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ELECTION: Just what do endorsements mean?

Letter by Tom M. McCarthy, Puyallup on Oct. 31, 2011 at 2:13 pm with 4 Comments »
October 31, 2011 2:13 pm

What does it mean when a candidate or issue is “endorsed” by someone? It means that the candidate or issue’s point of view is supported by the endorser.

Based on that we could probably safely say that Initiative 1183 is supported by retail businesses and consumers and opposed by public employees and liquor distributors. These positions are understandable since consumers and retailers will pay less for liquor while liquor distributors and public employees both stand to lose money.

This is true with every candidate or issue, especially when it comes to endorsements by public employees. They profess it’s for the kids or safety, but in the end, it is usually just all about their paychecks.

Understand the difference between the public and private sectors. In the private sector, labor has little to say about who manages the company. Labor and management both are concerned that the company is profitable. No profits – no jobs. Negotiations are about making better products at lower costs and sharing profits.

Not so in the public sector, where public employees try to get candidates elected to do their bidding. It is generally not about better cheaper products but more and higher-paying jobs. Will that candidate support them at the bargaining table or align themselves with the voters?

We need to look at endorsements of candidates or issues by public employees as a red flag that questions the objectivity of both the candidate and the organization.

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  1. fatecreatr says:

    This is kind of a new take on “follow the money.” It seems appropriate to me.

    Endorsements can be cliff’s notes.

    Follow the endorsements!

  2. commoncents says:

    They profess it’s for the kids or safety, but in the end, it is usually just all about their paychecks.


    change the wors “kids or safety” to “profit” and you have publically traded institutions.

    there is no difference.

    Oh, and by the way there are many private sector consumers who feel that 1183 is not the way to go and do not support it.

  3. daggercat says:

    Tom,our paychecks help support this state through taxes, and buying power. Would you prefer I be on unemployment or welfare? This initiative threatens to upset a balance in our economy that works. If the balance needs to be changed, that will take time, because we need to keep this balance of income and outflow.

  4. daggercat says:

    By the way, the last radio ad I heard FOR 1183 was all about being endorsed by this newspaper and that newpaper, and some other newspaper. Am I supposed to be looking for a red flag here? I don’t much listen to ANY of the ads. I can’t stop others from being swayed by them. The truth usually lies elsewhere.

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