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ECONOMY: Thoughts on state tax, debt committee and Occupy movement

Letter by Connie L. Lowry, Puyallup on Nov. 21, 2011 at 5:10 pm with 42 Comments »
November 21, 2011 5:10 pm

Another proposed tax increase by our governor when so many are out of work and consumer goods have skyrocketed. I guess Washington voters forgot the huge deficit she had incurred in her first term of office. Then came the economic downturn and we have a major funding issue in this state. Maybe next election voters will be more thoughtful as to who they vote into office.

The congressional committee couldn’t agree on how to fix the deficit. Is that surprising to any of us? Before Medicare or Social Security get cut, maybe our leaders in the other Washington shouldn’t get paid until they really sit down and compromise and come up with a plan to implement. Maybe if their paychecks were on the line they would get some work done.

The Occupy Wall Street people should go home and take a course on how to organize a protest. Do any of us want to listen to a group of people who can’t decide what they are protesting about? They leave used syringes, urinate and defecate in public and leave garbage wherever they are encamped. If they want the 99 percent to listen, the protesters need to present their views in a coherent manner.

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  1. sandblower says:

    Ms. Lowery, your ignorance of the facts is showing. The fact that you put your name on it is the amazing part.
    The failure of the Super Committee is a good thing if one takes just a moment to think about it.

  2. It would seem that the best way for businesses to avoid taxes, according to this letter is to keep the price of consumer goods skyrocketing. That way they make more profit and avoid taxes.

  3. took14theteam says:

    Publico, welcome back. ;-)

  4. Vox_clamantis_in_deserto says:

    DrDemo, did you leave out the “ent” in the middle of your… new handle? Because that was a truly demented take on the letter.

    Sondblower, why do you hate the writer so? The so-called Super Committee?

    The only reason you could like the failure of the punt committee is because you think it plays into the re-election strategy of the weak 0ne. Sad thing when one has to spotlight his own failures as the reason for re-election. Even sadder that there are enough dummies out there who will buy-in – even if it is not enough to win.

  5. sandblower says:

    Vox, the failure of the Supers delays spending cuts until at least 2013 and that my friend gives the economy a little more time to recover and, in addition, gives the Congress the chance to reconsider those cuts while it enjoys the increased revenues from the expiration of the dastardly Bush tax cuts.

  6. Pacman33 says:

    “Do any of us want to listen to a group of people who can’t decide what they are protesting about?”

    Last week the movement identified a member with over 5th grade reading skills at the GA. The future OWS leader was handed the leftist bible; “Rules For Radicals”. To their astonishment, the Occuwhiz broke the bad news of rule #2. According to the gospel of Alinsky :

    “Rule 2: Never go outside the experience of your people.
    The result is confusion, fear, and retreat.”

    Groans and a few screams over drowned out ‘the peoples mic’.
    “What are we going to do? We don’t know jack ship about this econombly stuff” someone exclaimed. “Bob the anarchist is the only one of us who has owned a business,” another propossed “and he ran his hotdog stand into the ground and filed for bankruptcy”. The rest of the meeting was spent to finally determine what they’re protesting.

    This is why as of lately the most consistent drug laden slur of the Occupud’s concerns their constitutional right to free speech.

    How one’s 1st amendment rights can be oppressed,
    when there isn’t anything being said is what I’m trying to figure out?

  7. Pacman33 says:

    “The expiration of the dastardly Bush tax cuts.”

    How many more times does Obama need to extend these same tax cuts before the neurotic Bush-obsessed loonies give the 0ne(term) some credit for the title.

  8. occupythis says:

    Ms Lowry, how is it any different that as you claim OWS participants that piss and pooh in public or a certain political party hell bent motivation to make sure that those who are working for the American dream never achieve it? are they not also defecating on them?

    If you have not visited an OCCUPY you should ask your editorial be removed cause you likely are being educated by the folks on FoxNews or listening to RUSH so in effect you maybe politically brain dead.

    You are the one who lacks clarity.

  9. Vox_clamantis_in_deserto says:

    Vox, the failure of the Supers delays spending cuts until at least 2013…

    Trouble is, we will be up against another debt ceiling vote in 2012.

    … and that my friend gives the economy a little more time to recover and, in addition, gives the Congress the chance to reconsider those cuts while it enjoys the increased revenues from the expiration of the dastardly Bush tax cuts.

    You sound confident the Dems will have the votes – and the stones – to do it, coming out of the 2012 elections – which begs the question; why oh why did they not do it in 2010?????

    I seriously doubt they will have the votes – even in the lame-duck session, with a lame duck… prez.

  10. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Those evil tax rates that allow 47% to pay nothing! I agree, repeal them completely minus cap gains.

    The ‘Bush Tax Cuts’ gave larger cuts in terms of absolute dollars to the poor and middle class. Educated yourself beyond MSNBC before you attempt to talk about tax policy or economics (and reading a piece by Krugman does not count).

    Incredible after the huge budgets of the last 3 years people can still think we can spend our way out of this mess.

    And how cowardly of both parties to kick the can down the road until after elections. In my opinion, it was a mistake by the dems to allow the economy and debts to dominate the next election cycle.

  11. alindasue says:

    Vox_clemantis_en_deserto said, “I seriously doubt they will have the votes – even in the lame-duck session, with a lame duck… prez.”

    Unless the other parties get their act together and present someone better, we may have no choice left but to vote for the “lame duck… prez”. I’m still waiting…

    Ms. Lowrey,
    Your “…syringes, urinate and defecate…” hyperbole shows that you know very little about the “occupy” protests outside of what you’ve heard from ignorant talk show hosts.

    The fact is that we went by the occupy camp here in Tacoma a couple days ago. Things were so neat and orderly there that my daughter (age 23) thought there might be a wedding or something similar going on there until I pointed out that it was the location of the occupy camp.

    Like in the case of the tea-partiers, there are some members of the occupy group that go off on weird tangents, but the bulk of the group does have some very valid concerns. Even if you don’t agree with them, I would advise that you take the time to at least learn what their concerns really are before dismissing them outright. You may find you have more in common with them than you think.

  12. harleyrider1 says:

    Ms. Lowry, you just need to take 5-minutes and re-read some of your candidate’s speeches before she was elected and then the Sunday night before her last re-election. That Sunday night she angrily denounced many of us and her opponent, Dino Rossi, stating there was a “state surplus”.

    Course either we were entirely wrong or she was lying. I’m not sure which, because within hours of the election, she announced there was no more money. I guess it got spent that night?

  13. The State, run entirely by democrats, is broke . . .

    The Federal Government run at first by democrats and now mostly by democrats is broke . . .

    What do state and federal government have in common with OWS protesters?

    OWS protesters are the democrat “base”, base . . .

  14. Vox_clamantis_in_deserto says:

    While the fact that you do not like any of the “other parties “ (?) candidates is not surprising, you should recall that at this juncture of the last presidential election year, Hillary Clinton had a sizable lead over 0bama, and the Republican front-runner was Rudy Giuliani.

    McCain made his move for the pole position beginning in January, while 0bama took the baton from Hillary in mid February.

    Still plenty of time for 0bama to do the right thing and bow out for the sake of his country and party – in that order –


    but I’m not taking that bet.

    As for the Republican candidates, any one of them will be a vast improvement over the weak 0ne.

  15. commoncents says:

    curious as to why someone would say that 47% don’t pay taxes…are FICA and Medicare not federal taxes? Are they not based upon income? Are the funds not part of the federal budget? Now, they may not pay the same rate as they don’t pay any FIT but they are still paying taxes.

  16. tommy98466 says:

    Sandblower… talk about ignorance. You don’t even know what the Super Committee is or what its function is suppose to be. Its a group of Democrats lead by our own esteemed Sen. Murray, the moron in tennis shoes fame, that is not going to make any recommendations to Obummer and then it will blamed on the Republicans. Get it? Probably not. Its politics that would need some thinking on your part which you apparently do not have. Pathetic.

  17. yabetchya says:

    Olympia is taking over the Tacoma daily news……….

  18. LarryFine says:

    No kidding.

  19. tommy98466, you are the one showing his ignorance here. The Supercommittee is made up of an equal number of Democrats and and equal number of Republicans.

    There are 3 Democrat Senators and 3 Republican Senators, 3 Democrat Representatives and 3 Republican Representatives, for a total of 12 members of the United States Congress Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (The Supercommittee).

    Washington Democrat Senator Patty Murray is a Co-Chair of the committee. The other Co-Chair is Texas Republican Representative Jeb Hensarling.

    The President’s name is correctly spelled Obama. (Not “Obummer” which is both stupid and disrespectful.)

    I realize all this information may take some research and as you say “would need some thinking on your part” which you apparently have not been able to do.

    And, also as you say, your post was entirely “Pathetic.”

    Please come back and post again after you have done your homework.

    Thanks for playing!

  20. P.S. RW98512 wins!!!

  21. LarryFine says:

    Don’t hurt your arm slapping yourself on your back… LOL.

  22. Connie Lowry wrote: The Occupy Wall Street people should go home and take a course on how to organize a protest. Do any of us want to listen to a group of people who can’t decide what they are protesting about?

    And she is right about that. And to help the OWSers out, they should read the letter here in the TNT by Timm Stone entitled: PROTESTS: Specific goals for a healthy debate – in which he has written…

    … may I suggest that OWS articulate some specific goals that can be debated amongst “we the people”? They may want to start with:

    True Wall Street reform, including restoring the Glass-Steagall Act.
    Campaign finance reform, including term limits.
    A fair tax system that closes loopholes and corporate giveaways.
    Rebuild America’s infrastructure.
    Repeal Citizens United ruling; corporations are not people.

  23. muckibr, I’m taking you to the casino with me! You are a sure bet. I was amazed that anyone within a stones throw of a television didn’t know the makeup of the Super Committee. Even Fox Snooze reported that accurately.

  24. RW, then let’s go to the Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn. They have great food there!

    I can believe that there are many who wouldn’t know about the Supercommittee, but none that would be so foolish as to display their ignorance here on this public blog.

    I would guess those who don’t know (tommy98466) have been spending their TV hours Keeping Up With The Kardashians rather than trying to keep up wit the real world.

  25. muckibr, just keep thinking the number “33” over and over in your head and I’ll hand you the chips to place on the Roulette table. It pays 35-1!

    The Super Committee was a waste of time from the very beginning and, to this independent, nothing more than an opportunity for Congress to excuse itself from the hard work of finding a middle ground. Voters need legislation by ALL Congresspersons, so that we know who to blame by using the voting records.

    I’m not really happy with Obama, but I sure liked watching him slap the committee around.

  26. Vox_clamantis_in_deserto says:

    Hear that? The sound of one hand clapping.

    Hey, if folks can carry on off-topic love letters with themselves, they deserve a round of in-kind applause.

  27. LarryFine says:

    LOL… no kidding Vox.

  28. Vox-wandering_aimlessly_in_the_wilderness,

    Just for the record once more. the ONLY screen name I post under on these blogs is muckibr. That’s it. If you think other postings under other names are by me then that only goes to prove your own paranoia and lack of intelligence to discern different writing styles.

    And, by the way, you are now on my official non-response list along with YOUR other pen names of: xx98411, aislander, and LarryFine. Don’t address your pithy comments to me, because I will NOT respond back to you.

    This topic is about the ECONOMY. I will be happy to trade comments with any others (except Vox and his other screen names) who want to seriously discuss THIS TOPIC! Let’s just keep is civil and ON TOPIC okay?

  29. muckibr – back to the letter and another commenter earlier. Can you comprehend the basis that because prices have “skyrocketed”, the state should not increase taxes? I haven’t seen prices decrease in 30 years. It’s strange how the poverty plea is supposed to work against taxation, but when the state government says there isn’t enough money, the poverty plea is no longer valid. Sort of hypocritical, no?

  30. RW, “hypocritical”? Yes. Absolutely!

    Everything costs more now than it ever did EXCEPT property values due to the mortgage-backed-securities scam crisis. I wouldn’t say prices have “skyrocketed” per se. Inflation slowed, but it has never reversed. Consumer goods have not gone down in value, but have continued to increase in cost.

    And the state is no different in some respects than its citizens, where-in it has bills to pay, but the value of all the properties it holds has plummeted as well. The properties it rents now cost more. Thus, the state’s ability to borrow money on its assets is just as diminished as ours!

    It’s a conundrum. The state needs more money and says it must raise taxes (revenue), but most of us don’t have the money to pay higher taxes with. However, there is one class, and only one class that can afford higher taxes, and that is the ultra-rich. It’s just logical.

  31. LarryFine says:

    … and the beat goes on.

  32. “Don’t address your pithy comments to me, because I will NOT respond back to you.”


    aislanders got a cigar for you… mine was good.

  33. muckibr, and the devaluation of property contributes heavily to the deficit problem on the state level with lower property taxes and lower excise taxes on the sale of real estate, which is not only lower, but sales are at a snail’s pace. Conundrum indeed!

  34. PumainTacoma says:

    Then we hear from Sonntag through an audit that we are paying $500,000 + a year for cell phones that are not used and abandoned and a state worker to park a state vehicle at the casino on Sundays. Think we can cut waste in Olympia before asking for more taxes?

  35. Nanook – why are some states ran by Republicans in even worse financial shape than Washington.

    Pac33 – great parable. Or should that be ‘fable’.

  36. How much does it cost to park a vehicle at a casino on Sundays?

    As to the cell phones – http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2016799736_statephones19m.html

    Yep, the Auditor’s office caught a bad one. That’s why we pay the Auditor’s office. The obvious issue is that someone, with best thoughts in mind, signed up for contracts that exceeded usage and the longevity of usage. I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but I learned that you’d rather pay for minutes not used, than pay for extra minutes, as the cost adds up rather quickly.

    I’d like to see a more comprehensive version of the Auditor’s report, as opposed to the media version. I’m betting that it was a lose/lose situation, which is what happens with cellular sellers. Now that there are less than there were five years ago, there’s even less competitive selling, especially to large customers like government, where things slip through the cracks.

    Wanna bet that the $500K is a drop in the bucket compared to how much the military drops on cell phones?

  37. LarryFine says:

    The fact that a tax exmpt , state owned vehicle, on loan to a state employee, being used for personal use, doesn’t seem odd to you… really says it all.

    You are definately the king of deny, obfuscate, counteraccuse… that and wallpaper.

  38. “Do any of us want to listen to a group of people who can’t decide what they are protesting about?”

    Their is a serious concerted effort to protest one of the busiest shopping days of the year – Friday after Thanksgiving. Can anyone of the OWS supporters provide any rational as to why?

    They will effectively reduce the amount of traffic that 99% were hired to serve on that day and beyond.

    They will reduce the revenue of a company that in turn will reduce expenses, staffing is typically one of them.

    We are hurting ourselves by protesting in this fashion.

  39. xx or whatever double letter you are these days:

    Read Naomi Wolf’s comments:

  40. LarryFine says:

    …spokesperson of third-wave feminism… “another person’s opinion to support your opinion.”


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