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POLICE: Uniform doesn’t make one above reproach

Letter by Ken W. Kreps, Puyallup on Nov. 21, 2011 at 1:26 pm with 24 Comments »
November 21, 2011 1:56 pm

Re: ”Demonizing the cops: A stale, vicious protest tactic” (editorial, 11-20).

The editorial had a good deal of truth to it, but only covered half the story. While I applaud the majority of the Occupy Wall Street movement for bringing to light gross misconduct by our banking and financial intuitions, it is true that there is a small portion among them that only has an agenda of causing mayhem and violence. I agree that this element should be dealt with harshly.

That said, there is also an element among the various police forces that seems bent on violence and mayhem of its own, and these people should be dealt with equally as harshly.

Wearing a police uniforms does not automatically make a person bad, but neither does it automatically make them above reproach. There are at least a few people on most police forces that have no business being there, and we see them in action in videos where they are kicking, stomping and beating defenseless demonstrators who are doing nothing more than trying to ward off the blows.

The police at the University of California Davis pepper-sprayed a group of peaceful, sitting nonviolent demonstrators. Closer to home, an 84-year-old woman in Seattle received the same treatment.

Needless violence by the police is no better than violence by ordinary citizens, and nonobjective and one-sided editorials that sweep police violence under the rug do nothing to help the situation.

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  1. jjohnson67 says:

    Very well said, Ken. I don’t know how anyone could argue with your statements, but surely some will. For some, for too many, law enforcement is never to be questioned. Unfortunately, many people who believe this are law enforcement members themselves. Until the good cops speak out against those who give them a bad name and stop their actions, nothing will change.

  2. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    I support the cops 100%. I think they have shown amazing restraint in dealing with the OWS nut cases. They are tired of being spat on and having rocks and bodily waste thrown at them.

    Respect is a two way street. I am tired of paying for these idiots and if it takes pepper spray and a boot in the butt to get them moved, so be it. Enough is enough and it’s time for these socialist scum to take a shower and get a job.

    Police, man up with your size 12’s and do your job, we have your back.

  3. jjohnson67 says:

    Taxed, I’m sure the leaders of Iran, China, Darfur, North Korea and numerous other countries would whole-heartedly agree with you.

  4. “the OWS nut cases…these idiots…these socialist scum”

    When you can’t refute the message, attack the messenger.

  5. ItalianSpring says:

    Sooooooo many experts. You all have probably watched Cops for years. Hilarious but sad.

  6. madmike272 says:

    That old lady got pepper sprayed because her and the others were blocking traffic and refused to disperse. I don’t feel sorry for her nor any of the violators.

  7. Great letter Ken!!! But, as jjohnson67 predicted, you do have your critics.

    taxedenoughintacoma (who I will henceforth refer to as TEIT) quickly parroted back the Newt Gingrich line about OWSers getting jobs after they take a shower. The programming of TEIT seems so ingrained it may be impossible for TEIT to ever consider any other point of view that does not agree with what he/she is spoon fed by Saint Newt.

    Then there is madmike272 who is happy the 84 year old women was pepper-sprayed. Just a word of warning: You want to keep your defenseless small pets and children away from madmike272.

    Your letter is fair to both sides Ken. There are bad protestors as well as bad cops. That’s just reality. Unfortunately, people like TEIT and madmike272 just can’t handle reality!

  8. LarryFine says:

    Entertaining, but getting old. The ebb and flow of “new posters” that is…

  9. Hey Larry, what does your comment have to do with the current topic – POLICE: Uniform doesn’t make one above reproach? Please tell us why your post should not be wiped away as being OFF TOPIC!

    I have read a lot of your posts on other topics now and I have to say you are almost always off topic and add nothing of any value to the discussion, Your “clever remarks” are not clever and not at all the least entertaining.

    So you don’t like “new posters”! Too bad. You don’t decide who gets to post.

    You are an “old poster” and are not just “getting old” but are already way beyond old in terms of the useless and mediocre content of your posts.

    Maybe its time for you to shuffle off old geezer. Maybe its time for the TNT to block you from further posting and leave the posting to people who really have something significant to add to the actual topics under discussion.

  10. citizendoe says:

    So Ken, instead of just complaining, why not offer some solutions. Lets start here, and now…

    Just exactly how would you suggest the Police break up illegal actions by the protestors.

    If the Mayor or land owners say, they are trespassing, remove them, just which kid gloves do you want the Police to use…

    Please tell us, I am dying to know just how you would remove them.

    Lets see if you can actually answer the question, or will you look for some way to blame it on Police or change the subject.

  11. Larry,

    First of all, just answer my question: How does your stupid ebb and flow comment relate to the topic? Answer that if you can. You can’t because it’s off topic like most of your nonsense posts.

    For the record: The only “moniker” or screen name I post under on these blogs is muckibr. That’s it. Any other names you think might be me are not. If you still think they are then that’s simply a reflection of your own paranoia and lack of basic intelligence to discern different writing styles.

    I will not respond to any more comments from LarryFine until he answers the question above to my satisfaction.

  12. LarryFine says:

    You’re such a Kard…

  13. LarryFine says:

    … right down to the personal attacks… Kooky.

  14. LarryFine says:

    Oh, becareful, that DVT strikes with out warning.

  15. “I will not respond to any more comments from LarryFine until he answers the question above to my satisfaction.”


  16. LarryFine says:

    Yeppers !

  17. jjohnson67 says:

    Looks like Larry is really into himself since he’s replying to his own postings.

  18. jjohnson67, I think you are right! Again!

    Because the only member of The Troll Patrol to comment on this topic was LarryFine, I now seriously believe that LarryFine, xx98411, aislander and vox-whats_its_beak are all the same sad little person, perhaps with a multiple personality disorder. And so, you are correct again that Larry is answering himself when he as xx98411 makes the prior comment. I guess Larry just likes to play with himself a lot.

    Even though Ken’s letter was fair to all parties, you correctly guessed the trolls would come out and argue with his statements. And they did! The Troll Patrol in the name of LarryFine jumped-in to argue the unarguable, I think just for the sake of creating an argument. It really didn’t matter to Larry what Ken wrote, Larry was going to criticize it no matter what.

    Sad little Larry! I really feel for him, and his other personalities as well.

  19. LarryFine says:

    Yea, we’re all the same… Kard.

  20. LarryFine says:

    Remember… move around from time to time… don’t want the DVT to sneak up on ya.

  21. LarryFine says:

    Gee, where’d NickDix, fiftytwokardpickup, and Independsvoter go ? Hawaii?

  22. Excellent posts by tax, mad and doe.

    Ken’s letter was fair to all parties – Not!

    Ken failed to mention the police told the ne’er-do-wells to move from the area and if they didn’t, they would be pepper-sprayed. The liberal press didn’t mention that in most of their reports either – OWS sympathizers.

    “Demonstrators who are doing nothing more than trying to ward off the blows” – by chance would they be resisting the directions of the police? Are we supposed to be compliant when given orders to move out of the area? Needless violence was provoked by the OWS mob.

  23. I can count too!

    LarryFine has made 8 out of 22 posts – none of them have had anything to do with the letter’s topic.

  24. beerBoy, point well taken, and yet the TNT has not yet BLOCKED LarryFine to prevent him from posting more of his nonsense on other topics and thus wasting our time having to skim through his shallow meaningless ramblings.

    Welcome back from CA!

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