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PITTS: Columnist practices race-based class warfare

Letter by Gene E. Harvey, Puyallup on Nov. 7, 2011 at 1:23 pm with 50 Comments »
November 7, 2011 1:23 pm

In his latest column, Leonard Pitts Jr. broadcasts his race-based prejudice against conservative ideology. His is the worst style of “class warfare.” It hides behind the noble cause of combating racism while categorically stigmatizing an entire political philosophy by accusing it of not advocating for a specific ethnic group. This implies that the citizenry ought to be thought of as members of groups rather than individuals worthy of personal respect.

The constitutional role of government is to protect and help assure that all citizens have the opportunity for creatively charting their own lives as long as they do not significantly impair the ability of others to do the same, not to guarantee results.

I embrace the conservative viewpoint because it offers maximum individual freedom within a responsible and fair framework for the advancement of every citizen, no matter his race or group affiliation. It is not perfect because we humans are imperfect.

Government is comprised of us. Much of what goes wrong in society has to do with individuals who have little notion of their own self-serving propensities and drift together with like-minded people into influential groups that seek political power. Our country’s gridlock in Congress is the result.

Conservatives are more interested in preserving a minimum framework of laws, just enough to promote maximum individual freedom while safeguarding the rights of others. This obviously eludes Pitts and his limited world-view.


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  1. old_benjamin says:

    If he didn’t, he’d be unable to churn out his weekly quota of BS.
    A race baiter’s got to do what a race baiter’s got to do.

  2. larsman says:

    We are all of the same one “race”.
    The absurd notion of one cultural geo-demagraphic being “better” or more “advanced” based on melatonin content (or the color of one’s shoe laces) finds its current amplification in the works of Engels, Sanger, Darwin, Shaw, Marx and of course Schekelgruber (Hitler), for the purposes of amassing political and cultural control.
    Those who follow such aspirations and false presuppositions eventually become either victims or useful lemmings who will later squeak the lame excuse:
    “I was just following orders”…

  3. One of the many faults of conservative thought is that the rich and big businesses are not expected to play by the same rules that the middle and working classes are forced to abide by.

    The only laws I see the conservacons promoting have to do with:

    making the rich richer;

    reducing the numbers (along social, economic, and ethnic lines) of citizens allowed to vote; and

    enforcing neocon, fundamentalist morality.

  4. Fibonacci says:

    Which column are you refering to Gene? The last one I read by Pitts was making fun of the hypocritcal Republicans claiming the sexual harassment charges against Cain are because he is black rather than a letch. Ann Coulter talked about “our blacks” refering to conservative blacks. Good old Rush claims there IS no more raicsm, it is only in the minds of blacks, then turns around and claims racism in the Cain situation. At least stay consistent

  5. sandblower says:

    Sorry guys, but Mr. Pitts is 100% correct and for another supporting view take a look at Mr. Charles Blow’s column in the 5 Nov. 2011 NYT. It will be eye-opening.
    It’s interesting to read the claim of race-baiting when Pitts and Blow, both African-Americans, both make the claim that Mr. Cain, also an African-American, doesn’t do enough for his own race. That does not quite fit my understanding of race-baiting but Mr. Cain’s outlook sure does fit conservatism.
    He is dead meat now anyway.

  6. beerBoy says:

    Gotta love the race-baiting and cries of class warfare that cons throw out there when one of “our blacks” is required to stand under public scrutiny.

  7. aislander says:

    It was a mistake to condemn Cain unequivocally before all the facts became known, but also a mistake to defend him unequivocally before everything was out in the open…

  8. old_benjamin says:

    When Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton come out in defense of Herman Cain, I’ll decide the charges against Cain are motivated by nothing more than the quest for truth.

    Remember Jackson’s defense of OJ and Sharpton’s defense of Tawana Brawley? It’s OK to defend blacks ACCUSED of wrong doing unless they are Republican blacks. In that case, Jesse and Al are nowhere to be found. What’s wrong with this picture?

  9. RockFan says:

    I’d say things are quite out in the open.

  10. sandblower says:

    old ben, you must be confused. Pitts is not supporting or denying the sexual charges against Cain in his column.

  11. “The only laws I see the conservacons promoting…”

    When I read a line like this, I start scrolling. When you look at anything through a warped, prejudicial lens, you’ll see only what you have already determined that you will see. That’s what pre-judice is…pre-judgment.

    In today’s political climate most people are operating with this affliction, including, at times, yours truly, though I try really hard to always study up on issues and candidates. It takes a lot of work.

  12. old_benjamin says:

    Pitts regularly plays the race card, whatever he may have done in his latest column. The fact that a wife beater didn’t beat his wife yesterday doesn’t mean he has reformed.

  13. Susan1952 says:

    In 2008, Harold Ford’s opponent in the Tennessee Senate race used a blonde haired, blue eyed caucasian woman winking and speaking provocatively about Ford’s visit to the Playboy mansion. In a state with a history of racism and issues thereof, it did no harm to Ford’s opponent, according to post election data.

    Ironically, the woman that spoke out today about Cain’s actions, was also, blonde, blue eyed caucasian.

    It will be fascinating to watch the outtakes of today’s revelation in terms of “race labeling” to deny this woman’s testimony.

    Those who deny that racism doesn’t exist in the United States are those that perpetrate the problem the most. It’s not a partisan word game. It’s real.

  14. the3rdpigshouse says:

    Pitts & Robinson are pathetic examples of racist anti-American black columnists!!

  15. LarryFine says:

    Don’t forget to contrast and compare…

  16. Vox_clamantis_in_deserto says:

    Those who deny that racism doesn’t exist in the United States are those that perpetrate the problem the most.

    Gene E. Harvey thanks you for making his point.

  17. beerBoy says:

    It was a mistake to condemn Cain unequivocally before all the facts became known, but also a mistake to defend him unequivocally before everything was out in the open…

    But it isn’t a mistake to look at his ever-changing stories, followed by claims of being lynched and to shake one’s head in disgust. This guy is definitely not ready.

  18. bobcat1a says:

    It is indeed curious that not a single story about Cain from the left has even mentioned race or other euphemisms for “not like us,” YET STILL THE RIGHT CLAIMS RACISM. However, attacks against President Obama that include “Kenyan, anti-American, Muslim, Indonesian, halfbreed, communist, marxist-socialist” are all considered perfectly appropriate by the lunatic fringe right. Teapublican alternate universe.

  19. Pitts is a race baiter, and the people who came running to his whistle are simply tools. ’nuff said.

  20. Oldman – the majority of unemployed are in Western Washington.

    Larry – thanks for confirming the right supports welfare for business but not for individuals.

    By you illogical reasoning only drivers should pay for public streets and roads.

    Vox – illegals – maybe a few, but not as many as you believe.

    I’ve worked several projects in Yakima and have seen many INS sweeps.

    Also Farmers are fined for each undocumented worker caught by the INS.

  21. “A race baiter’s got to do what a race baiter’s got to do.”

    When you know you can’t refute the message, attack the messenger.

  22. xx98411 says:

    Fellow conservatives, be not distracted by the shining object called “race”. This is actually a letter about Conservatism and its value.

    In all fairness, Mr. Pitts letter was also an article about conservatism except his view was how crappy conservatism is. He is also using race as a metaphor. Unfortunately we get distracted by the “R” word and head off into cesspool land where I find it necessary to wear my pink latex outfit to try to keep clean.

    I am losing some weight and am looking quite studly lately… but I digress… anyway….

    About Cain
    They are not attacking Cain because he is black, they are attacking him because he is conservative. Using race is a pre-emptive strike to prevent Cain from using the ongoing fact that he is a successful black man who has done good for himself and his family. Cain is a visual metaphor of what a black man can do and can be following conservative principles. Once Cain made some comments related to race, that was the green light to unleash hell upon him.

    When Cain made the statement about leaving the plantation, he was NOT being a racist nor even racial. He was communicating using words that were meant to capture a black audience. He was telling them he was free and they could be too.

    The blacks are listening, don’t be fooled. Keep talking to them and let them know that their freedom comes from within not from an external government funded check. And the liberal masters cannot lose their base so the attacks begin. They have no moral compass so all is fair game.

    All they are doing is finding a person’s kryptonite, race is a damn good one (for anybody by the way), sexism and sexual harassment is another goodie. Combine race and sex into one charge and you got a potent double dose of kryptonite that Lex Luther would be proud of.

    Now take a feel of the texture of said kryptonite… feel how smooth, soft and silky it is… look at how the glow emanates from it… what you feel my friends, is the skin of a white women, who was paraded before an audience for all to see. (Kinda what they did to slaves back in the day… anybody notice how white her teeth were? Especially when contrasted against those ruby red lips, hmmm) She was escorted by the defender of all that is woman, her name be Gloria. Let the show begin… or… Do I have any bids…

    It is a very, very potent dose that kryptonite made especially for Cain. It will not kill him, he is strong. All I ask is that it not kill your perception of him. We know what they want the show to be but does anybody really know what the truth is?

    Defend conservatism… defend it as if your life depended on it because it does… better yet promote true conservatism, promote what is good about conservatism… again because your future and the quality of your life depend upon it…

  23. Vox_clamantis_in_deserto says:

    Meh… the Pitts would get zero attention if he were not so consistently over-the-top. And he would have no vehicle for his absurdities without injecting race into every piece he does.

    I read leftist opinion pieces every day, but I gave up on the Pitts some years ago. He truly brings nothing to the table – his constant drum-beating of the (black) race perspective dulled the tympanic membrane long ago.

  24. LarryFine says:

    When a “trailer park bimbo” produces a blue dress or tells how she was told to “put some ice on it” we’ll have parity.
    Oh, and at least they made it home alive…
    … if he was a lib we damned well know this would be covered completely different and Lenard’s column would have a totally different perspective.
    Herman is probably toast… and I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing.

  25. MissInformation says:

    Herman Cain is a fine gentleman

  26. old_benjamin says:

    sue1234, bring some data documenting that “.8 correlation.” Then we can talk.

  27. xx98411 says:

    sue#### – hi, haven’t heard from you in a while. It is so good to see you are well and if I may say that blue dress fits you rather nicely today… anywho…

    could you bring some data to the TNT sandbox with the .08 thingy? I have some that says the same thing about Dems and wonder if we could compare notes…

    dinner? ride in my limo? ;)

  28. Vox – ‘zero attention – over the top” – the same can be said of Rush Limgaugh and a whole lot of right wing talking heads.

  29. Wow, the following was removed. Please TNT I am not using ALL CAPS, it aint spam, obscene… please, my mother approves, profane… not for a liberal, abusive… to my senses maybe, off topic… no Pitts brought up Cain, the letter writer and various posters, I’m just adding my chips and think this will put Cain to rest.

    If not you got my email address, let me know… thanks

  30. I may be wrong to believe that it was a double dose of kryptonite… “White woman accuser, Black Man Aggressor”.. we are heading into triple dose territory.

    From the brain-trust at MSDNC…

    “Look, I think it will be interesting to see if these guys rally around Herman Cain with as much voracity as they have these last couple of weeks now that it’s clear that a whole other layer of black sexuality has been infused into this,” Finney explained. “Also remember these women were ten years younger than we’re seeing them now. So that whole power dynamic. This is an older man, this younger women. White women, Black man.
    Karen Finney, MSDNC MouthPiece

    “It’s very jarring for the GOP, for anybody, I think, to see a black man be sexually aggressive in an unwanted way toward a blonde, white — especially a blonde, white woman,” added Touré.
    Toure, MSDNC Jester

    To think that people actually find this exercise in freedom a good use of their time…

  31. sozo,
    What! You don’t think I follow the news and form my only opinions?

    How’s this:
    IMO – I feel the only laws conseracons promote serve to make the rich richer, and take Constitution and Civil Rights away from the majority of Americans.

    Xx98 – We know that one of the four accusers is white. But I have yet to hear anyone playing any race card.

    Except for the conseracons, who claim since there blacks are better than all other blacks, this must be an attempt by the liberal media to smear a black conservative.

  32. xx98411 says:

    xring – you are not listening then, it is clear as the sky is blue… well when you can see through the clouds.

    You guys take people way too seriously. Besides it’s true, the conservative team is better than the liberal team.

    Got one thing right, it is an attempt to smear a conservative.

    Either re-read my posts, first take off you filters, you are missing a whole lot… thanks

  33. beerBoy says:

    And xx – nice plausible deniability on that post….you aren’t playing the race card. You don’t play the race card. You just make posts referring to Obama as a house negro and Cain a field negro (as if a field negro would have a position with the FED).

    and “White woman accuser, Black Man Aggressor” is in quotes so you just quoted it so you can’t be blamed for it.

    And, just because you put White women, Black man. in bold doesn’t mean anything…..

    You just point out how Cain is justified in comparing his accusers to Clarence Thomas’ “electronic lynching”……it is the other side.

    Yah Team! Be Aggressive B-E Aggressive

    So…..is one of the perks of being the head cheerleader having dates with the team captain?

  34. xx98411 says:

    good morning BB – I don’t do pom-poms, I like the pink latex. I put a layer of vaseline between God’s birthday suit and the latex… I like the way it feels on my skin.

    Enjoy your breakfast. ;)

  35. xx98411 says:

    Ok – let’s go…

    Penn State – WTF does Penn State have to do with any post on this thread? What dude…?

    Race Card – I am not above playing the race card… I just don’t see that I played one but if you believe I did then let me say you are probably looking at a 5, maybe 6 of spades… You got a better hand…?

    Typically when I sit at that table, its’ because you guys are playing… and basically I just wanna shut you all up and take your money. You guys started this game… I am just here to finish it… you got game son, let go…

    Referring to a previous post is fine, your response still tells me you don’t get it. (you cards aint that good son, you sure you wanna play this…?)

    Quotes – it’s in quotes because somebody said it, somebody started the game (Pitts started this one, Toure and Finney are playing too) and I am just here to play, take your money and end it… Dude, I got a set of brass ones. I don’t hide behind quotes. Don’t need to son, papa can play hardball…

    Bold Face – it’s seems to have gotten your attention so… I achieved an objective. Any valid comment, or you just griping…?

    Cain > Clarence: have no clue where you get that from… enlighten my feeble mind… professor.

    Yea Team – you dang right…. You and your ilk will not be allowed to destroy without a fight to stop you… period.

    Notice you have said nothing to refute, debate, discuss… you offer nothing of value professor… nothing…

    Believe it when I say I am listening and ready to offer a further perspective. But you must offer something to. Something of value to respond to.

    Anything else? You have a good morning.

  36. xx98411 says:

    Oh and by the way…

    I like my team and yes, the team captain, she is HOT!

    What you got sitting next to you on the comfy olde couch?

  37. If you think that those rallying to end Cain’s career are unaware of the stereotypical images in many folks’ minds about black men and promiscuity, you are naive to the nth degree. These people know exactly what they are doing.

    I cannot support Cain for president because I think there are areas he is just not well-versed enough in to assume the office of president. I thought that about Obama too and I believe I was correct.

    That said, the MO of those trying to get him out of the way is transparent and disgusting.

    I wish I could support him because I think he is right about many things.

  38. sozo and xx – so exposing a wannabe President’s sexcapades is racist if the wannabe is a Black conservative but OkieDokie if he is a white liberal (Think Gary Hart’s Monkey Business)?

    xx – extra point for the pink latex and vaseline. Nice to know my attempts at sophomoric humor aren’t totally lost on the “other side”.

  39. bb – your statement type questions are now offically hilarious…

    Ok, movin’ on.. These are not sexcapades, these are accusations… no more, no less.

    I had a longer post, but deleted it. I ask we do it this way. Come to me with facts that you know to be true. Not suppositions, deductions, heresay…

    I’ll start…

    1) We have one person come forward via a press conference to present an accusation of inappropiate verbal and physical contact between the two. She was accompanied by an Attorney.
    1A)Accuser has made the rounds via TV shows to repeat said accusations.
    2) She has no proof of said act. She offers no proof of said act.
    3) A photo of said accuser is circulating that shows her side by side with her “attacker” about 10+ years later.
    4) …

    Your turn… remember facts and facts only for now…

  40. Since I can’t resist and am capable of separating “this” from “that”…

    The other two clowns above, three if you add Pitts, are considered the C-Team. David Gregory on the other hand would be considered a member of the A-Team considering his show on Sunday. But even they can have brain farts…

    “On Wednesday’s “Today” show, host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” David Gregory says there is no “Grand Wizard” right now in the GOP to “force” Cain out of the primary.”

    Noooo, I didn’t go there did you? La La La La La… I didn’t hear that… did you?

    You can stick your head in the sand about this stuff but until you come to the table with something more than your own accusations and loaded questions don’t you dare chide me for my view.

    It is clear as day to a buffoon with one brain cell and a pulse…

    “UPDATE: David Gregory has apologized and tweeted the following: “‘Wizard’ remark this morning was a very poor choice of words. Did not mean to make that connection at all. Was not thinking. I apologize””

    “…Was not thinking…” an pathetic understatement…. no?

  41. LarryFine says:

    “…but OkieDokie if he is a white…” well, white and democrat… and why’d you skip over Billy ?
    It is fun to watch bB so worked up about the racism charge… how many times have his posts earned him the label of antisemite only to have him pick nits about actually fully coming out as a full fledged denier???
    There definately is a double standard.

  42. beerBoy says:

    I skipped Clinton because he WAS President not a wannabe. Monkey Business Hart is the closest analogy to the Cain situation – though, since Bill did it with an intern and Cain is alleged to have paid off employees to stop their suits, the whole sexual harassment angle is closer.

  43. xx98411 says:

    Yeah he was a little worked up this AM. I think they deleted one of his post…. I realy wish they stop doing that.

    To be honest, I really don’t know what his postion is. He seems to just criticize and when I ask for a clarification, a position statement, etc. Nothing… either ignore or change the subject and conversation.

    oh well… Let me throw a wad of vaseline at him…

  44. LarryFine says:

    Cain “payed off” someone ? Are we stretching it a bit ?

    btw, apparently at least one accuser filed another complaint in another job. She claimed supervisors unfairly denied her request to work from home after a car accident and accused one of them of circulating a sexually oriented email…
    The complaint contended that the email was sexually explicit. OH the HORROR The joke circulated online lists reasons men and women are like computers, including that men are because “in order to get their attention, you have to turn them on.” Women are like computers, it says, because “even your smallest mistakes are stored in long-term memory for later retrieval.”

    John Edwards “paid off someone”… but it didn’t/doesn’t get much coverage.

    What was it Carville said about dollar bills and trailer parks??? hmmm.

  45. xx98411 says:

    bB – you got anything or am I on ignore… it’s hurting my feelings… I going to cry…

  46. xx98411 says:

    I saw the “payed off” too… bb you are heading into Kardnos / xring land dude. This is an intervention, we are here to help.

    Gettin’ the pom-poms for ya…

    give me an H “H”

    give me a Y “Y”

    give me a P “P”

    …eh, we know the rest…

  47. xx98
    What is clear is that:

    Conservatives are much better at ruining our country than the progressives.

    It is an attempt by one Tea Party want-a-be presidential candidate Perry) to smear a rival Tea Party want-a-be presidential candidate Cain).

  48. xx98411 says:

    you really are a lost soul there, wrong yet again…

    and the sad, almost pitiful part of your post is that the truth has been reported for a few days now…

  49. LarryFine says:

    What is an “xring” anyway? bB, do you know ? Does Anderson Cooper know ?

  50. his posts earned him the label of antisemite

    By all means – quote those posts. Prove it.

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