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DEBT: This is why we need term limits

Letter by Chris E. Forslund, Tacoma on Nov. 22, 2011 at 11:38 am with 16 Comments »
November 22, 2011 12:53 pm

Re: “No supercommittee deal struck” (TNT, 11-22).

The deficit-reduction supercommittee could not come to a compromise even though the outcome could send the country into another recession.

The article surmises that the committee members saw more danger in a compromise that might affect the coming election. Instead of being true leaders, they fold up and run for cover in hope of being re-elected.

Every time term limits are suggested, they tell us that it takes years to learn the rules of the road in government. Yet when the country is in dire need of true leadership, all of these veterans of Congress can’t see past their own interests to do the right thing.

As long as we as Americans allow our elected officials to make a career out of running this country, we are doomed to be pawns in their game. Term limits keep new ideas coming in and put a speed bump on long-term relationships with lobbyists, which is another part of the problem.

Come on, America, we can do better than this!

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  1. Who do you think gets people elected in this day and age of “a corporation is a person”?

    If you think this crew serves only the lobbyists, just wait until you see the ones bought and paid for by the Koch Brothers and friends.

    6 week campaigns, with funding limits that any candidate can raise with grassroots campaigning?

  2. Rollo_Tomassi says:

    Term limit candidates and you end up enabling the political beauraucrats to run the government with little or no long term oversight. And sorry, you don’t get to hire, fire, or term limit beauraucrats. They just run the government the way they want and outlast the term limited politician.

    “Term Limits” are really called “Elections”. Use “Elections” wisely and don’t rehire the idiot that works for you today.

  3. sandblower says:

    The republicans sabotaged the talks by not giving in to repealing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. Now everyone’s tax cut will be repealed and we can thank the extreme right for that along with their hero, Grover Norquist.

  4. bigredone says:

    The committe was made up of an equal number of Dems and Repubs. Term limits sounds good but it is never going to happen. The only way to resolve this and every other issue is to hold the politicians responsible. Vote every incumbent out and start over. We can do it again in 2 years if the new batch is no better.

  5. Rollo, while I agree on elections being the limiting tool, if the cost of an election is prohibitive to everyone except those with monied interests, you have the same problem, with a new name.

  6. PumainTacoma says:

    Ineffective Leadership! If you can’t lead, move over. And the revelation that the President doesn’t even call members of Congress, that from Chris Matthews!!! Where is Hillary when you need a leader.

  7. PumainTacoma says:

    Great letter.

    Every time term limits are suggested, they tell us that it takes years to learn the rules of the road

    You know what… it takes LEADERSHIP. Something this President doesn’t know, nor any members of Congress. Total waste of our intellectual capital to pay folks to come up with nothing, not even one proposal to vote on. Not one minor tweak. Sad for the country regardless of party.

  8. MarksonofDarwin says:

    I guess I’m just hopelessly cynical, but I think this “supercommittee” performed just as planned.

    1)The debt ceiling was raised without either side having to make unpopular cuts, or address runaway spending.

    2)This bought political cover that should last well past the next elections.

    I know that probably gives congress too much credit for intelligence, but in any case, I never expected the “supercommittee” to actually perform their defined duties and come up with a budget.

  9. Pumain,
    The President is not part of Congress.
    The lack of congressional leadership lies within Congress.

  10. NickDixson says:

    The debt ceiling is money already spent.

  11. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Ok xring, then nothing was Bush’s fault. You no longer get to use Bush as an excuse for anything.

    But since the dems had both houses and the WH, we can blame them for not passing a realistic budget. Who is the real party of ‘no’?

  12. LarryFine says:

    MarksonofDarwin bingoed at 3:55 pm.

  13. Vox_clamantis_in_deserto says:

    The republicans sabotaged the talks by not giving in to repealing the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. Now everyone’s tax cut will be repealed and we can thank the extreme right for that along with their hero, Grover Norquist.

    Ripped from the morning talking points memo provided by the Center for American Progress, and brought to you in unimaginative black and white by sondblower.

  14. Concerned7 – Not even close.
    Congress gave Bush almost anything he wanted. (The term is Rubber Stamp Congress)

    The Democratic controlled House did pass budgets that the No-way Republicans filibustered in the Senate.

    MOD – the only thing that surprises me about the failure of the Supper Committee is the number of people who are surprised that it failed.

  15. The Super Committee was destined to fail, because the Republicans came to the table with one agenda- make Obama a one term president! The Republicans are banking on winning the White House and the Senate. Then they figure they’ll be able to ram through everything they want.

    All the Republicans on the Super Committee signed the “No New taxes” pledge. We really do not need term limits. Actually, we need professional politicians who wheel and deal, compromise, and get something done. The yahoo’s elected with a “No New Taxes” pledge are incapable of compromise and analysis of issues.

    The country ran fine with a 50% maximum tax on earned income, higher rates on unearned income, no earned income tax credit, no child tax credit, etc. The only reason social welfare programs are so costly to the government now is the fact employers are shifting the burden to the government by not providing adequate wages, health care and retirement benefits, etc. And, employees contribute to the mess by resisting paying for anything and demanding everything.

    If the Republicans win the White House and Senate,it will be an interesting four years> I say four years because the middle class will finally wake up and realize the Republicans only represent an extremely small segment of society.

  16. I searched the Center for America Progress website and couldn’t find said quote.

    More hyperbole and misrepresentation brought to you by _____________

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