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PUYALLUP ELECTION: Vermillion’s the best choice

Letter by John D Knutsen Puyallup City Council Member Dist. 1 Pos. 1, Puyallup on Oct. 24, 2011 at 9:27 am with 18 Comments »
October 24, 2011 10:14 am

At the last council meeting, Nicole Martineau voted to pass the first reading of a comp. plan that calls for cluster housing and five- to six-story buildings in downtown River Road area. At a campaign forum she stated it is time for Puyallup to change direction.

Steve Vermillion won the Silver Star in Vietnam for flying his medical evacuation helicopter into enemy fire to save injured and dying soldiers. Now it is time for him to drive his car to a seat on the Puyallup City Council and help save the City from those who would change it into Bellevue.

Honest-Approachable-Ethical-Responsible-Intellegent- and totally Independent.

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  1. I voted for Mr. Vermillion, as did my husband.

  2. puyallupmutt says:

    “totally independent” – that’s funny

  3. sport123 says:

    My vote is for Nicole Martineau! Negativity from the same people.

  4. commoncents says:

    I’m wondering what in the world does Mr. Vermillion’s efforts in Vietnam have to do with how to govern Puyallup. I respect him as an individual and thank him for his service but that doesn’t mean I think he’d make a good candidate for the council. I worry about a town whose City Council members who would toss that out in a public forum as a reason to elect someone. My father-in-law (RIP) earned a Silver Star for his efforts in Korea but I would never have voted for him in an election; especially one of this magnitude. Please, Mr. Knutsen…keep it to the issues.

  5. commoncents–ya know, it is Knutsen’s way of showing support. Three council members openly support Martineau and they are the ones, if you attend the council meetings are the negative people providing special interest groups with their cut rate deals. Read Vermillion’s webpage and resume and see if that up adds up to a council member that you would like to have on board. If not vote for his opponent.

  6. citizendoe says:

    Commoncents, I sense political rhetoric in your response, so I am not sure it’s worthy of a response, but just in case you really do not understand why someones past has something to do with their future, I’ll explain it.

    Most people look for character in their candidates. To have character one cannot talk about it, or write about it, it is only revealed when demonstrated in ones actions. A persons past is that demonstration.

  7. CrazyJim says:

    Cluster housing is about right!

    Steve Vermillion has the momentum going in this election and I hope he makes it. It’s time to turn our city council around and start paying attention to the voters needs for a change.

  8. commoncents says:

    No political rhetoric here…I live outside of the city limits in Pierce County. However, I do shop and my children attend Puyallup schools so I have an interest in local politics. I believe that there has been much infighting amongst the council members and have zero faith that it will end whichever way this vote goes. I also believe that my views align more with Mr. Vermillion’s than Ms. Martineau’s so no..definatly no political rehetoric.

    As for understanding…it is you who failed to understand. Winning a Silver Star award means that he has performed well in the battlefield. However, it doesn’t mean that the person is always good, honest, brave. The country has numerous men who failed to live up to that honor once they haveleft the service. And, more to my point earning that honor doesn’t mean they have the businss acumen needed to help run a city. Mr. Vermillion seems to have that ability. I simply don’t know. Hayseed did more to provide me with that level of insight than did Mr. Knutsen and that’s what’s disappointing. Mr. Knutsen talked to the issues regarding Ms. Martineau but failed to provide me with anything of subtance regarding Mr. Vermillion and that’s disappointing.

  9. The strongest endorsement of Nicole Martineau’s candidacy that I can find is John Knutson’s endorsement of Steve Vermillion. Mr. Knutson is a bully who also happens to be the darling of a small but incredibly vocal group of malcontents who occupy Puyallup’s District 1. While Mr. Knutson would have us believe that Ms. Martineau’s ultimate goal is to remake Puyallup into the Bellevue of Pierce County, it is very obvious that Mr. Knutson with the help of Mr. Vermillion, supported by the above mentioned malcontents would gladly return Puyallup to the town it was in the 1950’s when Meridian was a two way street. My vote goes to Nicole

  10. EthicalPuyallup says:

    Interesting mrhddh that the News Tribune(Steve Vermillion is, hands down, the best-qualified of the candidates for this seat. 10/26/11)and the Fire Fighters disagree with you. But far MORE interesting is the fact that the Puyallup Police Association also disagrees with you on Ms. Martineau. Isn’t it interesting that Martineau is married to an Orting policeman and her father is a retired State Patrolman.. and yet with that nearly impossible legacy to overlook… They have seen through her as the Kathy Turner wannabe that she is…and that Puyallup cannot afford.. and endorsed Steve Vermillion.

  11. citizendoe says:

    Mike aka mrhddh, The point is Martineau did not get any of the critical endorsements, unless you call Kathy Turners buddies that have funded her campaign an endorsement.

    Commencement Here is Mr. Vermillions website. I hope you’ll find the answers there, if not his phone number is listed there, call him, I think you’ll find what you’re looking for. http://www.stevevermillion.com/

  12. So mrhddh,if Knutsen (spelled with an e, not an o) is so bad, why did your minority group not find a candidate to run against him? Looks to me like he has done such a good job representing District I that no one wanted to oppose him. Who’s your darling? A tax avoiding condo dweller? Or maybe the council member who voted AGAINST Initiative and Referendum and a study to save $ and move the court to a publicly owned building, but then raised her hand in support of both issues at a candidate forum? The case of a puppet vote and then a dishonest campaign ploy.


  13. sport123 says:

    Again, Vermillion supporter’s negative, negative, negative…..and often putting out inaccurate information.

  14. sport123 says:

    Puyallupgirl77, she still has my vote, thanks!

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRD07TPVQrA&feature=related

    You gotta watch this one!! LOL, Nicole doesn’t have “carnal” knowledge of everybody…..she is ignorant, she completely misled the council on her qualifications when she was appointed, she called the police and sent them to the home of a local businesswoman that left her a voicemail regarding foster children. She is part and parcel of the “feel good” approach to the homeless situation which is quickly turning downtown Puyallup into a very messy place. Our homeless population is quickly growing; she is doing nothing about a shelter that will house 12-24 chronically homeless men right by Peach Park in a walking only elementary school’s area. Nicole is Kathy Turner’s appointed lapdog. She has no voice that is her own. She has been part of the runup of debt our city is drowning in. She is arrogant and out of touch. Please vote for Steve Vermillion!!!

  16. sport 123–glad you voted for her! I hope you enjoy your tax increases, and having to pay for the projects that will add congestion to downtown. As a farmer, I can say that you reap what you sow. My vote is with Vermillion

  17. Chris, aka sport123-Facts are facts.

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