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CORPORATIONS: Political reality misrepresented

Letter by Beverly Smaby, Tacoma on Dec. 9, 2011 at 10:19 am with 18 Comments »
December 9, 2011 12:55 pm

Bradley Schiller totally misrepresents political reality in his column, ¨The problem is Washington, D.C. – not Wall Street¨ (TNT. 12-8). It is corporate America that runs Washington, D.C., not the other way around.

Corporations fund political campaigns of candidates for every political office imaginable, state and federal. They advertise their candidates with no limitations under the Supreme Court´s Citizens United decision. They fund an army of lobbyists to weaken congressional attempts at regulation. They cash in on their political contributions to get their lackeys appointed to powerful positions in agencies that regulate them.

It was corporate America that caused the current recession and corporate America that limited government’s response to it.

This is why the Occupy movement has (rightly) targeted corporations in virtually every city in America.

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  1. muckibr says:

    I have to agree with Beverly 100%. I read the article twice, and it is clear that Bradley Schiller completely misrepresents the true influence peddlers who have bought elected representatives with their lobbyist dollars.

    Schiller focuses only on “member(s) of the Forbes 400″ in his slanted article, completely sidestepping the issue of Corporate Personhood that Beverly correctly points out. Schiller says, “There is a lot of inherited wealth on that list too (the Mars, Walton, Cargill and Ford dynasties). But 70 percent of the Forbes elite are self-made billionaires.” First of all I doubt that 70% figure, but regardless of that, zero percent ( 0% ) of the people on the Forbes 400 are the Corporate Persons so designated and created by the Supreme Court decision.

    (Side issue: Curiously enough, even though Schillar mentions Warren Buffet and other high profile billionaires whose names we all know, he never once mentioned the name: Bill Gates. Is that because it is a well known fact that Bill Gates has had many many lobbyists in his employ skulking the halls of congress buttonholing reps and senators for increases in H1B Visas and other breaks for Microsoft?)

    That is why I agree wholeheartedly with Beverly Smaby that “the Occupy movement has (rightly) targeted corporations in virtually every city in America.”

  2. denismenis says:

    Congress is like a marionette – with strings that make it dance.

    The “strings” are tangled with competing masters, so it’s no wonder the dance is mostly futile movements – but entertaining nonetheless.

  3. truthbusterguy says:

    The tribes and unions are corporations that make $$ Billions (with a B), pay zero tax and donate 99% to just democrats.

    I for one support everyone avoiding as much tax as you can. Way to go GE.

    Until we starve government of all your money they will never make reforms. If you don’t do everything you can to avoid paying all the taxes possible I have only one word to describe you, ” A FOOL”.

    Making your forced contributions to government without a fight to avoid payments is funding the status quo that is so broken it’s beyond pathetic.

  4. muckibr says:

    Now truthb…, not that this applies to you, because you may mean using all legal means to avoid paying taxes, but

    I have a name for anyone who cheats in order to avoid paying taxes. That word is TRAITOR! However, I still believe the rich can afford to pay a higher percentage than they do now, and if they don’t then I say they are UNGRATEFUL to this country and its people for what they were allowed to achieve because of the benefits and protection previous taxes have paid for.

  5. But Truthbusterguy – you’re a ‘little guy’ right? Like, not a top-tier corporate officer, right? Do you really condone the GE influence-peddling that benefits no one but GE? You have zero influence over how you’re taxed, but you’re ok with the pocket-lining that results in the GE model of tax avoidance? GE gets to use our national infrastructure but doesn’t have to pay! Instead, you do, sucker! I can’t imagine how you would endorse this…

  6. bobcat1a says:

    If you don’t do everything you can to avoid paying all the taxes possible I have only one word to describe you, ” A FOOL”.

    I have another word:responsible. It’s sort of an adult thing to want to pay for the benefits we derive from being Americans. Funny thing, but it’s only since we started radical tax cuts that our infrastructure began sinking, our middle class began shrinking and our economy started stinking. Go figure!

    BTW, that’s TWO words, not one.

  7. muckibr says:

    Good points norsey!

    Nicely done bobcat1a!

  8. qq98411 says:

    Unfortunately there is a flaw in your thinking, it is Washington DC that is a willing participant in this game. They are at the receiving end of the funding and as such they are just as much of a player in the system.

    We, the citizens, are also players in that we have allow government corruption to take place and tolerated it when exposed, especially when it is one of ‘our’ party members.

    You can focus all you want on Wall St but as the article states, they are only part of the problem and you magnify their significance more than they warrant.

    I understand their sense of frustration with the current state of the economy. We were promised much and received little in return for the debt we have continued to place ourselves in.

    I agree with the statement made in the article…

    ” Those 1 percenters are not an avaricious “them” but in reality the most entrepreneurial of “us.” If we had more of them and fewer grandstanding politicians, we would all be better off.”

    You recently had a few demonstrators down in DC. Now if you can back that up with some civic minded action you would be far better off that then constant occupying that is slowly damaging our fragile economy one occupation at a time and the only people you really hurt are the 99%’s that you profess to serve.

  9. muckibr says:

    Now, before anyone responds to qq…, please keep in mind his standard disclaimer, as follows:

    qq98411 Standard Disclaimer Statement: I am sure you understood what it is you read that I wrote, but I am NOT sure that you realize what I wrote is NOT what I meant.

    No flaw in the thinking qq…, the problem is Wall Street, and how Wall Street has corrupted Washington D.C. You and Schiller are wrong, but that’s only my opinion. Wait! No it’s not! It’s Beverly’s as well!

    Now, tell me I misquoted you, or misinterpreted you, or didn’t understand what you wrote, or whatever excuse you want to use, because I’m sure I understood you comment perfectly, and you are wrong. “the Occupy movement has (rightly) targeted corporations in virtually every city in America.”

  10. muckibr says:

    qq… you are wrong


    “the Occupy movement has (rightly) targeted corporations in virtually every city in America.”

  11. Pacman33 says:

    Muck cheered as norsey blathered ~
    “……….. but you’re ok with the pocket-lining that results in the GE model of tax avoidance? GE gets to use our national infrastructure but doesn’t have to pay!”

    If you two didn’t receive the majority of your “info” from leftist blogaganda sites or just plain communist websites like moveon.org you would have noticed the sarcasm from truthbusterguy.

    The left was being mocked for their rampant hypocrisy and disgusting selective outrage. GE is 0ne 0f many corporations that contributed healthy $ums of money to 0bama’s all-time record for the most ever campaign contributions accepted from corporations.

    As have the others who helped Obama earn the cronyism trophy, GE was also rewarded quite gratefully. Mostly from the Stimu-less Bill, GE hauled in $14.2 billion and paid nothing…and got a $3.2 billion..tax benefit. This was made possible in part by 0bama’s kick-back administration appointment of GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt to his Jobs and Economic Recovery Advisory Board. Most recently the CEO was appointed to chairman last January when Paul A. Volcker, the former Federal Reserve chairman, stepped down in frustration with 0bama. Immelt, is also CEO of NBC, who is Obama’s biggest cheerleader. . Meanwhile, GE ships thousands of jobs to China while our economy is still “in the ditch” and Obama praises Immelt.

    In other words truthbusterguy was displaying how all of #OWS’s and their leftist parrot’s loquacious ranting will equal squat the second they all vote for the biggest perp of their grievances, 0bama. After 99% of #OWS votes for the corporate cronyism title holder They will be exposed as nothing but a hypocritical and transparent wing of the DNC.


  12. harleyrider1 says:

    Bev, You are not a student of history or government are you? I think you’re just casting aspersions based on the ‘ol Evergreen college thinking.

    Corporations are simply businesses started by a person or group of people that incorporate for many reasons, one being the tax structure set up by our government – not the owners. The government is comprised of people that YOU vote into office each year. You, and others like you, set the stage for everything that happens because I am sure that you research before you vote, and you do not just vote the party, right? I am sure you have never just voted the party, right?

    White people are all alike; black people are all alike; corporations are all alike. Really?

    It’s easy to say it is the government’s fault; it’s easy to say all the millionaires should pay more taxes; it’s timely to say it’s the corporations that created our situation.

    But the truth is, had the voters been voting into office, every year, people that not only do not spend more than what is taken in, but people that actually set aside and save money – a basic budget facet – we would have money.

    But the voters, you and your friends, demanded that they spend, spend, spend. And now, there is no money. So who do you blame? Yourselves? No, blame the business sector.

  13. ItalianSpring says:

    So the corporations are controlling Obomba. OK. I believe you.

  14. commoncents says:

    I don’t get it…truthbusterguy beats up on the unions and tribes for using legal means to avoid taxation while he uses illegal means to do the same thing? One is moral and the other is amoral. If corps,s-corps, partnerships, and individuals all paid what they truly owed based upon the current code then perhaps the burden can be lowered for all; including them.

  15. common… correctly observes, “truthbusterguy beats up on the unions and tribes for using legal means to avoid taxation while he uses illegal means to do the same thing?”

    truth…guy = the very major model of the model major hypocrite.

    Maybe truth…guy thinks that’s how to get into the Fortune 400!

  16. t-b-g,
    Tribes and Unions may make Billions with a B but Corporations make Trillions with a T.

    The biggest FOOLS are the ones who think a cuts only budget can get us out of this mess without destroying the country.

    Pacman33 – If Dems support the ‘pocket lining of tax avoidance’ why is it the Dems that want to close loopholes and raise taxes while it is the Rpots that want to increase the loopholes and decrease taxes?

    Ps: the answer is blowing on the wind and cannot be found on right wing news sites.

  17. xring – again with the falsehoods…

    trillions… come on man, not even close, not a SEC mandated form even comes close to that. Trillion dollar deficits and debt, no that is the US government.

    Dems turned down some proposals that would have closed ‘loopholes’… twice. Sorry wrong party.

  18. QQ –
    BP 2011 profits are expected to be $5.3 Billion in 2011. And you don’t thank the total Corporate profits are over $1 Trillion.

    Yes the Rpots wanted to close some loopholes, but in keeping with the Grover Pledge they also wanted to lower tax rates for those impacted by the loophole closures

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