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POLICE: Our officers deserve public support

Letter by Monika Newbold, Pacific on Nov. 29, 2011 at 9:19 am with 6 Comments »
November 29, 2011 11:02 am

With the anniversary Tuesday of the brutal slayings of the four Lakewood police officers, it saddens me to see so much negative attention focused on law enforcement.

Two years ago I watched as thousands of people lined the streets to honor these fallen officers. It’s a shame that it takes such a horrible event to bring out the goodness in people and simple things as a YouTube video to pass such quick judgment on police officers.

I would like to thank all the men and women of law enforcement for the selfless work that they do. I will not forget the officers who made the ultimate sacrifice or the ones who continue to protect our streets. My porch light will remain burning a blue light in their honor.

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  1. Monika, the police are not saints. Sometimes they just blow it.

    I like to think they do more good then bad, but when they do bad things they need to be punished just like anyone else. You just can’t sweep it under the rug.

    I love all the cameras, including YouTube and the ones the police use. I helps to keep everyone honest.

  2. BlaineCGarver says:

    The two subjects are not related. Police have to hold to the standards set for them, and should continue to answer to civilian review input.

  3. I hear what you are saying Monika. While I absolutely agree that police must be held accountable for their actions, I am disturbed by how ready folks are to malign the police. Personally I think it’s a holdover from the Sixties when my generation created the caricature of the cops as pigs. I’m ashamed of it frankly. I would love to challenge those who are so quick to judge police actions to stand in a cop’s shoes in the middle of a riot or an “occupation” and see what it feels like.

    To the friends and family of those fallen officers from Lakewood, we have not forgotten what happened to your loved ones just because they wore a police uniform. God bless you.

  4. harleyrider1 says:

    Support the uniform. It stands between us and evil.

    People that wear the uniform are just like anyone else. The job is no more dangerous than the electrical lineman, coal-miner, military or many, many others in this Country. Most people get that. But it is a different job and one that not a lot of people understand nor appreciate. And, I’m not sure they can because most of the public’s idea come from either getting a speeding ticket or watching TV.

    When there’s a bad one, it affects all of them and infuriates most of us. But it’s a job and the people in that job are human. Regular folk. They are your neighbor, maybe your friend, or maybe someone you have yet to meet.

    We certainly need to remember the impact on families and help where we can. But we also need to put this occupation in perspective. Its a job where we pay well and we ask the employee to protect us. Unfortunately, at times, evil prevails.

  5. hansgruber says:

    Actually, less than 2% of the people that apply for a law enforcement job are hired.

    How many jobs require:
    Written Test
    Physical Agility Test
    Background Investigatition
    Oral Board Interview(s)
    Polygraph Exam
    Psychological Interview and Testing
    Physical Medical Exam
    1 year of Probationary Performance

    Still a few of the many turn out to be able to make it through the process and end up being fired for wrong doing. Very few.

    The youtube type videos really only show the officer in the worst part, never show why the officer acted that way.

    When things turn bad, who do you call? The police, that who. They do deserve our support, they have a hard job, and they deal with the worst of the worst in our society. Be thankful they are there.

  6. I fear we have become a society of fools who don’t take the time to realize that the videos and soundbytes provide no more than a pinhole through which to look at the world.

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