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PROTESTS: Why not try to Occupy a job?

Letter by Blaine C. Garver, Spanaway on Nov. 4, 2011 at 2:03 pm with 119 Comments »
November 4, 2011 2:06 pm

Re: The Occupy Seattle protesters (TNT, 11-3).

Why not occupy a job? Instead of living off taxpayers, become a taxpayer. If it’s not a great starting wage, you will not pay income tax and might even get an earned income credit back.

If you don’t have a car, get a job on the bus routes we taxpayers are supporting. Get some food stamps with the wage you earned and double your wherewithal for food.

Taxpayers are tired of being your sole support, but we won’t mind helping a bit while you are busting your hump to help yourself. Really.

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  1. Where Are the Jobs?

    Gone Overseas!

  2. IndependVoter says:

    Who said they didn’t have jobs? Protesting signs have mentioned multiple jobs to survive.

  3. xx98411 says:

    80,000 were created last month… you could have gotten one of those… thanks Barry!

  4. RalphWaldo says:


    13.9 million unemployed filled 80K jobs Humor missing

  5. old_benjamin says:

    Why are the jobs gone overseas?

    Too many regulations and too little profit in the U.S.

    Capitalists are funny that way.

  6. sandblower says:

    Wrong again ben. Cheap labor and no concerns for the environment are the real reasons.

  7. RalphWaldo says:

    Someone doesn’t know that cheap labor is the reason for outsourcing?

  8. old_benjamin says:

    A pile of manure by any other name would smell as foul.

  9. Voltaire says:

    someone has angered someone

  10. took14theteam says:

    Nothing like ruining a comment board, eh _nos?

  11. Capybara91 says:

    I’m sure the executives at MF Global would agree with that assessment. Of course, they’re bankrupt now after wagering investors’ money on the European financial crisis and “losing” $600 million. They’re out looking for another company to run into the ground and seeking good attorneys. Personally, I don’t call that a respectable way of making a living. And, loser that I am, I prefer poverty and homelessness to arrogant, depraved cynicism.

  12. LarryFine says:

    “Where Are the Jobs?” … ask O’bama, O’Biden, O’PLOsi, and O’Reid…

  13. scooter6139 says:

    Larry, you’re not even trying.

    Where are all the jobs the republicans ran on and got elected to find/create?

    So sorry, they’ve been too busy trying to defund NPR and Planned Parenthood while passing stupid legislation affirming “In God We Trust”!

    Where are the jobs Boehner, Cantor and McConnell?

  14. harleyrider1 says:

    Let’s just get out of the spending mode and elect politicians that understand the government must be run like a citizen runs his checking account: Don’t spend, don’t write checks unless the money is in the bank.

    Both political sides have had a role in this for years.

    Voters have played the largest role by continuing to elect people that do not have a financial background or at the minimum have a record of not spending more money than they take in. Common sense. Let’s start today and not look back.

  15. harleyrider1 says:

    Back to topic. Sorry. The problem is if you aren’t smart enough to know that marching and putting up a tent in blue-collar Tacoma is a little misguided, you’re not going to do much but increase the debt to the citizens here for police and clean-up. This in turn will anger them because it will cause them to have less in city services next year; postpone street repairs, etc.

    The same can be said for other cities.

    But, if all these people went to Washington D.C. and collected around the White House and Congress for weeks – then you’d see some action. You’d actually see legislation begin to be written, and passed that actually helped Americans. Congress won’t do anything until it is personally affected. The President is too busy flying around or riding in a taxpayer purchased Motorhome running off at the mouth outside of D.C.

    Go there, force the President to get back to work; force Congress into providing real help like the WEP projects that got us out of the last depression.

    Stay here, anger us – you get wet, cold and get nothing.

  16. beerBoy says:

    So Blaine…..are you really suggesting that the unemployment numbers went up at the end of Bush’s term and rose during Obama’s because the American people suddenly decided to not work anymore?

    Or that the #ows folks are made up of the ones who are too lazy to do anything…..except, of course, to make the effort to make a statement in public rather than – as we do – confine it to our keyboards?

  17. beerBoy says:

    The other day in Oakland so many teachers (who have a job) went to the protest that the city didn’t have enough substitutes to cover the classes. And off-duty Alameda Fire Dept. members (they have a job too) barbecued hamburgers to provide to the protestors.

    But…you go ahead with your dismissive stereotypes if it makes you feel superior and more secure in your little world view.

  18. beerBoy says:

    Harley – you suffer from the Beltway delusion that there is any difference between D.C. and Wall Street.

    The protests across the country will be more effect than a concentrated protest on the Mall in D.C.

  19. beerBoy says:

    ‘ive” effect”ive”

  20. taxedenoughintacoma says:

    These spoiled punks don’t want a job. They are spoiled brats and we are seeing the effects of single parent families that didn’t spank their children.

    So let the cops move in and spank them now, with billy clubs.

  21. Voltaire says:

    There is an Archie Bunker Syndrome going around. It’s cause is the First Amendment

  22. BlaineCGarver says:

    I know that it’s tough getting a start, but you are NOT going to step into a decent wage without working for it. Not in these times. The best way to get a job is to have a job. The programs out there to help the poor are tremendous. Live below your means. Give up drugs, alcohol, 150$$ a month phone plans, cable, that flash car, I Tunes, GET A PART TIME JOB on top of your whatever job. As someone mentioned: Most of the people in the movement have jobs. Why are they not thanking the Heavens for that job and why are they not at it today? Now, while you are working, let’s try to kill the malignant relationship between Wall Street, banks, the US Government and the lawyers that protect them. You can start by throwing out the bums that are running this country and replace them with persons of value (hint, that’s not Obama, or Romney).

  23. Pacman33 says:

    I just got a job off of craigslist that pays me $18 per hour for being at the protests. I take a rip off my bong grab my “Eat The Rich” sign and head out to my fake campsite where I keep my empty tent. Thanks uncle George!

    Think Robin Hood was right? Get paid to work for social justice! FIGHT CORPORATE GREED! (Seattle)


    FIGHT for the 99% with an ACTIVIST JOB! (Seattle)


    Want to Occupy an Activist Occupation!? (Seattle) $12-$16 per hour plus benefits


  24. LarryFine says:

    LOL Pacman ! Priceless.

  25. FinaNotAWhina says:

    OHMYGOD!!! Someone is competing with the Heritage Foundation!!

    How dare they!!!

  26. FinaNotAWhina says:

    Get a real job! Work for the Heritage Foundation:

    Assistant Director of Special Events, Logistics & Event Operations

    The Assistant Director of Special Events, Logistics & Event Operations is responsible for overseeing the planning process for all Heritage sponsored events supported by the department.

    Job Type: Full Time Education: BA/BS
    Experience: 5 years of experience in event management. Management experience preferred.

    Skills: Understand and support the Heritage mission and vision for America and the department’s goals and objectives. Solid understanding of Heritage philosophy of donor relations. Self-motivated and skilled manager of time; able to handle multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced environment. Exceptional organizational skills and strong attention to detail. Knowledge level: Strong event management background and experience. Management skills: Ability to coach, motivate and encourage team members. Professionalism: Team player with a high level of diplomacy, confidentiality, and sensitivity. Initiative: Make sound decisions with limited supervision. Ability to think strategically and execute with excellence. Proficient in MS Office (Excel and Word), Outlook, and possess the ability to master new software. Ability to communicate with individuals at all professional levels and have excellent writing, presentation and public speaking skills.

    I’ll bet they pay minimum wage or less for that one.

  27. FinaNotAWhina says:

    “Give up drugs, alcohol, 150$$ a month phone plans, cable, that flash car, I Tunes”

    Yeah…like that happens on welfare

  28. FinaNotAWhina says:

    “A family of three, with no income, would receive a monthly TANF grant of $478.” DSHS WA GOV

  29. “The other day in Oakland so many teachers (who have a job) went to the protest that the city didn’t have enough substitutes to cover the classes. And off-duty Alameda Fire Dept. members (they have a job too) barbecued hamburgers to provide to the protestors.”

    Is this supposed to make us feel better about the occupation, bBoy? How about if teachers go to work like they’re supposed to. As for off-duty fire dpt. members, that’s their personal choice, assuming they bought the hamburger!

    I have never thought presumed the protesters were out of work, though it’s hard to imagine how some of them ARE holding down jobs. But I do appreciate some of the letter-writer’s sentiments, in particular, the notion that conservatives actually have no problem helping someone “learn how to fish” despite the fact that they are often portrayed as not caring about people in dire straits.

    bBoy…or someonebody, please…tell me what these occupations are going to actually accomplish.

  30. FinaNotAWhina says:

    As stated by David Patterson on Bill Maher’s show last night –

    In the 1960s, there was a movement that started that eventually got a sitting president to resign and not run for office as cause of that movement. Today’s movement demonstrates that someone is paying attention and is finally doing something for the first time in 40 years.

    Those that forget the past -

  31. LarryFine says:

    Who’s Bill Maher ? Fina… are you #5_nos ?

  32. xx98411 says:

    I got 4…

    volty, indy, fina, ehill

    It was kinda humerous in a pitiful sort of way until this little exchange caught my eye…

    “Voltaire says:
    Nov. 4, 2011 at 4:53 pm hmmm——there used to be an ignore feature—-allegedly

    followed by…

    IndependVoter says:
    Nov. 4, 2011 at 5:04 pm Volaire, I like your moniker and the quote that is often associated with that name:

    “I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it.”

    Do most people practice that? Sadly, no.

    at this point it crossed the creepy in creepy land for me…

  33. If you have not encountered Bill Maher in your TV viewing, count yourself fortunate. He’s an arrogant, sarcastic and unattractive atheist who earned his way to fame doing stand-up…of course. Aren’t stand up comics THE spokespeople for all things “progressive?”

  34. LarryFine says:

    No kidding xxx. This is from when Larry P. Hill was posting as …


    Toyotaman84 wrote on 12/18/2009 06:34:57 PM:
    I like what Tman said to you previously, it was Bush at the wheel when the planes began crashing. And what did he do? Kept reading to school children.

    • Toyotaman84 wrote on 12/18/2009 06:36:10 PM:
    Now I know I’m going crazy… I’m referring to myself in the 3rd person.

    yeah… lmfao…

  35. LarryFine says:

    … funny thing is, he really thinks he’s clever.

  36. LarryFine says:

    Hobbledeyhoy makes 5…

  37. beerBoy says:

    For someone who you claim to not think has anything important to say, you sure do spend an awful lot of time (and posts) on him. I mean, really, what is this thread about? Sure seems to have become the “we hate KARDNOS” thread.

  38. LarryFine says:

    Not really bB. A glance at these threads reveals much to someone with a small amount situational awareness.

    It’s really more of a cat and mouse game… not sure how his lack of substance has anything to do with it.

    I don’t “hate” him… what’s the thread about ??? been there done that.

  39. xx98411 says:

    Bill Maher – I am embarrassed to say I used to watch the guy many, many moons ago. He gets away with what he says now because he is labeled as a comedian, satirist… you can get away with anything with those labels.

    I don’t care for him anymore because he has crossed the line from cutting edge to just plain olde mean.

    He obviously has a following who enjoy his show. We know we are in trouble when they consider him a “news” source… then we have hit a new bottom.

  40. xx98411 says:

    ”For someone who you claim to not think has anything important to say, you sure do spend an awful lot of time (and posts) on him. I mean, really, what is this thread about? Sure seems to have become the “we hate KARDNOS” thread.”

    first – people choose their behavior, the behavior was disruptive to discourse, people responded differently – avoidance, not responding, light responses back, and my favorite – pink latex outfit for the intellectual cesspool he and I headed to… the behavior continued, TNT had enough… again… KARDNOS is no more. Like a few in our history, Christ, Elvis… he has risen and thou tempered in his responses, the ghost of the K-dude is apparent… again, we all choose our behavior

    Second – justice, I got no problem telling you that I provided a little morsel to egg his new moniker on. Let’s just go for it and reveal ourselves… He’s back off, and maybe he can choose to participate in the conversation without pissing in everybody’s Wheaties…

    Third – if I can turn your head to the left a little and focus on the Sybil impersonator playing the keyboards over there… don’t you think it odd… maybe a little weird bordering on sick that a person creates more than two monikers… and even responds to themselves…?

    I don’t hate KARDNOS… I now actually feel bad for the guy. :(

  41. I once, for about 10 seconds, though Bill Maher was funny. Now I really think he is bad news. Yeah, pun intended.

    Comedians are often quite bright. One of my favorites who turned his attention to politics and the news is Dennis Miller who is probably considerably brighter than most of the rest of them. You can barely keep up with him, he thinks so fast.

    He was a fairly liberal guy until 9/11, and while you can’t really pigeon-hole him completely on all social issues, he clearly loves this country and wants to preserve what’s good and right about it.

    I’m in favor of wit (and wits), but as you say, Maher has turned mean. Janine Garafolo (sp) is hateful, and not nearly as bright as she fancies herself to be. A perfect spokeswoman for the “little learned.”

  42. beerBoy says:

    what’s the thread about ??? been there done that.

    And yet….you keep doing it…..

  43. beerBoy says:

    sozo’s favorite comedian is, not coincidentally, gone far right.

    Dennis Miller always traded in a superior, snide, mean-spirited persona – much like Don Rickles. Just because he had a post-9/11 conversion doesn’t change that.

  44. took14theteam says:

    More words of wisdom/sanity from xx that we can all live by.

    And this says it all, without pissing in everybody’s Wheaties

    Hey xx, it is noon somewhere, you better get cracking on the Olde English. :-)

  45. FinaNotAWhina says:

    I Rant, Therefore I Am (Doubleday, 2000) ISBN 0-385-49535-8

    Try reading it. Written prior to 2001, a constant rant about Bill Clinton. Liberal? I think not

  46. carnito says:

    “maybe a little weird bordering on sick that a person creates more than two monikers”

    Denjen2, took14, cedarbackwards, et al

    Been doing a little IP collecting on my website…..

    There’s more to be released….

  47. carnito says:

    See you later…it’s been nice….

  48. RalphWaldo says:

    an email sent to me by a friend:

    RW – someone was stalking my website at 5:22 am, Friday morning from Puyallup at IP 67.185.186.***

    See ya,

  49. Sandblower – let’s not forget the tax and trade policies that allow those foreign products to be sold here as if they were made here by American workers.

    Larry – try asking the Rcons who care more for the masters profit than the America and Americans.

    Have you ever taken out a loan for anything – a house, a car, kid’s college?

    Did the Tparty only demonstrate in DC? The OWS people are exercising a Constitutional Right (just lke the Tpary did).

    Check out the Police Beat, page B2 of today’s TNT.

    What happened in Oakland was a general strike – that means people with jobs don’t go to work in order to exercise their Constitutional rights of assemble and protest.

    Based on your description of Bill Maher – Rush Limbaugh is an arrogant, sarcastic hatemonger with the body of a Greek God.

  50. FinaNotAWhina says:

    A second Iraq war veteran has suffered serious injuries after clashes between police and Occupy movement protesters in Oakland.

    Kayvan Sabehgi, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, is in intensive care with a lacerated spleen. He says he was beaten by police close to the Occupy Oakland camp, but despite suffering agonising pain, did not reach hospital until 18 hours later.

    Sabehgi told the Guardian from hospital he was walking alone along 14th Street in central Oakland – away from the main area of clashes – when he was injured.

    “There was a group of police in front of me,” he told the Guardian from his hospital bed. “They told me to move, but I was like: ‘Move to where?’ There was nowhere to move.

    “Then they lined up in front of me. I was talking to one of them, saying ‘Why are you doing this?’ when one moved forward and hit me in my arm and legs and back with his baton. Then three or four cops tackled me and arrested me.”

    Sabeghi, who left the army in 2007 and now part-owns a small bar-restaurant in El Cerrito, about 10 miles north of Oakland, said he was handcuffed and placed in a police van for three hours before being taken to jail. By the time he got there he was in “unbelievable pain”.

    He said: “My stomach was really hurting, and it got worse to the point where I couldn’t stand up.

    “I was on my hands and knees and crawled over the cell door to call for help.”

    A nurse was called and recommended Sabehgi take a suppository, but he said he “didn’t want to take it”.

    He was allowed to “crawl” to another cell to use the toilet, but said it was clogged.

    “I was vomiting and had diarrhoea,” Sabehgi said. “I just lay there in pain for hours.”

    Sabehgi’s bail was posted in the mid-afternoon, but he said he was unable to leave his cell because of the pain. The cell door was closed, and he remained on the floor until 6pm, when an ambulance was called.

    He was taken to Highland hospital – the same hospital where Olsen was originally taken after being hit in the head by a projectile apparently fired by police.

    Sabehgi was due to undergo surgery on Friday afternoon to repair his spleen, which would involve using a clot or patch to prevent internal bleeding.

    Thousands of protesters had attended the action in Oakland on Wednesday, taking over the downtown area of the city and blockading Oakland’s port.

    As demonstrations continued near the camp base at Frank H Ogawa plaza during the evening, a group of protesters occupied a disused building on 16th Street at around 10.30pm, with some climbing up onto the roof.

    There had been little police presence during the day, but more than 200 officers arrived after 11pm. Some protesters had set fire to a hastily assembled barrier at the corner of 16th Street and Telegraph, in a bid to prevent access to the occupied building, but police drove demonstrators away from 16th Street using tear gas, flashbang grenades, and non-lethal rounds.

    Sabehgi said he had not been in the occupied building, and was walking away from the main area of trouble when he was injured.

    He said he had his arms folded and was “totally peaceful” before being arrested.

    A spokeswoman for Highland hospital confirmed Sabehgi had been admitted. Oakland police were not immediately available for comment.

  51. Sozo – Dennis Miller is hilarious. I got a chance to see him when he came to Seattle many moons ago. I try to catch his radio show when I can…

    I try my dangdest to listen to others to get another side but when it turns to mean-spirited and doesn’t stop then I gotta move on…

    He does a pretty good job on O’Rielly about once a week…

  52. LarryFine says:

    “…don’t you think it odd… maybe a little weird bordering on sick that a person creates more than two monikers… and even responds to themselves…?” LOL
    Sorry… you’re asking someone who actually has been there done that !

  53. LarryFine says:

    … huh bB?

  54. More words of wisdom/sanity from xx that we can all live by.

    whoa, got you fooled.. ;)

    It’s the Lord Day, no Olde English today… but I do have two bottles staged up ready for a Monday…

  55. Dennis Miller – jeeze guys can we for once talk about someone without the demonization… wow, dudes, lighten the frig up…

  56. FinaNotAWhina says:

    Reality isn’t demonization. Read the 2000 book that was published. Miller was anything but a liberal. I know, I own it.

  57. xx – never thought Dennis Miller was funny, even prior to his “seeing the light” post-9/11. That isn’t ranking on him. Just don’t think he is, or ever was, all that humorous.

  58. xx98411 says:

    The book, so do I, just dusted it off and laughing my buttocks off…

    wow guys, get a life..

  59. Fina: “A second Iraq war veteran has suffered serious injuries after clashes between police and Occupy movement protesters in Oakland.”

    Maybe the guy should have avoided violent confrontations with the cops.

    The sad thing is, just like the commies of the old days, today’s lefties use stuff like this to milk the propaganda value while not caring less about the poor sap in the hospital. Fina’s post exemplifies this, as there is no reason whatsoever to copy and paste such a long winded attempt to bring sympathy to the criminals in Oakland other than to spread propaganda. Fina is a tool.

  60. BindereDundat says:

    “I got no problem telling you that I provided a little morsel to egg his new moniker on.”

  61. BindereDundat says:


  62. xx98411 says:

    good point lanq…

    I look at that post and saw it as a big steamy pile and wondered why not just a comment and a link…

    Ok, well that didnt work on me… Sadly we will se more of this, my hopes are that no one falls for it.

  63. xx98411 says:

    duuude to you too… welcome B..D..

  64. BindereDundat says:

    at this point it crossed the creepy in creepy land for me

  65. BindereDundat says:

    Amazing how many people are trying to deny the beating of an innocent vet in Oakland. A business owner, to boot.

    Support your troops!

  66. LarryFine says:

    … so that makes 6 ?

  67. xx98411 says:

    no denying anything, it is a horrible thing what happened…

    the previous poster is just attempting to use the incident to further his own agenda… just like you now.

    you make a prepatory statement, has a false premise, followed by a sarcastic ending… the cherry is some video to further your agenda of… who knows… don’t really care.

    When you want to have a real discussion then give it a shot, when you try to manipulate then expect an appropiate reaction. Keep it up and their is an ignore feature that works very well.

    again, welcome BD, look forward to your valued contributions to this fine community…

    you seem vaguely familiar in your style too.

  68. took14theteam says:

    So did the “Found the job on Craigslist” “paid for by Soros” OWS protestors f’ up the NY Marathon today?

  69. BD, leftists using ex-military for propaganda value is just pathetic. Also, as a guy who did a couple of enlistments back in the 70’s and 80’s, I can state quite accurately that the military is not a d/bag free zone. That said, those who volunteer to serve their country do tend, as a bloc, more toward conservatism than the population as a whole, which is why so many leftists have no use for the military in general, but waste no time propagandizing when it suits.

    Oh, and I do support the troops, and not just with phony lip service. If you do, too, you’ll open your wallet and donate to one of the many charities associated with helping military and their families.

  70. BindereDundat says:

    3 entertained friends, 3 wrong guesses, 1 totally confused sleuth

  71. BindereDundat says:

    Don’t talk about widows or widowers of veterans. The truth will come out.

    One of these days the military will see how the conservatives pay lip service to them in false patriotism while cutting their benefits and needs.

    What’s a life worth?

  72. BindereDundat says:

    reporting a beating is a political position?

  73. LarryFine says:

    Hardly Kardly…

  74. xx98411 says:

    it is not what you did, but how and why you did it…

    sorry he got hurt. the fact that he is a war veteran is irrelevant to the situation as it unfolds. no one knows that he is a vet when he is not responding to police orders. it is also irrelevant that you are a vet when you are not responding to police orders.

    If you take the position that the police, their orders, etc… are unlawful and you wish to provide resistance… then do so at your own risk… you status as a veteran, woman, old person, minority, etc… becomes irrelevant.

    pathetic BD, typical though…

  75. beerBoy says:

    xx – though the latest injury at the hands of Oakland police hasn’t been fully investigated there are reports that the victim was walking AWAY from the area and then confronted by the police who told him to move – he reports that there was nowhere to move to so he couldn’t comply to an impossible order – and he offered no resistance while the cops ruptured his spleen with nightsticks.

  76. beerboy, seriously, when’s the last time someone got spanked by a cop, and then didn’t lie about the circumstances? And as far as his comrades recollection, they’re confronting the cops, do you think they’re going to tell the truth? Please…

    And BD, as far as your feigned concern for veterans, I suspect that that would be somewhat diminished had the guy been waving a Gadsden flag and wearing a Sarah Palin t-shirt. Not a straw man, just a fact, I know you people better than you know yourselves. That the guy was a vet hanging out with leftists is what makes this a novelty worthy of propagandizing, which is interesting in itself, isn’t it?

  77. xx98411 says:

    I saw a video of some “friends” who stated that at one point “he refused to moved and stood there with his arms folded not being a threat to anyone…”

    Somewhere in all this feces is the truth. I am willing to bet large amount of Olde English that you will find that though the cops may have been on the a-hole side of customer service, this guy was also on the a-hole side of citizen… those scanrios always appear to end badly in those types of situations.

  78. TreatAVeteran says:

    veteran and business owner – “a-hole type of citizen”

    Support veterans

  79. I am always amazed when the right wing claims all true veterans are righties.

  80. xring: “I am always amazed when the right wing claims all true veterans are righties.”

    Where did you read that? Maybe you’ll provide a citation.

  81. KnightNDay says:

    “That said, those who volunteer to serve their country do tend, as a bloc, more toward conservatism than the population as a whole” – lanq

    I guess parsing is in season.

  82. xx98411 says:

    treat – during the interaction no one, nor was it relevant that he was a veteran. Based on what I am reading/seeing, it is still ilrelevant that he is a veteran.

    your one liners offer nothing. make a case… or can you?

    support veterans… sounds great. Why stop there, support America…

  83. sue1234 says:

    Remember the rightwingers have been trained to think a democratic fuedal system is best for them. They are happy being serfs to the all knowing authoritarian father.
    They also have been trained not to think at all about anything. They are told what they know and they accept it.
    Republicans at their very heart are vile nasty people, losers who are miserable and must blame their loser lives on liberals.. just like they have been trained.
    Republicans are anti-american. They cant stand decent Americans exercising their civil rights.

  84. LarryFine says:

    … 7

  85. LarryFine says:

    “Sabehgi told the Guardian from hospital he was walking alone along 14th Street in central Oakland”

    Kooky… the cops lined up for one dude and beat the crap out of him ?
    The story doesn’t jive… and as bB pointed out, it’s alledged.

  86. Sue, that’s AWESOME! Why don’t you go down to occupation park, start ranting your hatred and insults, then have one of your pals take video of someone slapping your face. You can always just say that you were peacefully exorcising your First Amendment rights, no? :)

  87. yabetchya says:

    Welcome back Sumner…and ……

  88. DougDemo says:

    there’s never enough video for a Republican

  89. DougDemo says:


    ex·or·cise   /ˈɛksɔrˌsaɪz, -sər-/ Show Spelled[ek-sawr-sahyz, -ser-] Show IPA
    verb (used with object), -cised, -cis·ing.
    1.to seek to expel (an evil spirit) by adjuration or religious or solemn ceremonies: to exorcise a demon.
    2.to free (a person, place, etc.) of evil spirits or malignant influences.

  90. beerBoy says:

    spanked by a cop

    Since when is sending someone to hospital critical care unit for a ruptured spleen a “spanking”?

  91. About the same time that peacefully walking away is grounds for becoming a pr-24-sickle. :)

  92. Lang, Nov 7, 2011 at 6:52 PM “That the guy was a vet hanging out with leftists is what makes this a novelty worthy of propagandizing, which is interesting in itself, isn’t it?”

    Larry – ‘the story doesn’t jive’? So Rodney King story jive and video was faked? LOL

  93. BlaineCGarver says:

    Everyone go and review that Chris Rock comedy video: How Not To Get Your Azz Beat By The PO-lice…..most of it is good advise.

  94. Certainly glad Chris Rock is dead serious. It ruins his comedy career, but he’ll probably be elected President while running on a Republican ticket.

    For all the three work symbolic phrases directed at veterans, it’s easy to throw one under the bus if it means winning the war of words about protestors. Certain people have forgotten their claim that all the protestors are unemployed. This veteran is a part owner in a business, thus doesn’t qualify for OWS, according to the Righteous Rule Book.

    Being in a public place, WITH YOUR ID, in America, isn’t supposed to be against the law. Of course, he didn’t have an “American” name. (see Rock for rules of sarcasm)

  95. xx98411 says:

    big O – Chris Rock is no Republican… he is smart enough to stay out of the nasty fray though…

    no one is throwing the vet under the bus. Another poster brought it up in a manner that was meant to elicit a response and he did. It is terrible what happened to the person. IT is prudent to wait and see what the truth is before anyone of us pass judgement.

    A review of the protesters arrested during the NYC demostration found that almost all of them had jobs and quite a few of them were fairly well off. This was pretty well reported and well known. One may have said that but it was tongue in cheek. We all really do need to take a break from this board once in a while.

    What you write is not against the law and that is not at issue. Disobeying police orders in a tense situation can result in arrest though.

  96. beerBoy says:

    Disobeying police orders in a tense situation can result in arrest though.

    And brain damage and ruptured spleens….

  97. RockFan says:

    Out of the fray?

    Someone missed Chris Rock’s entire movie of satire about white people trying to avoid voting for a black presidential candidate.

    Rock quotes:

    “A white boy that makes C’s in college can make it to the White House.”

    “Yeah, I love being famous. It’s almost like being white, y’know?”

  98. xx98411 says:

    “And brain damage and ruptured spleens”

    The comes from resisting arrest…

  99. xx98411 says:

    hey rockdude welcome to the TNT party. Man, it is so awesome to see these “new” faces here. I am sure you will have so much to offer…

    your recent post… though funny, well, you’ll do better next time.

    Besides, been there, talk about that…

  100. took14theteam says:

    Must be a pain in the A$$ to go through the TNT registration process so often….


  101. Susan1952 says:

    Didn’t Blaine get the memo about unemployment in the State of Washington and/or the country? Does Blaine think that if there were jobs waiting for people to make money and live a comfortable life as we’ve had in the past in the US, that they’d prefer to be protesting?

  102. LarryFine says:

    Larry – ‘the story doesn’t jive’? So Rodney King story jive and video was faked?

    you got video?

  103. LarryFine says:


  104. xx98411 says:

    that boy has gone off the deep end…

    TNT must be besides themselves trying to figure out how big that family is sharing that one IP address…

  105. Pacman33 says:

    Pretty sad what the leftists will resort to when the “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything” message of OWS fails with American people and many protester also.

    What do you do next? What is left?
    What the left does best ………… lie.

    The OWS’s “Brave Vetren Hero” was a treasonous scum bag who was dishonorably discharged after almost 5 years as an ….. E-3. Before Scott Olsen was booted out he created a website dedicated to his hate of the armed services. The despicable OWS started their tsunami of lies within minutes of the traitor’s injury. OWS shamelessly fed the media lie such as the unconscious Olsen’s critical condition and possible need of surgery. They even stooped low enough to claim the traitor had a swollen brain and a fractured skull.

    Is there anything more pathetic?

    Here are links to a vid and 2 pics of Olsen texting away on his phone quite alert and display very controlled motor skills. Pretty impressive for someone with injuries such as those OWS produce to dishonestly attempt to exploit the event with.




  106. took14theteam says:

    Well, it doesn’t surprise me. All the OWS protestors want is to take all the money from the “1%”. And then what? It has already been pointed out that taking all the money from the 1% will not solve the problems that the over-spending politicians have created. I might add and the ever receptive american people.

  107. “I got 4…

    volty, indy, fina, ehill”

    When you know you don’t have the horsepower to refute the message, attack the messenger.

  108. took14theteam says:

    What exactly are you talking about e cough cough hill?

  109. LarryFine says:

    When you know you are in the minority, create multiple monikers… LOL!

  110. LarryFine says:

    Great link Pacman… lays to rest the claim ‘he was just walking alone minding his own business’.
    Interesting how the report claims he is hospitalized with “a major head injury”… requiring, what, 3 stitches ? LMAO.


  111. MissInformation says:

    Scott Olsen was a “jew hater” also, according to the “media”

  112. LarryFine says:

    You’re on ignore MisK…

  113. Pacman33 says:

    MissInformation said- “Scott Olsen was a “jew hater” also, according to the “media”

    Believe it or not that is not misinformation. You have love the OWS traitor’s moniker on this comment forum. Scott Olsen appropriately chose the name …. Ahab.

    “The only distinctions the Kurds have, they share with many other indigenous people is that they did not show up by boatloads to occupy and settle someone else’s land and by contrast majority of Hebrews do not even live in the said Hebrew mother land and are perfectly happy where ever it is they call home”.


  114. Pacman33 says:

    =NosInformation said- “More lies from the communist media.”

    That link is saddest excuse for journalism I have ever seen. Elizabeth Flock shouldn’t be able to call her Propaganda a “blog”.

    1) Irresponsibly never mentioned a hospital staff member along with the erroneous claims of Olsen’s (non)injuries or condition. This is a universal standard. Instead, only passed on lies from the reprehensible OWS and Olsen’s traitor buddies. Pathetic.

    2) According to this “plog” an activist photographer who was at the protest found a bean bag round at the place where Olsen had been hit. LOL. As expected the ACTIVIST photographer didn’t take an activist photograph of his incriminating findings. Go figure. These OWS clowns are so ignorant, or maybe just so dishonest, they don’t give much thought about the tales they tell at all.

    3) Deceptively attempt to mold the piece of s…trash into some brave hero. The video with Olsen’s uncle was missing his statements about Olsen’s lowly dishonorable discharge. It was also absent of the uncle’s thoughts on Olsen’s treasonous website : “I Hate The M arine Corp .com”

    The uncle’s comments missing from Mis-nos’s blogaganda piece are in this legitimate news story. Reuters is also professional enough to divulges the sources of the fictitious condition updates while making it a point to mention not being able to reach any family or hospital staff who new details of Olsen’s injuries. Nowhere to be found is the “activist photographer”.


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