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SUMNER: School board needs Casey Chamberlain

Letter by Ronold Francis Malnar, Puyallup on Oct. 26, 2011 at 6:01 pm with 2 Comments »
October 27, 2011 10:12 am

I’ve lived in the Sumner School District for over 50 years and taught at Sumner High a number of years, so good schools are important to me.

The Sumner School Board positions over the years have often been neglected. Four years ago, they had three openings and only one person ran for each position. Most other districts have multiple candidates.

This year there is an important change because in District 4 we have two candidates running.

One of the candidates is a very special neighbor of mine, 41-year-old Casey Chamberlain, who has been very involved in Sumner school activities. He has never run before, but feels strongly compelled to run now because of his 12-year-old twins. He and his wife, Rhonda, want our schools to be the very best.

Chamberlain is already spending many hours working towards the school board position. He has been regularly attending school board meetings to see how they operate and what their major issues are. Other than his family and his job, the school board comes next.

Our school board needs this dedicated, qualified, organized, motivated and super-positive-attitude individual now. If you heard him speak, you would see his enthusiasm.

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  1. SumnerTeach says:

    It does sound like Casey is a very nice and respectable man, but one thing we have to consider when deciding whom to vote for during this election cycle, and any election cycle for that matter, is experience. Does this person have the necessary experience and insight to make them the right person for the job? By this I mean can they be counted on to always put the children of our district first? Can we know that they will approach each decision objectively, even when it might not be the popular thing to do?

    I too am an educator in the Sumner School District, and I believe that you probably care just as much as I do about our schools and our children. I disagree, however, with one point you make in your post. While I agree 100% that candidates simply being reelected year after year, without healthy debate and a rigorous election cycle, is not good for constituents in any race (and when children are on the line it is the most important of all), I think this current situation is just a bit more complicated.

    We have several new faces putting their hat in the ring, and we have some questionable mailings that have been sent to residents in the area, but we have not been given the chance to clearly see the facts as they are. Who sent out this mailing? I searched for the name of the organization online, but I can’t find what it is or who is behind it? I am not saying for one second that Casey is not a passionate, loving father, who wants the best for his two children, but what I am saying is….what are his intentions truly? Why is he running now? What are his credentials? Again, I am honestly saying I do not know, and I believe he probably is a good man and would do fine, but what if he doesn’t?

    We all know the district is recovering from a tough time, but we need to remember that during this time, our school board stood with the teachers and with the parents, it put the children first even when it wasn’t popular. One example, is Jeff DeMarre. I have had the pleasure of working with Jeff and other members of the board over the last five years, and I must say he has always gone above and beyond to make sure the interest of our students is first and foremost.

    Anyone that knows Jeff, knows that he is a genuine man, willing to do the right thing EVERY time, a man of integrity, who understands the responsibility this board position requires. He has several young grandchildren in the area, and you can tell when he makes a decision on the board, he pictures them in his mind, and knows that the implications of what he decides today will affect their lives tomorrow.

    I bring up this example only to make a point, that when we cast our vote during this school board election, we look for the best candidate that we KNOW. We KNOW that Jeff is dedicated, qualified, organized, and motivated, his attitude is as good as you can imagine, and he has PROVEN he will make the right decision. I HOPE this is true for Casey as well, and everyone running this year for that matter, but we KNOW it is the case for Jeff and those others on the board that have proven it through results.

    This year’s election is a step in the right direction, as more involvement from new faces is always a good thing, but to sum it up I think it is best to quote the old adage “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”. Casey seems like a positive, motivated man, but if elected will he stand for what is right? Will he know how to make the decisions that affect our children positively each and every day? Will he follow leaders like Jeff DeMarre and the others on the board that have proven themeselves? I am happy to see more involvement in our schools, and I believe wholeheartedly that this is a good thing, but without vigorous debate and more exposure to the candidates, how can we ever know???

  2. Dear SumnerTeach, I have known Casey for more then 15 years and can honestly tell you he is the man for this job. Yes he will always put the needs of all the children in the district first and foremost. Yes he is a man of integrity. Casey can hold his own and will always do what is right for our kids and community. I am not interested in voting someone in who would “just follow Jeff DeMarre and the rest of the board”… Casey is a leader! I want someone who can make his own decisions based on the facts. That is Casey!

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