 am

Re: “Tighter enforcement of burn bans possible” (TNT, 12-10).

The “wood stove police” are going to spend tax money to ferret out those dastardly wood burners.

While critical services such as police and fire protection are being reduced, the clueless bureaucrats at the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency are proposing to increase enforcement officers from 12 to 75! They want to use infrared cameras for nighttime surveillance and clobber with stiff fines and fees the people trying to stay warm. All this for a problem that exists for “10 or so days every winter.”

One more example of government run amok. The inmates are truely running the asylum.

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  1. truthbusterguy says:

    Right on Mr. Meyer,

    Our public servants are now our overlords. I hope we can restore our state and country after we vote out the liberals and their union bosses.

  2. sandblower says:

    Right on “righties.” Nobody needs clean air!
    And what does it matter that there are exceptions to the regulations that allow for heating with wood if that is the only source. What’s the big deal if “righties” misrepresent the truth just a little?
    It’s too bad they gave up hanging for denying the truth to someone who deserves to know it.

  3. It’s pass time to ban these stinking pollution sources. Let the initiative signature campaign begin!!!

  4. truthbusterguy says:

    How can you defend job killing laws that are based on science that has been proven to be a lie.


  5. sandblower says:

    Truthyguy is once again confused. It is an oxymoronic statement to say that science is a lie. And to quote the author of the Windsor Star article as a climate expert is ridiculous. Smoke in the atmosphere caused by a high-pressure system holding pollutants around has little to do with global warming and the resulting climate change though it does contribute. Wood smoke is the here and now problem that affects how well some people can breath and how all of us might be exposed to harmful particles. I could suggest truthyguy hook up a hose to a car exhaust and suck it in for a while to experience a more enhanced polluted air event, but I will refrain for the time being.

  6. Hmmm, does anyone know why they have burn bans? It happens when the weather allows particulate matter (such as smoke) to hang in the air without going away. It ruins the quality of life for everyone. Its just a few days out of the year, “chill out” (lol) and suck it up.

  7. SandHills says:

    And if utility bills continue to rise, people are going to stay warm if they have the means to burn wood, just commonsense.

  8. Just curious. Is there any data on how much money it costs to heat with wood as opposed to other types of heat? I would guess that most people who burn wood have to buy it from someone, but I don’t know. So for those that have wood burning as their only source of heat, does it make economic sense?

  9. We stay warm burning wood. charge our cell phones burning coal,drive our cars burning sludge, and science is a lie. Got it.

  10. sandblower says:

    jondo’s statement is intellectually dishonest. Got it?

  11. fledgling says:

    OK….let’s say adding “wood police” is going to happen: move this chore from the EPA to the local police via the neighborhood laison officer. They plan on cutting these ‘cops’ to nothing because of budget woes. Who better to police the neighborhood burn-breakers than the neighborhood peace keepers?

  12. I have a buddy who’s furnace went out, and he was heating with wood purchased by the cord from a low-ball craigslist outfit. He couldn’t wait to get his propane furnace fixed because wood was too expensive comparatively. My natural gas bill peaks around $125 in the winter, but that is for water heater and furnace. Unless you’re living on the old family lot, chopping/splitting your own logs, I can’t imagine how the affordability-factor favors wood stove burning. Here’s a tip for the dirty-burners out there – a cleaner burner system is also more efficient, thus you’ll burn less wood for the same BTU output. You’ll be reducing your particulate-releasing behavior and ultimately realizing a savings from your investment down the road. There’s probably a tax incentive for that. I remember the Health Dept passing out discount vouchers for efficient wood stoves, but they had trouble getting the hicks to take them up on the offer!

  13. You people just don’t get it, police won’t come to your house when you get broken into. Why? Because theres no money in it. But if your burning wood on the the wrong day the state can make $1000. It’s all about getting your money!

  14. SteamRollerBlues says:

    Does anyone remember the HOT TUB police proposal of a few years ago? Laying off Police, Fireman and Teachers but hiring new beaurocrats to sneak around at night to see who is burning wood.

    Someone actually proposed this with a straight face…………….of course they did they are a polititian

  15. Equilady_2010 says:

    I do agree the EPA Wood police are the ones need to be cut back and let’s rehire our fire and Police and let them do the job they are paid to do.
    I think the Ban is a joke. Us Humans have been burning wood for millions of years. So why stop now? frankly the EPA need to settle down and worry about factories that put out the smoke not the wood burning stoves. The stoves today don’t put out that much smoke. With the cost of gas and electricity, Wood is so much cheaper in my opinion.

  16. took14theteam says:

    My natural gas bill peaks around $125 in the winter

    per month, or the entire winter?

    With the rate increases that PSE asked for and the state regs have approved, you should be glad you are only paying $125. You must live in a 500 square foot “mansion”.

  17. There are more cars on the road than there are wood stoves. When a burn ban is declared why doesn’t it include the burning of gasoline and oil? Limit driving for those days and emissions from industrial smoke stakes and I would imagine there would be a huge difference in the particulate levels.

  18. BlaineCGarver says:

    “but they had trouble getting the hicks to take them up on the offer”…..

    Every day I read these blogs adds at least one more name to the list of people that can go to hell. I like wood fires, AND the holiday fireworks.

  19. ReadNLearn says:

    Oh please…this is just power tripping. The air is nice and clean although folks are burning in my neighborhood. Smoke rises! This is what smoke does. If air is still, it still rises.

    This is about them wanting to have impact, making sure that we don’t have cheery holiday fires. There’s nothing more to this.

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