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PROTESTS: Differences between occupiers and tea partiers

Letter by Larry J Killion, Tacoma on Oct. 17, 2011 at 12:15 pm with 98 Comments »
October 17, 2011 12:15 pm

Tea partiers believe in time-honored American values. They don’t believe corporations are inherently evil, nor should bankers be beheaded. They do not believe this country should be divided by class. They want more constitutional restraint on government so that the people have more freedom to achieve the good things the country offers.

By contrast, those occupying Wall Street and other cities, when they are intelligible, want a bigger, more powerful government to come in and take care of them so they don’t have to work for a living.

The tea party was a spontaneous, fast-growing movement, but it has maintained a cogent message: a demand for fiscal responsibility in government. Tea party rallies have always been safe and clean.

Unlike in New York, we can find no reports of tea partiers being arrested, individually or en masse, at the thousands of tea parties across the country with millions of attendees. They are not lawbreakers, they don’t hate the police, they don’t even litter. A quick glance at the TV reveals the sharp contrast posed by the Wall Street occupiers.

The media promote this group of law-breaking troublemakers who occupied a park in New York, blocked the Brooklyn Bridge, were arrested by the hundreds and treated law enforcement with disrespect, all while trying to tear down the foundations of the greatest nation on earth. It is just plain wrong to compare these people with tea partiers.

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  1. olympicmtn says:

    Well said Larry. I compare it to who would you want to babysit your child, the teapartier or the occupy wall street group.

  2. Your reliance upon unsupported stereotypes demonstrates your ignorance.

  3. aislander says:

    The letter writer’s (olympicmtn’s) reliance on evidence demonstrates their wisdom (and honesty!)…

  4. aislander says:

    That should have read: “…(AND olympicmtn’s)…”

  5. Quite frankly Olympicmtn? I wouldn’t want a “tea partier” within ten feet of my kids.

  6. olympicmtn says:

    You have no humor do you. More red meat for you. Enjoy!

    Occupy Wall Street

  7. Tea Party’s “time-honored American values”

    Can we put “Racism” on the top of the list? Take a look at their signs.

    “They don’t believe corporations are inherently evil, nor should bankers be beheaded.”

    No…they save that for the President of the United States

    They want more constitutional restraint on government

    Yeah..there is a video with a TEA Party member saying that cutting Social Security is unconstitutional. If only they really knew what the Constitution says…

    “we can find no reports of tea partiers being arrested

    Wrong….you just refuse to look for the reports…even when your US Senator’s life was threatened.

    That’s enough rhetoric debunk for now….

  8. The Tea Party – never have so many been so passionate about being wrong.

  9. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Once again Kard brings in up racist smear campaign. Tea party is about smaller govt and freedom. Occupy is about taking someone else’s money.

    For a real story about racism see the link below-


  10. NWflyfisher says:

    It appears to me the Tea Party movement is far more closely aligned with the U.S. Constitution whereas the Occupier movement appears more closely aligned with the Communist Manifesto.

  11. NWC if the Tpots are so closely alighed with the Constitution why do they want so many changes in it?

  12. old_benjamin says:

    They don’t want changes in the Constitution, they want adherence to it.

    If Obamacare is constitutional, then the guvment can force you to buy anything it chooses to require by law. From there, it is a short jump to forcing you to do anything it requires by law. There simply is no longer any protection from a guvment run amuck. Tom Jefferson would be spinning in his grave.

  13. Concerned is quoting the “East Tennessee Business Journal” about racism?

    How about just looking at the TEA Party signs in the 1,000s of pictures on the internet.

  14. NW Clamdigger…..which Constitution? The mini-Constitution with Glenn Beck’s name on it?

  15. Concerned claims TEA Party signs are photoshopped.

    Well…in this case…


  16. “They don’t want changes in the Constitution”

    Eliminate those darned Amendments…..NOW!!!!

  17. The letter writer’s (olympicmtn’s) reliance on evidence demonstrates their wisdom (and honesty!)…

    The sad thing is it is apparent that you actually think that that link represents evidence and the post is full of wisdom and honesty.

    ….but then….you think Goldberg’s “evidence” and the conclusions he made prior to finding the evidence is representative of scholarly research…..

  18. Other than your condescension….what exactly is it that you have against OWS?

  19. aislander says:

    All I was saying, beerBoy, is that olympicmtn’s and the writer’s observations agree with what I have seen many times. The “evidence” produced by lefties seems all to be secondhand and cherry-picked to boot.

    How many Tea-Party events have YOU attended, beerBoy?

  20. SadujTogracse says:

    So anyone carrying a sign that shows a US President to be oh I don’t know….. Hitler, is racist? So if someone has a Hitler mustache on Obama they are racist, if someone has a Hitler mustache on GW Bush then they are a patriot. Welcome to the double standard world of Kard! All this fake outrage at Obama signs and not a peep during the Bush admin.

  21. fbergford says:

    Top 10 reasons why people do not like the Tea Party movement:

    10. Tea Partiers take showers
    9. Tea Partiers have jobs
    8. Tea Partiers know how to balance a check book
    7. Tea partiers like limited governmental intrusion in the lives of the People
    6. Tea Partiers support the end of enslaving entitlement programs
    5. Tea Partiers want the re-establishment of personal responsibility
    4. Tea Partiers are against the continued wasteful spending and excessive size of the Fed Government
    3. Democrats saw the results of last November’s election, and are rightly terrified that their liberal utopia has become unattainable
    2. Tea Party is a set of ideas. it’s about constitutionally-limited government and fiscal responsibility and free markets and a sound dollar.
    1. Tea partiers pick up ther own trash after protests

    I saw this on Letterman last night….not really but I know this will ruffle a ton of feathers!!!

  22. aislander says:

    The MAJOR thing I have against the LRV is the staggering sense of entitlement.

    I am with them regarding the Wall Street bailout and the incestuous relationship between business and the Federal government, but they are so incoherent in their views beyond that that it is impossible not to experience bemusement bordering on contempt…

  23. PumainTacoma says:

    There was snow in Colorado today with 25 to 35mph winds. The snow should hit Occupy Wall Street in a day or two.

  24. concernedtacoma7 says:

    AI- why, exactly, were the WS bailouts a bad thing? Banks were ‘low’ on capital and scared (meaning they held onto their remaining capital, a legal right). Credit dried up preventing routine business from being conducted. The govt gave LOANS (which they turned a profit on) to the big banks which they paid back once business stabilized.

    The auto bailouts favored unions over investors, picked winners and losers. Stimulus also picked winners and losers.

    So is it anger at the causes of the WS bailouts, or the bailouts themselves? The whole story (and the protests) makes little sense.

  25. So anyone carrying a sign that shows a US President to be oh I don’t know….. Hitler, is racist?

    NO, people carrying racist signs are racist

  26. “Other than your condescension….what exactly is it that you have against OWS?”

    Nothing. They say they don’t know what OWS is all about…but they know that whatever it is, they oppose it.

  27. “I saw this on Letterman last night….not really but I know this will ruffle a ton of feathers!!!”

    Letterman on a Sunday Night????

    People DO NOT like the TEA Party Movement because they take showers???

    I think fberg needs a new comedy writer….

    Meanwhile….. http://www.hoffstrizz.com/2010/11/reasons-the-tea-party-is-a-joke.html

  28. aislander says:

    concernedtacoma7: I am a proponent of the process of “creative destruction” found in a free market and extremely reluctant to condone a politically-driven process.

  29. concernedtacoma7 says:

    I feel bad for the protesters. Misinformed and angry, these kids are being used as tools by the far left. They have no concept of what their grievances are and no realistic solutions. Yet, MSNBC, Iran, Pelosi, Al Gore, etc are giving them a big thumbs up while sleeping on silk.

    Every now and then a celeb drives by in a limo and drops off some left-overs, making these kids feel cool and wanted. The far left should be ashamed.

  30. concernedtacoma7 says:

    AI- so you are talking about our current bankruptcy laws? Or an even more libertarian approach?

    TARP was not very political. The causes of sub-prime mess, OK. But once we were there it became about accounting, not politics.

  31. aislander says:

    Ask Lehman Brothers stakeholders if the process was political. I AM saying that a business should survive or perish on its own merits…

  32. I don’t feel that the protesters are complaining about corporations as much as they are complaining about the control the corporations and the rich have over our politicians. From what I could gleam what they would like is public financed elections not private financed ones where the politicians are beholden to the contributors. I mean a representative has to start raising money for their next election right after getting elected. Also if we had public financed elections then maybe we could get real people elected, not ones who have a ton of money already. There are 40 senators that are millionaires and 261 representatives that are millionaire. I think we could all agree that money has corrupted our system. Couldn’t we?

  33. PrincessTeaParty says:

    Those hippy protestors are nothing like the tea party. We are not against businesses because they give us half our social security

  34. Hebie,
    You’re half right the OWS/99’s want to remove corporate/pac money from our elections.

    The other half is that what to stop and reverse the flow of well paying jobs overseas.

    The Tea Party wants to change the;
    1st Amendment to help silence no right wing protests;
    14th Amendment to end automatic citizenship for people born in the US;
    16th Amendment to do away with the Income Tax;
    17th Amendment to end direct election of US Senators;
    21th Amendment which would bring back Probation; and
    To add Amendments to require balanced budgets and term limits for congress.

    Come on Righties – is the best you got personal attacks based on made up talking points unsupported by fact or by personal observation?

    PrincessTeaParty – but the Big Bad Government better keep their hands of Medicare!

  35. aislander says:

    I don’t know of anyone trying to silence dissent, only to keep the dissent law abiding.

    There is a process for changing the Constitution built INTO the Constitution. There is nothing underhanded about using it (although I would be very interested in the history of the process of passing some of those Wilson-era amendments–I suspect skulduggery).

    I object to constitutional changes brought about through tortured judicial “reasoning,” though–emanation of a penumbra, indeed!

    “Probation.” Do you mean prohibition, perhaps? Anyway, that was a progressive rather than a conservative initiative. I have no interest in restoring it.

  36. theglovesRoff says:

    xring, I assume you want the Union money out of politics as well.

    You know, donations from the people, not from the Union Bosses in behalf of the people.

    I await your non-answer.

  37. NWflyfisher says:

    Question: Which of the following endorse the Occupy Wall Street movement with their support?

    A. The Communist Party USA
    B. The American Nazi Party
    C. Socialist Party USA
    D. Congressional Progressive Caucus
    E. Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives
    F. All of the above
    G. None of the above

    Answer: F – All of the above

    The Communist Party USA (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZrV7VhxoWk)

    The American Nazi Party (http://anp14.com/news/archives.php?report_date=2011-10-16)

    Socialist Party USA (http://socialistparty-usa.org/occupywallstreet.html)
    Congressional Progressive Caucus (http://cpc.grijalva.house.gov/index.cfm?sectionid=61&sectiontree=5,61&itemid=429)

    Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives (http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1011/65229.html)

  38. Roffreturns

  39. McFly….the boogeyman will getcha if ya don’t watch out…

  40. ItalianSpring says:

    NWflyfisher- WELL DONE.

  41. IS…right up your alley, huh?

    Maybe not enough “communist” and “socialist” nouns, though…

  42. The American Nazi Party opposes immigration reform.

    So does the TEA Party.

    There you go. Philisophically, the two agree on immigration. That means the Nazi’s endores the TEA Party

  43. Concerned…are you telling me that the TEA Party and the Nazi’s don’t agree on immigration????????

  44. Concerned….actually…I think you got my joke…..

    but still…I’d love to see you prove me wrong on my assessment of the TP and NAZI stand on immigration.

  45. “We must put an end to both economic freeloading and economic exploitation in America. There must be no place for parasites who draw their sustenance from society without giving anything in return.”

    Sounds an awful lot like many of the posts about the OWS…doesn’t it? Isn’t that what people say is that they are freeloaders and expoit the economics of America? Parasites? Take without giving in return? Come on….be honest….

  46. 5. Tea Partiers want the re-establishment of personal responsibility

    “We must put an end to both economic freeloading and economic exploitation in America.”

  47. Aislander,
    Given the requirements to pass an amendment it would take a lot of skull-drudgery to bring it about.

    Wilson Amendments:
    16th – Income Tax,
    17th – Direct Election of US Senators,
    18th – Prohibition,
    19th- Woman’s right to vote.

    So which ones would you like to see removed?

    Gloveless – Yes, I believe only registered voters should be allowed to make campaign donations, and that no one person should be allowed to donate more than $2500 per election.

    And since unions, corporations, and PACs are allowed to vote
    How’s that for a non-answer.

    Change the question to which ones did the OWS ask for support and the Answer is NONE of Them

    Now a question: Who supports the Tea Party?

  48. How many Tea party members receive government moneys. The OWS is so we the people have an equal voice in government, Corporations Are Not People, money buys politicians. Wages have gone backwards. We the people want our country back. The Tea Party is part of the problem. I am an Independant.

  49. “How many Tea party members receive government moneys”

    Let’s start with Michelle Bachmann’s farm subsidy

  50. The room sure lost Concern’s smartass comments when Old Kardy here posted these two issues:

    5. Tea Partiers want the re-establishment of personal responsibility

    “We must put an end to both economic freeloading and economic exploitation in America.”

    Old comment “5” is from fberg, telling us about the TEA Party’s feelings of personal responsibility.

    The next quote about personal responsibility comes from the American Nazi Party’s website.

    See how much they are the same????? Practically an endorsement.

  51. Mr. Killion drank the whole pot. Jim Jones would be proud.

  52. concernedtacoma7 says:

    “Practically an endorsement” vs actually an endorsement. Try again.

    Find a few more similarities. After you are done reading extremist websites, give us all a report.

  53. So….you call The News Tribune an extemist website? LOL..that was too easy.

    It appears Clamdigger is the pro at folling the extremist websites. He had a whole list that you loved.

    Isn’t it fascinating how the TEA Party and the Nazi’s both want the same thing?

  54. concernedtacoma7 says:

    They have chosen a side, OWS, not the TEA party.

    If you are confused by their endorsement, go inquire with them.

  55. Concerned…if you read the rant on the ANP website, even you should be able to see it’s not an endorsement but an opportunistic venture to use the OWS protests as a cover for their cause. It’s much like the anarchists used the war protests in Olympia.

    The sad part about it is how will the Conservatives are willing to push the Nazi message by misinformation. Both Liberals and Conservatives should stand against them using causes, but the Conservatives will never let an opportunity to smear go through their hands.

    Do you want me to read the others and report? You didn’t come out too well on this one.

  56. Progressive Caucus and the Democrats supporting the protest??? How dare they exercise such a right of freedom?

    As to the “conference call” of the “Communists”…sorry, I don’t have enough time to listen.

  57. Here…so that you won’t keep looking foolish:

    Sorry folks….Nazi propaganda coming….nasty stuff:

    This issue is TAYLOR MADE for National Socialists, as well as WN who are serious about DOING SOMETHING – MORE – than shouting “racial slurs” and acting like “poster boys of hate” loons.

    After all – JUST WHO – are the WALL STREET BANKERS? The vast majority are JEWS – and the others are SPIRITUAL JEW materialists, who would sell their own mother’s gold teeth for a PROFIT. And MORE and MORE people are AWARE of this truth, are not only NOT afraid to TALK ABOUT IT – they’re shouting it on WALL STREET!

    I urgently URGE all of you to TAKE PART and JOIN IN when these protests hit your neck of the woods. Produce some flyers EXPLAINING the “JEW BANKER” influence – DON’T wear anything marking you as an “evil racist” – and GET OUT THERE and SPREAD the WORD! Put as a “contact point” on your literature, our http://www.ANP14.com address – it won’t immediately “scare off” some of these scaredy-cats for even looking at our FACTS – for FACTS they ARE!

    Note, they refer to the protestors as “scaredy-cats” and tell their fellow Nazis to blend in by not wearing traditional garb.

    Very sad that the Conservatives try to pass this crap off as an endorsement. They must think that we won’t challenge their lie.

  58. the3rdpigshouse says:

    I see “OH-Bummer’s” hoards are in the streets looking for their piece of the “Stash” – sorry losers – you must work for your earnings and not receive your income via redistribution of others earnings!!

  59. concernedtacoma7 says:

    Communist party usa was invited and spoke at OWS. What % do they represent again?

    This movement was started by a Candian paper and has been taken over by radicals. From the beginning unt the end, they are un-American and represent other people’s interests. I feel bad for these kids. Maybe the next limo will drop of better pizza.

    Oh, speaking of limos, Susan, you left wing supporter, made a memorable statement this weekend. Remember, you may love limo lib support, but their statements rarely affect their wallet.

  60. “Occupy” protests have spread to Canada, Japan and across Europe.

    There is widespread anger about the Banks, the collusion of the Governments, and the corporatist (read: fascist) “solutions” of funding bail-outs to the very people whose reckless speculation is the cause of this economic crisis funded through extreme austerity programs that are demonstrated not to have any positive impact upon the economy and the jobs market.

    It is more than a little absurd for the self-identified Mr. Teas to be bagging on a widespread expression against a continuation of status quo when the TP initiated from basically the same impulse.

    To attempt to denigrate Occupy by pointing to extremists who have attempted to claim solidarity with the movement or by linking a picture of one idiot in defecatory mode has less validity than the attempts to denigrate TP by pointing to numerous overtly racist statements made by its participants or statements like, “Keep the government’s hands off of my Medicare”.

  61. When it comes to attempts to co-opt the movement – there is no difference between Occupy and Tea.

    The difference is that Tea eagerly solicited and embraced co-optation. Occupy is resisting it. Tea very quickly became a mouthpiece of the reactionary cult contained within the Republican Party. Occupy is seeking to not be contained within any Party politics as usual.

  62. A quick glance at the TV reveals….

    Still relying upon the eye in the sky to provide you with your version of reality, huh?

  63. I guess Concerned fell silent on the Nazi issue..

  64. “I am with them regarding the Wall Street bailout and the incestuous relationship between business and the Federal government”

    So am I aislander, but don’t expect people here to examine any of this closely. It seems to be a lot more fun to just start swingin’ —

    And to those of you who say NWF’s list is meaningless unless OWS invited these groups to support them, you are making a foolish statement.

    The presence and participation of these sub-groups speaks volumes about the ideology and character of this “movement.” For the record, I’m with the commenter who suggested that he/she doesn’t hold this against the kids at these OWS gatherings. We’ve abandoned a generation to misguided political pundits dressed in university weeds and now we are seeing the result of that betrayal.

    Brief anecdote for anyone interested. My son is now in his late 30’s. He walked out of a class at WWU when, after two sessions, he realized that the instructor was bent on using his position to politically indoctrinate vulnerable students. When our son went to the registrar to drop the class, and he’s not one to get too involved, he said to the registrar, “You might want to check this situation out because it’s happening a lot around here.” That was some 20 years ago now and EVEN a young student was able to see what was going on. Too bad the rest of us presumed that our kids were off getting real education.

  65. old_benjamin says:

    Just curious, KARDNOS, where did you get that laundry list of changes to the Constitution that “the TEA Party” supports? Where is the TEA Party HQ and who is it’s designated spokesperson? As for probation, where did it go, and when?

  66. aislander says:

    Sorry about the run-on sentence, but you can see that the larger part of the statement is in bold type. Any lefty who rejects that part of the statement is welcome to make his case…

  67. LOL… like clock work

    Oh….I forgot….the quality of your sources doesn’t matter as long as you feel good about having your world view reinforced. Kinda like the self-valuing curriculum that is so often parodied/caricatured by the Right but defended when it comes from Talk Radio/Fox News.

  68. aislander says:

    I made a mistake in not including the word “Judeo” with the rest of the Nazi tripe, given the open antisemitism I have seen expressed by OWS participants on several occasions in different cities…

  69. the open antisemitism I have seen expressed by OWS participants on several occasions in different cities…

    And, if you look a little harder, you will find that those agent provocateurs are completely unwelcome – AND there are more than a few Jewish organizations who are joining the Occupy protests.

    but….that would blow your whole guilt by association bit, wouldn’t it?

  70. I’m not sure of what “laundry list” you speak, OB, unless it’s those pesky changes (Amendments) to the Constitution.

    Meanwhile, if you don’t think the TEA Party has leadership, you need to tell them to stop with the platform websites….


  71. Aislander seeks to connect the ANP with the protestors, regardless of their disparaging verbage about said protestors.

    Just delete the words you’d like and create your very own Conservative misinformation statement

  72. “I am with them regarding the Wall Street bailout and the incestuous relationship between business and the Federal government”

    It should be kept in mind that Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul have more common ground with each other than either of them have with the other members of their respective Parties.

    It is too bad that your ongoing mission to denigrate/demonize anything that you think comes from the Left prevents you from seeing that OWS includes more than a few Libertarians.

  73. Sozo….when your son thinks the math teacher is portraying his political beliefs by saying that “2 plus 2 is 4″ is that correct?

    We’ve got this new game that students play called “I don’t believe that way so I don’t have to take that class”. It works great for those that don’t wish to learn anything.

    In high school, I took Political Science from a Right Wing, career Navy man with a huge tattoo of an American Eagle on his chest that showed through his white shirts. We studied the governments of the USSR and China.

    Maybe I should have quit to avoid his indoctrination, huh?

  74. aislander says:

    beerBoy: Just go to youtube and search “antisemitism.” You don’t even have to specify OWS…

  75. tacoman1 says:

    funny to hear one political group say they are for america and the other is not.
    Funny to hear one say they are for smaller government as long as it does not effect them.
    Funny to hear one political group pontificate about there democratic nature , while saying a apposing group is less american.
    Funny to hear one group talk about free speech then say the other group should not speak.
    We are ALL getting a little dissfunctional. Time to get back to the place where different political views could be discussed without acting like children and it might mean one side gets everything but half of what they want the other does as well.
    It’s called compromise and keeps things moving forward , unless you are happy with the current situation.

  76. old_benjamin says:

    Kardnos, again I ask, where did you get that list of “amendments” that “the TEA Party” supports? Since you know who the leaders are, I presume you should be able to identify who supports which amendments. It’s your time at bat, dude.

  77. The tea party has not been co-opted by a reactionary faction of the GOP – the tea party WAS the reactionary faction of the GOP.

    We are reacting to the GOP elites who act in their own interests instead of the country’s interests. Our reaction, in many cases, involved individuals leaving the GOP and starting to stand as a group for America. After Rick Santelli gave his “tea party” rant on CNBC, we became known as tea parties.

    We are growing in numbers and power. We are now over 50% of the voting public (either tea partiers or supporters of tea partiers). The future is tea party principles – therefore the socialist donkey party has to try to create chaos to cause fear in normal Americans. They will fail.

    The restoration of America begins with the elections of 2012. The donkey party knows its days are numbered and that it cannot win a fair election. So expect them to try anything and everything to try to avoid their inevitable defeat. OWS is one such effort.

  78. aislander says:

    I can agree with Kucinich on one thing without buying into his entire agenda.

    I believe that government regulation of business is a cause of that incestuous relationship. I’ll bet Kuchinich and beerBoy would disagree…

  79. Just go to youtube and search “antisemitism.”

    youtube! Next you are going to cite Wikipedia!

  80. The tea party has not been co-opted by a reactionary faction of the GOP – the tea party WAS the reactionary faction of the GOP.

    So all those claims made on this site that the TP wasn’t a wing of the Republican Party and crossed all (read: both) Parties was…..a lie!


  81. aislander – virtual financial products (derivatives) repackage debt to finance new debt. They are not connected at all to the manufacture and distribution of product. This is not Capitalism. This is not business but gambling – the same practices that led to the Great Depression led to (and continue) the Great Recession – this must be strictly regulated with enforcement and penalties (like hard jail time).

  82. Sozo says,
    ‘The presence and participation of these sub-groups speaks volumes about the ideology and character of this “movement.” ‘

    What it says is the OWS, unlike Tpots and conservacons, support free speech and welcome other opinions.

    I believe the old one was referring to my list, which he could find by searching for ‘tea party amendments’

    Its the Rcons who have to are the ones who steal elections not the Dems.

    Falsely states ‘government regulation of business is a cause of that incestuous relationship’

    Regulation (or lack of) is the bastard offspring of too much corporate money buying too many right wing pols (and a few on the left as well).

  83. PumainTacoma says:

    Howard Stern Exposes Occupy Wall St. Morons

  84. LarryFine says:

    So you can’t support your 5:25am post… bB.

  85. So you can’t support your 5:25am post… bB.

    What, specifically, are you challenging? Asking me to support my post without giving me any challenges to respond to is a little much.

  86. alindasue says:

    theglovesRoff said, “xring, I assume you want the Union money out of politics as well.”

    If there wasn’t so much corporate money in politics, buying off politicians, then we wouldn’t need union money in politics.

    I like h idea of limiting campaign contributions to individual registered voters…

  87. Meanwhile, if you don’t think the TEA Party has leadership, you need to tell them to stop with the platform websites….

    it’s just some dude with a website, not even close to a party platform nor does that website speak for the whole movement…

    really, karnos, you couldn’t discern that from the website… really???

  88. concernedtacoma7 says:

    These are some real upstanding citizens! I love how one of them had a $5500 laptop.


  89. aislander says:

    beerBoy: Fraud is already illegal. Microregulating business doesn’t harm those bent on committing fraud, merely those who are trying to follow the law. Bernie Madoff did his thing in a stringent regulatory climate. Every one of the things he did broke existing regulations.

    Regulation leads to lobbying which leads to campaign contributions which lead to political favors. If the pols are not in a position to dispense favors, the incestuous relationship dissolves.

    Regulation favors the big players who are can exert influence and harms smaller companies for a whole panoply of reasons. The first major regulatory onslaught was asked for by the big meat packers in order to harm smaller competitors. It is a cliche’ that industries write their own regs. This is not incestuous?

    Finally, investors are presumably adults: it’s time we treat Americans as if they are sentient beings. A whole new industry could arise in analyzing investment instruments to allow ADULTS to make up their OWN minds…

  90. aislander says:

    So…beerBoy…if youtube isn’t a valid source, would you prefer that some academic view the material, write a learned paper about it, which would then go through the peer-review process you so cherish, so that a year from now you could read about what you could have seen with your own eyes twelve months earlier?

  91. Can we put “Racism” on the top of the list?

    Not at the top of there list, but quite a discussion item at the olde NYC General Assembly…


    after all the hoopin’ and hollerin’ and protestin’… at some point, you have to govern…

  92. theglovesRoff says:

    OCT. 17, 2011 AT 8:38 PM

    Gloveless –

    xring, I have to admit, the name you called me this time made me chuckle. I guess you could say I am Gloveless….


  93. theglovesRoff says:

    Karnitos says


    I gave the answer to why I returned, so why did you have the comments deleted Karnitos?
    Now I will have to post them again sometime…..

  94. please do… ;)

  95. theglovesRoff says:

    Here is another youtube vid to support the “cause”



  96. menopaws says:

    I support the Tea Party’s rights and I support the Occupy Wall Street movement and their right to rail against our system………..The point is that a healthy Democracy allows people to express their opinions and supports their rights to do just that. It isn’t a question of whether they are right or wrong in their beliefs—as long as they are peaceful, we should applaud their right to be there. This letter writer apparently believes that you are only allowed to demonstrate your beliefs if they seem reasonable to him…….Someone buy him a copy of the Bill of Rights please………I defend his right to express HIS opinion—but, I also defend the rights of those who disagree with his Tea Party. One last point—these are not just a bunch of lazy, unemployed students—just as the Tea Party isn’t composed of racist, high school drop-outs, who seldom read……..Hope the writer is smart enough to get my point. Don’t judge–lest you want to be judged, fella……..

  97. theglovesRoff says:

    No leftists supporting the “cause”?


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