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TACOMA: Taxpayers are being threatened

Letter by Kurt W. Mach, Gig Harbor on Dec. 8, 2011 at 3:09 pm with 10 Comments »
December 9, 2011 9:36 am

One year ago, when the rest of our state and nation were making pay cuts and staff reductions, the City of Tacoma announced that 2011 would bring $25 million in pay raises for city employees. Now, less than a year later, we’re told the city has a $36 million shortfall.

I am a huge supporter of police and fire public servants. But the math does not seem difficult here, and the extortion scam now being used to threaten taxpayers should be called for the hypocrisy it is. Shame on those who fall for it.

We lived in Tacoma for more than 20 years and still love the city. Some honesty would be encouraging.

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  1. Bobarino says:

    Same thing that’s happening at the state level. Attempts to scare the citizenry with threats of more rapes, murders etc all the while maintaining programs that offer no benefit to the taxpayers, but benefit drug addicts, lazy people, criminals and and perpetuate ridiculous things like art projects and tunnel museums. Business as usual in politics.

  2. Lorakittle says:

    While I agree that there needs to be accountability and transparency, unfortunately it’s too late to undue what was done last year. What programs are you referring to that benefit drug addicts, lazy people, & criminals? I am disabled, on oxygen, and have a disease that will eventually claim my life. I get those “looks” when I use the scooters in the grocery store, or park in the handicapped parking space (I have the license plate). Am I the lazy one you are referring to? I worked a full time job until I was physically unable to do so anymore. Yes, the state has helped me out quite a bit, and I am grateful for what they have done. If programs are cut, then I probably will just have to do without a lot of things that able bodied people enjoy. I’m not complaining, I’m just trying to let you know that there are truly needy people who need certain programs to continue. I know that there are people who game the system and get services that they truly aren’t in need of. That is true in any programs offered to help the needy. Just Sayin’

  3. cclngthr says:

    What Bobarino means is those people on welfare that don’t need to be on there; including those on ADATSA, and other similar programs. Most of these people are non-disabled and have no need to receive benefits because they are able to work; but they claim they are unable to.

    One problem I see with the system, as a teacher and also as a person with a disability is 1. children with disabilities are often cut off from needed medical care due to increased use and higher costs associated with the disability; and 2. the same programs disabled people qualify for are those used by general welfare recipients. I think people without disabilities should be required to work to receive any benefit.

    With criminals, their actions caused them to give them that label. They have to realize that their history, whatever it is will limit their future prospects. Here, I think criminals have to be placed in an environment that they will be constantly supervised whether they like it or not.

  4. truthbusterguy says:

    The democrats that control all the houses, committees and the governor’s mansion in Olympia don’t know what to do. Watch the hearings on TVW and you will see a long line of SEIU and state union worker bosses tell them in no uncertain terms, “don’t cut my program a penny, raise taxes and close all those loopholes you approved.”

    Because the republicans want reforms and road kill members of the democrat caucus, they don’t have the votes to do what their union overlords have ordered them to do, so they do nothing.

    I-1053 want let them raise taxes (thanks Tim Eyman) and they don’t have votes to close loopholes. The Governor should send them home, make across the board cuts and wait for 2012 to elect new legislators that the unions do not own.

  5. alindasue says:

    truthbusterguy said, “The Governor should send them home, make across the board cuts and wait for 2012 to elect new legislators that the unions do not own.”

    If the unions actually “owned” the legislators, do you really think they would be out there standing in line or protesting in the cold for all to see during this time of year? The ones who have the real money and political power don’t need to use such measures to get the legislators attention and votes.

  6. sandblower says:

    truthguy is ridiculous more than usual today.

  7. took14theteam says:

    The truth hurts….

  8. The entire problem with funding government is its desire to spent all the tax revenue that is generated in good times. When times were good and the coffers were filling, it was “Hey, let’s spend it all! Let’s expand programs! Let’s start new programs!” Then, when the bottom falls out government is crying.

    I am waiting for the Tacoma city council to discharge XXX employees because Tacoma cannot afford them. The News Tribune ran a story concerning the underfunded parking garage fund, and, how that was met with refinancing the debt, i.e., “kick the can down the road” and pray.

    It’s time for the city to review what is an essential service and function of government and can the rest of the employees. It’s also time to stop being overly generous with pay and benefits. The tax base is unable to continue to fund city government.

  9. Fibonacci says:

    When I need to do remodeling, or to add a new deck, or whatever to my house, I do it when I HAVE money. Simlarly, the state takes care of NEEDS when they have the money. If things then go bad at home I have to cut back. The problem is, YOU don’t know which programs are important and which aren’t. You only know which are important to YOU.

    As for “can the rest of the employees”, yes, lets add more to the list of the unemployed, or do you expect them to go out and get one of those jobs that employers have been unable to fill–oh wait, there aren’t any, we have over 8% without jobs already. Simply brilliant.

  10. Truthbuster, on another thread, admitting to being a criminal by paying under the table and not paying employee benefits such as UI, L&I and the likes.

    I have a bit of trouble accepting his analysis of politics as honest and unbiased.

    Fibonacci – some home repairs cannot wait until there is the ability to do them in cash. Government agencies face the same dilemma.

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