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DEBT: Spending cuts will affect infrastructure

Letter by William C. Dalton, Gig Harbor on Dec. 5, 2011 at 1:38 pm with 10 Comments »
December 5, 2011 2:17 pm

Re: “Obama’s the problem, not the rich” (letter, 12-3).

Contrary to what the writer and many many others might think, President Obama isn’t the problem. He is just the person who has to fix it.

The critics need to discover that mindless adherence to their party mantra is going to sink us all.

According to letter writer, the only solution to the problem is through sufficient spending cuts to remove trillions of debt. Only one very small problem there: Cuts are people and their jobs. Jobs are payroll. Payroll is consumer spending, mortgage payments, cars purchased.

That large of a cut in spending would end contracts to repair, rebuild and maintain the highways, bridges and infrastructure of this country. That would do significant damage to contractors (people who provide jobs), to the people who would have been hired to do the work and to the companies that would have provided the materials.

Be careful what you wish for when you don’t think.

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  1. sandblower says:

    Excellent letter Mr. Dalton. Lots of folks on these pages will take you to task because your reasoned view is far too intelligent for them to grasp.

  2. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Keynesian policies have failed.

    BHO did not get us to where we are today all by himself, but he has not helped America or it’s economy. Our debt is staggering and cannot be ignored, no matter what Krugman says.

    And while there is a great deal of talk about shrinking govt to something sustainable, the shrinkage is back to the basics. Infrastructure, defense, law and order.

    It is decades of overspending, by both parties, that got us here. You cannot ignore it or wish it away. Tough decisions have to be made, and BHO will not do anything but spend. Who thinks a small, one time tax cut will motivate a business to take on a full time employee? Well, besides BHO.

    Using the principle of the left that one dollar of stimulus gets multiplied 3-6x, where are the trillions added to our GDP?

  3. beerBoy says:

    ct7 – you say Keynesian policies have failed while failing to notice that it wasn’t Keynesian policies that have been in place for the past 3 decades. Supply Side/Chicago University Economics pushed by Friedman is the big failure here.

  4. sandblower says:

    concerned says: “Our debt is staggering and cannot be ignored, no matter what Krugman says.”
    If concerned knew anything, he would know that Mr. Krugman does not ignore “our debt.”
    It is only that Mr.Krugman has a more intelligent idea about how to deal with it than does Mr. concerned who has no clue.

  5. concernedtacoma7 says:

    I read the crap he writes in the NYT and I am scared. I am scared that the left pretends he is even an economist anymore. People take his advise seriously, because he has a worthless Nobel prize given to him by a bunch of far left wackos.

    While he may mention debt in passing, he calls for greater govt spending both here and in the failing states of europe. Acknowledging debt then ignoring it in your theories does not pass the sniff test. Also, his overt political bias is a clear conflict to a sound theory.

  6. concerned…, I won’t (can’t) debate you on Krugman or Keynesian economics, but I will say this…

    This is not the first time this country has been through a recession/depression. What lessons were learned from The Great Depression? Spend! – was one of them. Spend on building up the infrastructure, which ultimately benefits everyone. Jobs are created now, and benefits derived later.

    Now that we are back in this crap again, its time to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. Roads, bridges, rails, airports, seaports, etc… All of that in our country now is showing severe age and much needs to be replaced, not just maintained. Fixing what we can and replacing what we must would put people back to work.

    Working people pay taxes instead of drawing on tax money to survive. We need to get the people in this country back to working. We need to create American jobs for American workers, not export American jobs to third world countries because of cheap labor, and not import cheap labor through the use of H1B Visas.

    The long term benefits are as obvious as the history of the U.S. economy following WW II. Our economy boomed because we had the infrastructure to make us more competitive in world markets than anyone else. That made our home market the biggest market on Earth, because our people shared in that boom.

    When faced with the challenges that we have today, the only sane choice is to do what we know works based on our own experience. That takes money. Who has the money? The 1%ers. They need to do the patriotic thing and Invest In America First!!! I think that’s all President Obama is trying to do.

  7. menopaws says:

    Wonderful letter!!!! Our President is constantly getting criticized for the huge deficit. He is the man who put our war costs in there, instead of the smoke and mirrors used by the previous adminstration. They not only did NOT put those costs on the books, but they CUT taxes while fighting two wars……..All the people who want to blame this on Obama are sending an interesting message to future politicians. Apparently, honesty is NOT the best policy. Ignorance is bliss—never let those pesky things like the truth derail you from the same old talking points. The deficit did NOT explode under Obama–he just kept HONEST books……..Must be tough to continue to justify hating that!!!!!

  8. A321196 says:

    If you take the costs of the current wars, already spent and future costs, and had spent them on infrastructure, there would have been jobs and a finished problem. What do we have after the bomb goes off in Southwest Asia? Nothing but a hole in the ground. The estimated cost of caring for disabled vets from these wars is enormous.

    Now we have to listen to people like Mitt Romney, who just blurts out if need be, we will have to have military intervention in Iran. It is so easy for those who have not served to commit others to foreign follies. Of course, in order to pay for his military inventions, funding for infrastructure will be cut further.

  9. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Muck- a little re-write of history in your post. Spending did NOT get us out of the Depression.

    And our economy boomed post-war because the rest of world lost their manufacturing base (and a lot of their young labor force). We had causalties of course, but not the damage like Europe or Japan.

    And BHO just spent a trillion dollars that should have gone to economic drivers like ports and freight rail. Instead we got solyndra.

  10. philichi says:

    Keynsian economics has never worked,is not working, and will never work to promote economic growth. I learned that in economics class 30 years ago. It is simply taking water from the deep end of the pool and adding to the shallow end. Does anyone still believe the myth? Show me the evidence.

    All of these stupid ideas over the last several years from sending out $300 dollar checks to payrole tax cuts just really don’t help long term growth. They couse people to buy a TVs. Yeh!

    What works is giving a business man a reason to take a risk and hire people. That comes with long term tax cuts on his future profits.

    BTW, if Obama really wanted to get more cash in people’s pockets all that he would have to do is get fuil costs down by half. That would be really easy. He could simply promote policies that add to the supply. He could Drill and build pipe lines. This would also get people working. Perhaps you lefties could tell him this. You speak in his obscure language. The US could make money on new oil leases. this would lower the deficit. People may actually like him again.

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