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PUYALLUP: City Council needs change

Letter by Russell and Diana Martin, Puyallup on Oct. 11, 2011 at 3:22 pm with 5 Comments »
October 11, 2011 5:32 pm

Puyallup does not need high-rise parking garages or high-rise condos with room in the bottom floors for more businesses in our downtown core. We are against the transfer of development rights.

The cottage housing ordinance was just passed even though citizens voiced opinions against it at City Council meetings recently. We are hopeful that any newly elected council members will remain civil to one another, use common sense and independent thinking and not just go along because they want to be in the majority.

Don’t let the developers build any more structures in downtown until all of the empty, newly built homes and all the foreclosed homes are occupied. Does it make any sense to keep building when there are so many empty structures?

There needs to be a change in our City Council, and all the contacts we have made while helping Steve Vermillion with his campaign have said so. Vermillion will be able to get along with any of the newly elected council members and has the experience, education, credentials and common sense that we need in a new council member.

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  1. Martineau’s credentials are all fluff–“Proven Leadership” followed by a list of committees she has been assigned to for the council–“Management Experience” working seasonal part-time stacking shelves; “Have my finger on the pulse of education” working 5.2 days as a substitute para educator [teacher's assistant] in three years. If one only knew how she treats her peers on the council, you would recall her appointment today. Wonder why the daughter of a retired state patrol officer and wife of an Orting police officer and is not endorsed by either Fire or Police. They know the truth! Do you?

  2. everyone says:

    Just watch Martineau 3 times in action at a council meeting and you’ll see through the fluff. There’s a reason why a 34 year old hasn’t really ever had a full time job. She was appointed, not elected to the council and is the first on the council to have such a part time work history, yet she’s ready to represent us all. Instant politician! What a joke! She is impatient during debates, condescending to others she disagrees with, arrogant in her mannerisms and inflates her contributions and involvement in events. Her rolling of eyes, smirks and glances for approval from her mentor the Mayor and understudy the Deputy Mayor are priceless.

  3. EthicalPuyallup says:

    Steve Vermillion’s major flaw in politics is being too honest. He refuses to “toot his own horn” and take responsibility for things he had no real part in, as his opponent does. Steve Vermillion is a Retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Army. He was awarded the Silver Star, The Distinguished Flying Cross and recieved awards for Valor in Vietnam. This is the kind of recognition that is EARNED, not simply appointed upon you by your political allies shortly before the election so you can sit through a meeting or two and claim credit to doctor up your inferior credentials. Who has Earned your trust? The understated War Hero? or the embellishing, EXTREMELY part time teachers aid?

  4. puyallupmutt says:

    It should be noted that 3 of the candidates running for council are development and tax increase junkies and pro coittage housing at all costs.

    One has even accepted the maximum “gift” from its government agency. (Martineau). Also, she is tied at the hip to the cottage housing developer.

    Palmer continually speaks out of both sides of his mouth on this and every issue (after all he is the EPA). Palmer is the cottage housing developer’s neighbor. Want uncontrolled growth ?, vote for Palmer.

    Ordonez is the typical government tax and spend candidate. Ordonez was a proponent of the recent half million purchase of useless swampland from “a friend of the city”. Ordonez has been a constant suporter of every tax that has recently come up for discussion. Want to pay a bunch more in taxes and fees ?, vote for Ordonez.

    Not exactly a stellar independent bunch of candidates this year.

  5. CrazyJim says:

    In defense of the downtown condo scheme I think they were planning on people buying those up and riding the Sounder to Seattle before the Bu$h rescission kicked in. I think Auburn had planned some condo’s around their Sounder station as well but they didn’t get as far. They went broke.

    The cottage housing thing. Most people were against those but the current administration and friends of the developers passed it anyway.

    I live in downtown Puyallup and will be voting for Steve because it’s time to turn the council back to the people around here.

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