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TACOMA: City Hall didn’t see cuts coming?

Letter by Larry Andren, Puyallup on Dec. 7, 2011 at 1:23 pm with 19 Comments »
December 7, 2011 1:47 pm

Why the sudden loss of revenue, was this not on the horizon? How can the city of Tacoma not have had prior warning. Who is watching the hen house?

These cuts will undue millions of dollars in investment into public safety. Let us now close the police substations, let us not curb gang violence, no traffic enforcement at school zones.

It will take Tacoma a decade to recover its losses in trained, expert public safety employees. I would ask the council representitives to explain how the financial director let this happen. Who is responsible?

Maybe it’s time to clean house at City Hall instead of police and fire stations.

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  1. Rollo_Tomassi says:

    A $31M shortfall and they never saw the gap coming.

    Where ever do you find such fine money managers?

  2. ctdrules says:

    …and yet, its our police and fire folks that will lose their jobs not the incompetent city management.

  3. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    Liberal cities all over the country are being crushed by the overwhelming burden from union contracts, benefit and retirement packages. Tacoma and Seattle, both heavy union cities are now on that list. They refuse to rein in the unions in fear of losing the donations from forced taxpayer funded dues.

    They will not do anything and if you want an example just look at Olympia. They are paralyzed by fear from the SEIU, teachers unions, healthcare worker unions and state worker unions. That is why there is NO ACTION of budget cuts.

    Liberal democrats don’t and won’t cut anything. But they will take actions that punish the taxpayers so the soften up voter support of tax increases that are given to the unions in exchange for campaign cash.

    Hang on for the ride and be tough. It will get worst before it gets better. But hopefully voters will vote out the liberals soon and we can get someone in there that will rein in the unions.

    Unions ae a cancer.

  4. SandHills says:

    All the chickens are coming home to roost – politicians and who have mismanaged public funding for every pet project with the expectations of ever greater amounts of tax revenues coming into their hands. Now they have to make some effort to accomplish what their responsibilities of holding elective office demands – it ain’t gona be no rose garden and they simply can’t expect the tax payers to pay more for more mismanagement and malfeasance.

  5. quorient says:

    Well larry, Eric Andersen was watching the henhouse, and the people who were supposed to watch him weren’t watching. They are the same people who are going to now fix the problems.You find such fine money managers by hiring a nationwide search firm, same way we the same people who found the last one did.The same way they will find the new one.No body ever signed a contract they didnt agree to.If they thought it would hurt their re election, they wouldnt have signed them.Remember how many years some bargaining units of TPD went with out a contract or raise, until they city and union agreed on a new contract?And its very easy for a city that has been “forced” to sign,or signed a contract out of “fear”,if the contract is that bad, there are easy ways for the city to get around it, And they are.

  6. RW98512 says:

    TaxedEnough – since you brought up the “freedom” of the United States yesterday, let this be the first time that I remind you that you have the freedom to move to a country where the dictator doesn’t allow labor unions. I’ll pitch in the first $5 toward your ticket.

  7. sandblower says:

    Taxedenough spouts nonsense like a broken record. The city Council did not cause the recession and nobody knew how bad it was going to get. All these Monday morning quarterbacks are showing us is that they have 20-20 hindsight. Big deal.

  8. Not all cities that are underwater are ran by liberals.

    Unless you get your news only from right wing talkers.

  9. robertleebarker says:

    Why can’t the Port of Tacoma help our city in its time of fiscal crisis? Tacomans have certainly helped the Port over the years.Tacoma-Pierce taxpayers are now forced to pay the Port of Tacoma over 14 million dollars a year. The Port uses this money, not to compete with other ports, but to buy up land in Olympia, then sell it at a huge loss. The Port also lobbies against Tacoma’s effort to manage its own shoreline and fights Tacoma’s efforts to protect its waterfront from environmentally irresponsible developers. The justification the Port uses to make us pay is that the Port creates jobs. If Tacoma kept part of that 14 million every year we could pay for all the jobs that are going to be lost, and have money left to fix some potholes. Of course there is no way our leaders are going to reduce our “donation” to the Port. But it seems reasonable to open it up for some discussion.

  10. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    At least the libs that comment here are no blaming the recession and have grown tired of blaming bush.

    I see your mentor Ed Shultz doing the same. Glad to see you follow his lead.

  11. Dave98373 says:

    Does this mean that the pay raises for the police and fire chief (and most of the incompetent city upper management) still apply?

  12. Dave98373 says:

    “Not all cities that are underwater are ran by liberals.”

    You are correct. Not ALL cities. But all MAJOR cities ran by dems. are underwater. In fact, nearly all states with the most populated and most heavily debted that have a democratic Governor are vastly underwater (CA, IL, MI, NY, WA).

  13. harleyrider1 says:

    Remember Larry, it was “staff’s” error in predicting there would be monies.

    In a real business, in a real world where people are concerned about their money, “staff” or the “staff-boss” would be fired for hiding and creating such a facade.

    But most tax-payers just like to complain or blog. They do not organize into any group and call for a special Council hearing to demand answers about when and why were we told there was plenty of money when there wasn’t?

    If they actually demanded their local paper (too bad we have only one) utilized public records to verify there was cause to believe that we had millions last month to do the city manager buy-out and give the police and fire chief raises; authorize a hiring even at the Dome for fire, a trip to Arizona for a week… if the paper actually fell back to basics for investigative journalism, maybe some people would lose their jobs? Might there even be a criminal accounting act or two involved?

    Investigative journalism. Something we all could appreciate and would buy a paper to read the story.

  14. beerBoy says:

    But all MAJOR cities ran by dems. are underwater.

    Could you list the MAJOR cities that aren’t run by Dems?

  15. gerry0416 says:

    The solution is simple. In the next election the voters of Tacoma need to drive out all incumbents that are running. If you don’t then quit complaining.

  16. observations says:

    I personally saw the financial ruin coming and prepared for it (back in 2008) and our city financial guru’s did not? fire them and hire some people trained to accurately forecast financials.

  17. citizen65 says:

    Corporation unions – the managers have responsibilities to the stock holders to get the most for their money. Corporate unions are good things.

    Public unions – the managers take money from the unions to get re-elected. They do not have a significant reason to get the most for the money.

    PD and FD should be payed more though. I mean the ones in the street.

  18. took14theteam says:

    There seems to be a lot of new “monikers” these days. And no, I don’t mean to imply that they are all Kardy (but he has his fare share). It just appears that every letter has a gaggle of new, never before seen names. Are the TNT staffers busy all day trying to drum up comments?

  19. Paranoia Patrol?

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