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PROPOSITION 1: Failure to explain

Letter by Richard Peters, Tacoma on Oct. 26, 2011 at 3:52 pm with 9 Comments »
October 26, 2011 3:57 pm

I just finished reading my voters pamphlet about Prop. 1. It continues to amaze me how people that want to spend our money and raise our taxes will leave things out and tell half truths when they attempt to explain the need. They must think that voters are stupid.

They fail to explain that money was received from the Federal Government a few years back to upgrade the very thing they are trying to raise our taxes for now. They fail to explain that that money was spent to make the LESA director’s office, conference rooms and lounges extremely comfortable.

They fail to explain that numerous people will lose their jobs because they will have to reapply for those jobs and be left at the mercy of vindictive directors and supervisors. They fail to explain that if those people are rehired they will lose their seniority.

They fail to explain where all the money is going to go after they have all the upgrades they want.

They fail to explain when the last time was that a sales tax was taken away after it had supposedly accomplished its purpose. They fail to explain why that tax has to be assessed for 25 years; could it be many of us won’t be around to remind them or that voters will forget about it?

Because of their failures I feel that Prop. 1 should fail.

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  1. fatecreatr says:

    Well said.

  2. Yep, I bet there is a conspiracy somewhere in there.

  3. to be fair, most people ARE stupid. our governmental system, at it’s full potential, requires that the voting public be well-learned. since our beaurecratic school-system has left us with an inadequately-educated public, we require a dumbing-down across the board in terms of explanation. this is the only way for regular people to keep the politicians honest. things are so complicated now that they can get away with telling half-truths without the worry of being held accountable.
    our system requires that we hold them accountable, or else we turn into the middle ages again where we are born into our status.

  4. cargilekm says:

    Not going along with the previou rants, I also will vote NO. I don’t know why we need a new building. When there is so much empty office space in the county already. Why do we always have to build more instead of using what we have. Buy the radios and forget new builings.

  5. cargilekm says:

    Sorry for the spelling.

  6. Really911 says:

    Richard, I have no idea who you are but I love your perspective. You obviously are closer to the system than the average citizen. Most folks don’t know about remodels at LESA and things like that. I too am close to the system, I am a dispatcher.
    I would like to share with the readers a couple recent things that the proponents have lied about.

    They continue to claim that police and fire can not talk directly to each other. On 10/13/11 there was a call for a natural gas leak, both police and fire were dispatched. The officer asked his dispatcher if he could speak directly to the fire units on scene. Both police and fire switched their radios to FCOM1 and spoke directly to each other.
    This is in direct conflict with what the proponents having been saying can not be done…

    As for 911 being broken and needing to be fixed.
    Yesterday 10/26/11 in the early morning, a female called on her cell phone from her home, reporting a prowl in progress. She provided an address that was incorrect. She was told repeatedly that the address was incorrect. But none the less a call was entered and dispatched for a prowler in progress and officers were advised that we were working on getting a valid address. The caller was asked if she had a home phone. She did, and was asked to stay on the cell phone but also pick up her home phone and call 911 so we could get a valid address. She never did that. The call taker also got information about the color of her house and other info that helped us figure out where she really was. The long and short of this story is that, Police arrived in 4 minutes and arrested the Prowler. I don’t want to give people the impression that if they call 911 on the cell that the system will always work this well. People need to know their own address and if you are at home and need to call 911. Call from your land line.
    911 worked perfectly, it is not broken.

    My point is that Richard is right, people will lose their jobs. The biggest challenge for any 911 center is to have enough people staffed so that they can meet the national standards of answering 90 percent of the calls in 10 seconds and 95 percent of the calls in 20 seconds. So when the Deputy County Exec Kevin Phelps says they will eliminate jobs. I ask, Why ? At the July 26th County Council meeting they stated that there will be a surplus of 78 million dollars, if only the minimum of 295 million dollars is generated. They should be using those funds to staff the centers properly so they can be effective. They also plan to combine the current E911 funds with Poposition 1 funds. The recent increase in E911 funds that you are currently paying on your phone bills, were intended to implement the capability to receive text messages and videos from cell phones. They are saying that Proposition 1 is going to fund this.

    The proponents of this proposition are the people that stand to gain the most. This is a Cash Cow and the same people that mis-manage the current E911 funds will be able to mis-manage these funds too.

    I already voted NO and I urge you to Vote NO !!!

  7. commoncents says:

    I’m voting no as well but simply because the system is already working. Not perfectly but it’s functional. Right now we don’t need perfect – but we do need functional.

    As for people being fired and rehired? hmmm, people seem to be ok with that if it happens to teachers in order to reduce costs so I’m not so sure I understand why that’s a problem now.

    Initiatives and levies should never be used to support continuing operations. When this is done it allows government entities to shift/transfer funds from one budget to another and before long we are 100% dependent upon passing these levies on a continuing basis. They should be one & done capital fix levies only.

  8. LarryFine says:

    “to be fair, most people ARE stupid.” … and hopefully they’ll correct their mistake be making Obama a one termer in 2012.

  9. “well-learned?” Are you messing with folks jellee, or just trying to illustrate a point?

    Either way, I would suggest that we not continue to dumb-down anything; indeed how much farther can we go? There is NO reason these things can’t be adequately explained.

    I appreciate the insights offered here, and I too will be voting NO.

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