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CONGRESS: Change in leadership needed

Letter by Gerald E. Solberg, Lakewood on Nov. 28, 2011 at 3:30 pm with 17 Comments »
November 29, 2011 8:57 am

One of the many frustrations citizens are feeling about Congress is their inability to effect change. Their vote only affects a small minority of the congressional population.

An alternative might be a nationwide campaign insisting that the leadership of both parties, in both houses, submit their resignations. This is the only way that a leadership change can be effected because of the rules of each house which are aimed at maintaining the status quo.

The Occupy movement could be the catalyst that would get such a campaign under way.

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  1. srvivinglife, I read your linked article, and came away with the overall impression that it is a natural extension of The Patriot Act. I hope it doesn’t go anywhere!

    As regards Gerald’s suggestion that a national campaign insist existing party leaders resign. Good luck! We have a way to get rid of them. Vote them out of office in their next election. Specifically, we need to concentrate of voting out Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor and John Boner. Just getting rid of those three would help immensely!

  2. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    Lets start with Norm Dicks and Maria Can’t do anything well.

  3. There are very few on either side of the aisle that are worth returning to office. Most are completely beholden to the Lobbies that fill their coffers.

  4. old_benjamin says:

    I’ll see your McConnell/Cantor/Boehner and raise you a

  5. old_benjamin… AGREED!!! Let’s all get to work on kicking out those six,


    and then after that, six more. Three from each side. Does that work for you?

  6. bigredone says:

    Let’s all vote ANTI incumbent. I that does not help we can do it again in 2 years. Eventually they will get the message: perform or go home.

  7. bigredone says:

    should read IF that does not help.

  8. Want to change things?

    Don’t vote for the candidates who have big money behind them.

  9. olympicmtn says:

    Let’s start with local politicians. Yellow politicians who can’t enforce the law. Seattle’s mayor sits back as OWS now takes over private property. The new ME generation, OWS takes over property. Can you say Anarchy. Kick the politicians out of office. We need to start over.


  10. olympicmtn, obviously you have a problem with the OWSers. Okay, but this is a discussion about the letter, which specifically references congress. What would you do about congressional leadership?

    BTW, I think the OWSers are heroic! More power to ‘em!!!

  11. I believe the letter writer referenced the OWS movement also. It appears that OWS when referencing “yellow politicians” that won’t enforce laws are appropiate for this discussion.

    “The Occupy movement could be the catalyst that would get such a campaign under way.”

    You opinion, as well as others, are valued though…

  12. took14theteam says:

    Thanks qq for getting the topic back on track. ;-)

    And the bike riding Seattle mayor should focus his attention on the budget issues of Seattle (and the pot holes) instead of codling the anarchists that are draining money from the 99% with their activities.

  13. Obviously some people have a serious problem with reading comprehension. The topic here is “CONGRESS” in all caps, followed by “Change in leadership is needed” specifically referring to a change in leadership in CONGRESS.

    The last line of the letter reads: “The Occupy movement could be the catalyst that would get such a campaign under way.” The campaign referred to, very clearly in paragraph 2, is the proposed campaign to change the leadership in CONGRESS!!

    The letter, and topic has very little to do with the OWS, and NOTHING at all to do with the “bike riding Seattle mayor” or any of that nonsense.

    There are only three short paragraphs in this Letter to the Editor, and some of these people cannot even figure out what a very short document such as this is trying to convey. Is it any wonder that when those same mentally challenged individuals try to describe more complex documents like news articles, bills, laws or even political stump speeches, they just can’t get those right either?

    The mind is a terrible thing to waste! Pity them.

  14. qq98411 says:

    From the letter…

    “The Occupy movement could be the catalyst that would get such a campaign under way.”

    From the tags that categorize the letter…

    Tags: Congress, occupy movement, occupy wall street

    1-the OWS movement is attempting to effect change on Wall Street
    2-there is an effort to include Congress in their attempt to effect change
    3-marchers representing OWS are preparing to greet the President accurately calling him a “corporate puppet” and claiming he “sold out” Though he represents the Executive branch, the OWS appears to be broad in their ire…
    4-the letter writer himself reference OWS
    5-TNT saw fit to categorize the letter using the above tags
    6-On a local level, Mayor McShwinn has expressed support for the OWS movement
    7-On a local level, the Seattle City Council saw fit to express their support for the OWS movement and has ‘be it resolved…’ blah, blah blah, so it’s official for the world to see
    8-Considering some views about local politicians, the OWS movement could begin at the local level
    9-The purpose of this board is too stimulate discussion. Such as the first post who claimed “How’s this for change..” and your hopes that is doesn’t go anywhere! <exclamation point too, wowzers…!!! Thankfully your second paragraph kept the thread on track, thank you sir. (was his mind a terrible thing to waste)
    10-per previous posts and any attempt to muzzle you, your response was you are free to post…
    11-we are free to post whatever and in this sandbox TNT gets to decide what is or is not appropriate for posting

    The mind is indeed a terrible thing to waste, I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity to exercise it in such a dynamic environment in such stimulating way, thank you.

  15. qq98411 says:

    ”BTW, I think the OWSers are heroic! More power to ‘em!!!”



  16. beerBoy says:

    How about that 7.7 TRILLION dollars loaned by the FED at a 0.001% interest loan to the Banks which was then loaned to the Government at 3% – resulting in 10 billion of 13 billion in profits?

    Yep…..that TARP was repaid alright! Or….at least the principal on the loans…..with the interest the Banks got from the taxpayers by loaning money to the government that they got interest free from the government.

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