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PROTESTS: You can’t always get what you want

Letter by William J. Acker, Gig Harbor on Oct. 18, 2011 at 11:22 am with 18 Comments »
October 18, 2011 12:17 pm

Life is not fair, which is why the economic market is not conforming to the Occupy Wall Streeters’ whims and desires.

Perhaps there should be a conglomeration of new government programs that forgives all college student loans and allows one to stay in their desired field of study as long as they wish. And should one eventually get an inclination to work for a living, they would be guaranteed a well-paid supervisory job, which with their superior intellect and higher consciousness, would serve to further direct the lives of us simple common folk.

How to pay for it all? Well, just like the intents of the protesters’ rants, it’s all a fantasy. Fortunately, common sense usually prevails, and reality awaits for those who eventually decide to grow up and expand their universe beyond narcissistic feelings.

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  1. Bill…we’re sure that you were right here to tell the TEA Party protestors that “you can’t always get what you want”.

    Smaller government without cutting Medicare just doesn’t add up.

  2. the3rdpigshouse says:

    How about “OH-Bummer” get off the bus tour on his Canadian bus and start working the creation of American jobs in the non-government sector of our economy??!!

  3. Some seriously deluded strawman arguments that have been concocted by Bill.

    Does he really think that OWS is fueled entirely by resentment over the student loan debacle?

  4. lylelaws says:

    Far too many young people think that the world owes them everything they want,and for many of them college is not much more than a way to avoid going to work for a year or two.

    A generation or two ago, unless families were well to do, getting a college education meant not student loans but working full-time during summers and part-time during the school year to make ends meet.

    During my last two years at UPS My student loan consisted of the GI Bill, a working wife, and a 40-hour a week job at the Tacoma Boys’ Club.

    I would have been too busy to protest

  5. The old I’ve got mine government handout so now is the time for the lazy peopple to work for what I was given.

  6. old_benjamin says:

    Smaller government by cutting waste, fraud, and abuse has never been tried.

  7. Lyle? You were VERY fortunate, but how do you feel about the government going back on their GI bill promised to new vets? Why are you so special and new vets whiny? There are a lot of vets whose homes were stolen by the big banks, and GI bills cut. Not only that, but you say yourself that your wife supported you as well (As you worked too at retail? Could you afford it without your wife?). Are you willing to do the same for her? I’m SO glad that you went to UPS, but why did you not go to a cheaper state college on the government and your wife’s back? People who live in glass houses, should not throw rocks.

  8. “Smaller government by cutting waste, fraud, and abuse has never been tried.”

    We’re still cleaning up the financial mess made by the Republicans that told us we needed to invade Iraq and all the waste, fraud and abuse that went with that skirmish.

  9. Frida…

    Yeah…I had to pay my way at a community college and Western Washington University (in those days “State College”). I suppose I could have served in Vietnam and maybe came home alive. Even then I wonder if UPS would have been in the cards. Most of the guys that I knew using their GI bill were attending TCC and working.

    Lyle says he worked at Tacoma Boys Club…not Tacoma Boys. Since my brother was the Athletic Director there from 1962 though 1964….naw…probably after Lyle’s time and my brother passed about 16 years ago…..

  10. Does he really think that OWS is fueled entirely by resentment over the student loan debacle?

    no not the whole movement but it is quite the discussion on the discussion boards…

  11. Before 3rd Pig’s misinformation becomes viral…

    From Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun-Times…

    WASHINGTON–President Obama is on his second bus tour on a new big $1.1 million bus, dubbed “Ground Force One,” and the subject of criticism from Republicans, including Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), because they claim the bus is Canadian. That is misleading because it does not tell the whole story. Today, Tuesday, in North Carolina, Obama made a reference to the bus in a speech–and noted that it was ordered by the Secret Service–not his staff.

    The bus debuted in August during a Midwest Bus Tour, with the GOP slamming the bus for its supposed Canadian heritage. The bus actually is a U.S. and Canadian mix. I am reposting a fact check i did in August at a stop in Alpha, Ill.

  12. OK, fair enough…

    How about “OH-Bummer” get off the bus tour on his partly Canadian bus and start working the creation of American jobs in the non-government sector of our economy??!!


    my apologies for the thief of prose 3rdpig, I couldn’t resist…

  13. lylelaws says:


    I could never do enough to repay my wonderful wife of 53 year for all she has done for me, but since you asked if I would have done the same for her, I think it fair to say “yes”

    My wife had a near-fatal stroke sixteen years ago, lost use of the left side of her body, and has had to navigate life in a wheelchair since,and except for a few hours a week when someone comes in to spell me off so I have time to shop and run errands,(and play three or four hours of poker with my pals) I am a 24-7 caregiver with no regrets.

    My wife has never once complained and would have done the same for me if she could have.

    What have you done for your spouse lately?

  14. lylelaws says:


    I attended UPS to get my teaching certificate because I had gone to Yakima Junior College for my first two years.

    I worked at The Tacoma Boys’ Club as a lifeguard during the school year of 1959-60, and as the program director during 1960-61, but I didn’t really work 40 hours-a-week. It was actuaLLY 48 hours-week.

    I don’t know if I ever met your brother, but I may have.

  15. Smaller government by cutting waste, fraud, and abuse has never been tried.

    That is equivalent to the true believer Marxists who (correctly) state that Marxism has never been tried. Works great in theory but – theory doesn’t account for human greed and corruption which are ALWAYS in place within government.

  16. “his partly Canadian”

    Tell me one car that is made 100% in America, xx

  17. Lyle…there was a nice “teachers college” just up the road from Yakima……”Central Washington State College”

    You would have been at TBC a few years ahead of my brother.

    I’m guessing you probably observed a young “Tom Mustain” who went on to fame as an Olympics boxing coach. Musty would have been about 9 or 10 in your day.

    Just a sidebar….I had the pleasure, in 1962, of being the only caucasion on our basketball team. There was a learning experience.

  18. 3pig – how about telling the part time house to get back to work and to stop kowtowing to the base and their surgardadies.

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