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BANKS: Individuals must be accountable

Letter by Nick Malden, Tacoma on Nov. 10, 2011 at 11:30 am with 13 Comments »
November 10, 2011 12:44 pm

Re: “Wells Fargo agrees to pay $37M in bid-rigging case” (TNT, 11-8).

I am as much a free market capitalist as the next guy, but when banks are caught bid rigging it’s not just the corporation that should be held to account. Let’s put someone in jail. Let’s strip some executive’s personal (not just corporate/shareholder) assets.

In short, let’s demand some personal accountability.

We will not get any behavioral change within banks (or any other public/private entity for that matter) until we clearly hold individuals responsible their bad acts by materially changing their lifestyle when found out.

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  1. Just because a corporation is a person does not mean the corporation has to obey laws like a person.

  2. “Just because a corporation is a person does not mean the corporation has to obey laws like a person”

    wow, xring, you are on a wrong way roll tonight…

    please tell me you have heard of the practice of Corporate Law. Entire semesters are spent in Corporate Law studies. Entire firms specialize in Corporate Law…

  3. Corporate law deals with the formation and operations of corporations and is related to contract law.

    Common law (evolved law)’ the body of law developed as a result of custom and judicial decisions, as distinct from the law laid down by legislative assemblies.

    The Supreme Court, under the leadership of chief jester Roberts, annotated corporations as ‘persons’.

    All persons must abide by the common laws of the nation and state.

    Therefore corporations need to follow both corporate and common law.

  4. xring – all entities must follow the law…

    this is in response to your first post, your second post… I don’t have the patience

    3rd – wrong yet again, you are off by almost two centuries…

  5. xx – prove it.

  6. prove what that you are wrong by almost two centuries, one and half if you consider another ruling…

  7. You and I need a deed to prove homeownership.
    Banks can foreclose on a home without a deed.

  8. SwordofPerseus says:

    When Texas puts a Corporation to death, then I will believe that corporations are persons.

    Corporations buy influence over legislatures to create laws which exempt them from the laws that apply to individual citizens. Strike three XX you’re out.

  9. All entities should follow the law.

    However, many entiteis and individuals
    don’t thank the law applies to them

  10. guys – you are just slinging stuff, wanna go down that road…. go for it…

    sword – I have no idea who or what you refer to with Texas. Corporate “personhood” has nothing to do with the death penalty and is a bs analog/concept.

    Uions buy influence by the way too, I know you didn’t mean to leave that out.

    xring – if I were drinking then I would probably better understand where you are attempting to go.

  11. The letter writer simply talks about accoutability… a little extreme in the application (as well as against the law in some examples)

    none the less – accountability

    wow, sounds great to me…

  12. When a corporation that is found guilty for fraud is put into jail for those crimes then I will accept that a corporation is a person.

    And, when it becomes illegal to own, in part or in whole, a corporation, I will accept that a corporation is a person because slavery is illegal.

  13. wow, what a waste of a thread… sorry guys their is no common anywhere to have a conversation.

    Bone up on Corporate law and the concept of “Corporate Personhood” a legal perspective not a left nor right version and then we can try the thread again.

    We can’t even get in the gate to start anything…

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