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GOVERNMENT: System has fundamentally failed

Letter by Larry White, Gig Harbor on Oct. 6, 2011 at 11:19 am with 8 Comments »
October 6, 2011 2:02 pm

We are not a democracy. We are, instead, a representative democracy. We voters elect representatives. They in turn vote on policies that will be most beneficial to the country.

Too many politicians have forgotten that. They consider only the views of the voters who elected them. Have they forgotten that, once elected, they represent the voters who voted for the other guy, too? Have they forgotten that, once elected, they represent all of us?

Our system has failed so fundamentally that our elected representatives ceded their responsibilities to a group of 12 congressmen and women. In doing so, they ceded our futures, as well. The very existence of a deficit-reduction “super committee” demonstrates failure, and America deserves better, but at this moment the committee is all we have.

Solutions are not so difficult to identify. Times are tough, we’re out of money and all of us are going to have to give up something. We’ll scream, we’ll beat our chests at the unfairness of it all, but life will go on. Isn’t that what we teach our children?

I am begging my elected representatives, all of them, to lead. That leadership might come with a price – a high price. To do what is right might cost them the next election.

Without that leadership, we all lose, so they need to suck it up and do what they were called upon to do. The job is not easy, and the price might be high, but we are depending on them.

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  1. beerBoy says:

    They consider only the views of the voters who elected them.

    Oh…..if only……..

    More often than not they consider only the views of the Corporations that funded their ‘war chests’ and ignore all the other voters – especially the ones that voted for them.

  2. klthompson says:

    It is even worse. One of members of the “committee” is considered the least intelligent of all the members of the respective legislative body. Some others are not too far behind.

  3. blakeshouse says:

    Good luck getting any of the idiots from our congressional or especially senatorial cabal to change anything about their socialistic destruction of America.

  4. The cost of doing nothing is AmeriKa . . . .

  5. This is NOT what the founding fathers envisioned for their country. If they were here today, they’d be storming the capital.

  6. BH,
    The real destroyers of America are the ultra-neocons rpots who favor business over people.

    And they would drive out the Corporations, their lobbyists, and the neocon rpots who support business over people.

  7. So X, are you saying that all corporations are non-democrats?
    Are you inferring that no democrats get corporate contributions?
    Do you believe that there are no lobbyists conferring with any democrats.
    That “Wall Street” only supports / benefits from non-democrats…..

    recess is over..time for your nap…

  8. Not at all Lars.

    I’m saying;

    Corporations are not people,

    Corporations are not Citizens,

    And should not be allowed to contribute to our elections or our bribe our elected and appointed officials.

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